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Factory 47 first ride 2021 Harley Davidson Road Glide Limited 131 ci

Taking the Black Pearl out for its first ride after installing the Factory 47 bars. The install went good and still waiting on the extended clutch cable to come in. Thanks for watching and ride safe. Cliff

What is going on fellow riders well today i’m taking the black pearl out for a ride test ride these bars a little bit more and kind of have a little chat i guess so bikes all warmed up let’s get going trying out the new bars of the day finally uh it’s been i don’t know if you’ve seen at the end of the video of my bars it was actually raining outside and

It’s been raining out for oh pretty good for now for about a week since then so i really haven’t i took it out for a little spin but nothing great i think i just literally took it down the street and back because it seemed like it was about to rain again so so that’s what i did yeah today i’m gonna finally be able to take her out on an open road not going to

Be doing any back roads today there’s a buddy of mine that owns a cigar shop a little ways from here but give me a chance to try out these bars so i’m gonna head out that way buy me some cigars possibly have a nice smoke with them and uh yeah another thing is uh i had to touch up that sanded a little sand the throttle a little bit more it was getting a little

It was still a little sticky uh so you guys got to make sure when you if you do any kind of bars make sure that these uh make sure your throttle man it’s it’s not sticking or anything like that is that going to become a huge issue might take off on you or something like that when you don’t want it to know what not anyways off to the cigar shop got my bars on

I got my fresh 1000 first thousand miles service done to the bike and finally we’ll take it out for a spin test everything out see how everything feels see if my first thousand mile service works out pretty good i gotta give you guys my opinion and thoughts on this a thousand mile service went pretty well did find a couple of loose things like your jiffy stand

The bolt on the top for that stop uh my positive battery terminal was just a little low on this torque spec uh net everything that else is good clutch cable i need to do uh i did take it out for like down the street and back a couple times uh but it was about to rain out but i did have to readjust the clutch cable again and a little too much slop in it so

Then but no it was super easy didn’t have to do it compared to what uh the old clutch cable adjustment you just had to do crack the wrenches out no flat head screwdriver that’s it so anyways a small flat head anyways so i’m heading out to strokers grilling bar i believe it is but they also sell motorcycles if you guys aren’t familiar with strokers uh they

Did have a tv show but i haven’t been there in a while i’ve seen it on facebook somewhere and i was like i want to go there today so that’s where i’m going and then i’m gonna head to once i get a bike to eat there i’m gonna head to my friend uh buddy of mine cigar shop just outside of dallas so anyways a little update on some of the that’s a whole burger king

Sign a little retro anyways a little update on some of the uh upcoming things with me uh what is it uh i got apple carplay on my bike for 25 hours a quick plug and play if you guys want me to make a video about that let me know super easy super easy then uh here this weekend actually i’m going to uh bike fest uh up at the uh what is it texas motor speedway i’m

Gonna be going there to hopefully meet a bunch of you other youtube guys so i got that coming and also they’re having a flat track racing which i have a buddy that’s i believe is racing i need to get a hold of him but he’s supposed to be racing in it uh i hope he is that’d be pretty cool i’m not gonna be behind this big ass truck now these rocks falling off so

Then uh i have got my ticket and my site campsite for the texas iron rally down uh if you’re not familiar it’s uh just west of san antonio by rock springs it’s at the twisted sisters it’s a real it’s kind of texas this version of the tail the dragon but it’s a lot longer so anyways uh the campground’s right off of the twisted sisters so that’s gonna be cool

I’ve never been and i can’t wait i’ve been wanting to go well here’s my chance so i’m gonna go then i’ve got my cabin for sturgis and not this weekend but the following weekend i’m meeting up with a group of guys that are that i’m tagging along with and apparently from what i know they’re going the week before they’re going to be there the week before and

Then leave just before sturgess actually starts but i’m going to stay a little bit longer because i want to actually experience sturgis so that’s what i’m going to do and i’m hoping to get a maybe a thing or two done with the bike if the we got some smoking deals going on from what i hear i can’t wait to check that out so yeah i’m really excited for a couple

Of you know the next couple months are gonna be i’m gonna have a bunch of stuff to do so i can’t i can’t wait and uh i hope to bring you guys along i hope you guys enjoy it uh and again i really appreciate all my the people that have subscribed you haven’t uh they’d be great to help me out uh push me over that 1000 mark that would be great and help me you

Know help the fell out man so and it costs you nothing just a couple minutes of your time yeah so anyways let’s get some riding in get something to eat get a nice and then get a smoke uh get a cigar well guys i kind of forgot the film inside but this is stroker’s ice house that’s what’s called next to strokers of dallas that’s where you ride into a bunch of

People back there i don’t really care to film people especially like that so but at least i’m not too comfortable with doing it just yet anyways i’m going to head to the cigar shop now have a nice relaxing cigar maybe a drink of whiskey bourbon if he has any just relax enjoy the rest of my saturday until i get a tomorrow i got a lot more stuff to do around the

House because next week i’m back at it changing tires i got my truck back today back from the dealership freaking passenger side manifold cracked a long time ago got that replaced and this time both exhaust manifolds cracked they fixed one and then realized there was still a leak coming from the other side so uh yeah got them both replaced and yeah that’s

Always fun then i got a bunch of other work done to the truck so transmission fluid radiator fluid or coolant uh brake brakes bled and fluid replaced what else yeah the laundry list uh state inspection your laundry list full of stuff uh taken care of on the truck it’s about 13 1400 bucks surprisingly it’s not too bad for all the stuff they did to it you know

Uh i figured it’s gonna be closer to two thousand dollars or more to do all that stuff but you know between fluids and parts and well the exhaust was under warranty though luckily so the exhaust was under warranty that’s another reason i got it done is because uh i’m at 80 000 miles on the truck and my warranty goes up at a hundred thousand and i figured

Heck well i got a warranty it might as well get all this other stuff done and have a rental rental vehicle paid for by the warranty while they get all this other work done so so yeah worked out worked out pretty good not gonna lie ah all right oh my god these trucks stink oh there’s trash falling out of them oh my god ah there’s another one no don’t keep

My distance mr stinky don’t do this though urban forest that’s trendy get out of here before something falls out this truck all right guys pulling up to the cigar shop i don’t know harley got here all right guys here at my buddy’s cigar shop here in was it royce city texas pretty cool guy my camera filled up the memory card filled up so i had to do some

Deleting but while we’re here it’s tool time you guys my tool roll my mirror came loose i guess it came loose while changing the bars so i got this right here that i made nice tool rolls sockets allen wrenches axle wrench and so forth so let’s see this thing came loose on me so i’m gonna tighten it up let’s see let’s try a half inch half inch seems good oh

That’s tight enough for now i’m gonna have to put another spacer in there or something yeah leatherman of course some zip ties so wrap it up there we go so i am digging these bars they’re pretty nice um and yes the tire just spun ugh well this should be the uh the end of the video uh heading to work so i finally got i was able to get out try the new

Bars out really enjoyed them we got about 100 something miles on them really enjoyed them so if you guys like what you see give me big old thumbs up comment down below just be gentle and i’ll see you guys next time alright adios you

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Factory 47 first ride 2021 Harley Davidson Road Glide Limited 131 ci By Cliff Cares