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Harley-Davidson Fat Bob 114

A Brief test ride of the Fat Bob 114 on the way to work at Manchester Harley-Davidson, Chester Road, Manchester, M32 0QL ring us on 0161 503 4322 I can’t see why anyone wouldn’t love this bike..why not take a test ride

Oh my god such a sexy bike given everybody i’m going to tell you i’m good to state the writing itself last night / – it was smaller this is a fighters and make a big joke this bike is awesome the 2015 fat bob soft beer war arrived thugs bags of bowser talk handles like a dream even been stuck it to the last out each salesmen this is gonna make such a difference

To the bike sales this year it’s our survivors i’ll get rid of it just walks the girl they seemed begs to be ridden it could be very very naughty on his bike for your good also a lot they don’t know yeah i’m not going lefty i’m gonna go straight down there i’m pretty sure to get out that way laughter hey this is the way i wanted to go right yeah your bike i

Love that your bike oh yeah oh ho nice oh no i heard that bike such a comfy bike as well it is really good but look how it moves it just handles effortlessly oh come i’ll get down that low look at so so true oh my god oh my god so i’ll meet ya before everybody else welcome back to you manchester harley-davidson this is 2018 football and what i say it’s

So bike is it’s for the bike it’s outside ask me such a change for hilah it looks amazing it feels amazing it rides amazing it sounds amazing it’s just yeah it’s gonna make a big difference to howl it’s gonna draw a whole new crowd in i think if i honestly had to pick up one fault about ride in it it’d be the brake lever position and that’s the only fault i really

Found real brake lever he’s moving out slightly the g-force on the peg i’m trying to show you if you can’t see if he puts on the peg you can them off it off the pedal he need to really shock if you’ve got short feel i think you need to twist your foot right in to get the pedal but that’s about the only thing i can say bad about it it’s awesome what a piece of

Machine oh get yourself down to sears guys get yourself booked on a test ride manchester harley-davidson open every day except mondays if you get a really he’ll probably see me hanging about cuz i’m all available to it so but now guys just take care around safe and we’ll see y’all soon bye bye

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Harley-Davidson Fat Bob 114 By MikeonaBike