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Fathers Day Group Ride Part 1 – Harley Davidson Sportster Iron 883

It was such an honor to get to ride with my dad on father’s day. I plan on making this an annual event due to the awesome turn out we had!

Good morning birdbrain if you can watch the channel for a while you know usually where i’m going when i’m on this road that’s right i’m going to the normal meetup spot 7-eleven because today it’s father’s day which is the day of the vikon bird father’s day vikon barbecue ryder some i don’t know some high dog some interesting name like that these episodes going

To be a special one we got a quite a few special guests appearing of course we got the normal squad we got ken donnie and team bradley in attendance we also have some fellow texas motovloggers chopping valves and i believe the other one is moto trooper dropping dogs out of san antonio moto surfers out of austin and for the first time in hgreenbe history what the

Hell are you doing that’s weird that guy was definitely on something yeah for the first time in channel history well actually norfolk got back use for another one in the first time in channel group ride history papa bird my father papa bear is going to be showing up for the group ride we’re heading up hill country up towards highway 46 we’re going to be hitting

Up a barbecue joint called smoky mode what i’m actually pretty early today thank god because i am starving and the and i needed some breakfast back as a there’s all the other guys they came to water burger a little bit earlier she’s not gonna want a burger today i know right a texan that’s not in the mood for water burger burger damn it i forgot to clip my nails

E my card companies imma call me and be like really did you charge 65 – you’re crazy yep alright there’s no shade over here oh block there yeah after you i don’t want water burger i’m sorry oh look who it is stop safe oh you know just came here to and drink juice boxes mom all out of juice boxes just kidding babe i love you i would never do that all right

Guys we’ll get some breakfast i’ll be right back and we need to get breakfast and there was two people and then i came out and then all the excuse are you ha ha everybody welcome jason cool dozer nice to meet your bulldozer i like that one better little trooper right nice to meet you in it so man with an implement brent just nice to meet you okay all right

We got one two three four five six seven eight nine ten including myself good-size group especially considering we only had three rsvp’d so oh damn it sorry i forgot had a motorcycle yeah ya know going in fancy harley’s words it’s a key fob talking to you donnie oh yeah donnie got a harley i don’t know have you been in a video of the harley you’re gonna thought

Of how pull up this car by you just wanna keep me supersonic we’re going to go straight under 281 and the restaurant should be off to our right after we pass to anyone he dropped a bike saw that in the review it is light died he got stung by a bee oh fire oh you got stung by bees let’s go we’re okay come on hit my walk so thankfully i get my last that’s

Sucks to be pretty damn close to here now hold on all is right there son of a god dammit oh brad’s going to give me now oh there’s no exit here go back together way just jog be to u-turn you made a u-turn good job supersanic and recorder yes i am okay dammit i left my clothes my backpack oh alright so smoking was bbq was quite delicious thank

You guys great customer service in there very friendly crew was pretty good right price to you they have holidays special three meat which is a three quarter pound mark you for like eight bucks i’m vlogging bro alright so dropping valve is heading back moto troopers heading back chris is heading back they gotta go do some stuff i’m vlogging well i’m gonna have

You turned off hold up so we’ll be losing three so we’ll still have seven we actually decided to extend the ride we were going to go down smithson valley road yeah it’s still hard to say but erection to go hit up river road first before coming back and doing that so okay we’re gonna we’re going to stop at a gas station before we hit river road so calm i’m not

Putting my plans hey do you know the roads to get there you want to lead them you i’m starting up like justice question five you try yeah l know will is over there i got it hey it could be i have no idea i think i heard it connect but i’m not counting on it for sure i’ll just say so much we’re trying to get in the middle but then everybody just waited to us

Because we had time to get lined up one of those three guys were taken off south they weren’t running with a car which you can be brat is get in and pretty with the time there we go i got him there we go little better sportsters on the rides on the web doesn’t recognize that that stop as much as we do yeah ask my dad i think you know the motel yeah all right

You leave i wasn’t confident in my navigation abilities well what i’m saying is now that i delegated the responsibility there’s no way for brad to win that bet i do wonder if getting lost right well no not necessarily because housing the same you get lost and no it’s not on me it’s not i mean you said if no getting long i said to ryan that’s right you didn’t say

That i’ll give you that one they are breaking off once we get back to 46 so so you’re leaving yeah i’ll made it back from i’ll meet that gas station 46 i don’t know if he heard me your bolt fell out do you have the bolt are you able to pull one of the license plate bolts do you want to try that yeah we can try my ball came out of my shift my god jew boy that

Escalated quickly yeah that’ll work way to keep a lookout for them because they pulled off the gray sport bike a shifter fell off yeah super sanic

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Father's Day Group Ride Part 1 – Harley Davidson Sportster Iron 883 By Bike N’ Bird