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Harley Davidson Low Rider S VS Street Bob – Which is right for you? Comparing the softail models!

Harley Davidson came out this year with a new and improved softail Street Bob that featured the Milwaukee 8 114 engine on the Street Bob, which made it very competitive with the Low Rider S. However, there are some key differences that help differentiate the two based on your needs. Let’s take a look at some of the specs and features of both the Harley Davidson Low Rider S and the Softail Street Bob, and see which one could be a better fit for your needs.

Youtube thanks for tuning back into the channel if you’re new here my name is jason we talk about hurleys we talk about motorcycles you talk about gear we do rants and we do rides so if you’re into that kind of thing go ahead and click that subscribe button and let’s get this video started some of you might know a few months ago i got a soft tail 2020 lowrider s

But before that i came from a 2016 iron 83 i knew that i was thinking about trading up to a bigger bike so in that process i’ve been thinking about what kind of bike would be a good fit for me a good fit for the next phase of my life the things that i want to do to make a long story short i got a 2020 lowrider s but the other bike that i was thinking about was a

2021 soft tail street bop so in this video i wanted to talk about my reasons for picking the low rider s versus the street bob and we’ll do a little compare and contrast and we’ll talk about who the street bob is for and who the low rider is for now before i get into all that you can’t go wrong with either bike they both have 114 engines they’re both great bikes

They’re both comfortable they both have the soft tail frame so there’s a lot of similarities that they share but there might be some few differences that sway you one way or the other and so that’s what we’re going to talk about today let’s go ahead and start with some of the specs of the lowrider s versus the street bob the newer models of the lowrider s and the

Street bop both come with the 114 m8 engine which is great it produces 119 foot pounds of torque for both the lowrider s and the street bob uh originally i thought the lowrider s was going to be much heavier but when i checked online i was kind of surprised the wet weight of the low rider s comes in at 670 pounds versus the street bob which comes in at 659 pounds

For some reason i had the impression that when i test drove a street box it just felt much lighter the 10 size on the lowrider s is 5 gallons versus a 3.5 gallon on the street bob the length on the lowrider s is slightly longer it’s coming in at 92.7 inches versus 91.3 on the street bottom the lowrider s seat height is at 26.5 inches versus the street bob which

Is at 25.8 so those street bop sits are slightly lower a little bit more comfortable for you shorties up there and you get a little bit more of a lean angle with the street bop at 28.5 versus 30 inches on the lowrider s all right so now we’ve talked about the specs let’s get into some of the features on the lowrider s the gauges you have traditional gauges mounted

On the const center console on the street vibe you have a digital gauge very sleek that sits right on top of the handlebars it’s very easy to see easy to read i was a little skeptical about that digital gauge on the street bop but it’s actually very useful on the passenger side for the lowrider s doesn’t have a passenger pillion on the street bob it does come with

The passenger pillion right away already set up so that you can go two up riding the street pop also has the passenger pegs which is kind of a nice little bonus ad you have the bmx style bars on the lowrider s versus the street bob which has the mini apes so the price the lowrider s base comes at 17 9.99 where the street bob comes in at 49.99 3 000 worth of savings

Right there if you go with the street bob abs unfortunately is not included in the street bob that’s a that’s a 800 up charge whereas on the lowrider s it’s already included they both come with led headlights though on the lowrider s you have dual disc brakes which is a very popular feature for the lorera s whereas the street bob you have the single disc brake

Suspension wise the low rider s has the inverter forks whereas the street bob has the traditional style forks i forgot to mention about the wheels the lowrider s comes with mag wheels which looks nice in that bronze finish and the street bob has spoke wheels alright so we just went over the specs and the features now i’ll kind of get into my my sort of decision

Making process what you have going for the street bob it’s it’s slightly lighter the skinnier wheels it felt more nimble when i test rode it it’s less expensive so you’re saving three thousand dollars off the bat i really do like the paint on the tank i think it’s kind of cool it’s different it’s flashy so if you’re into that kind of thing that’s definitely um

Something for you and i think there’s a little bit more flexibility with the street bop to mod it out just because it comes bare bones it’s a very blank canvas as they say with lots of opportunities to mod anything that you want and for me one of the biggest selling points for the street bob was that you have comfort right away with the mini apes and you also get

The passenger pillion if you want somebody to ride with you you know i’m not a huge fan of the way that the mini apes look but i’ll tell you if you get the mini apes you also get the extended wires so if you wanted to get risers or if you wanted to get you know t-bars just higher bars in general you don’t have to change the wires which is a big big deal because

If you take it to the dealership it generally costs about six hundred to a thousand dollars based on where you’re located and nine times out of ten most people who get the lowrider s tends to raise the bars if you don’t change the handlebars on the street bob obviously you’re saving much much more so the cons for the street bot and there aren’t really many again

You can’t go wrong with either bike i think both bikes are great but for me the design of the street bob wasn’t quite to my liking also the street bop doesn’t come with abs standard it doesn’t come with dual disc brakes it doesn’t come with inverted forks those are really cool features you know i’ve never had on the iron and lastly i’ll just say the paint can be a

Little bit flashy for some for me i’d rather just have like a little bit more of a blank canvas that’s why i went with black on the lowrider s i just wanted a very simple yet classy style of bike so i’ll give you some thoughts as to who the street bob could be better suited for the street bob you’re saving three thousand dollars right out of the gate the street bop

Could be also better for somebody who’s maybe smaller in stature again with the lower seat height and the street bar being slightly lighter than the lower rs the street back could be better for those that are slightly smaller maybe more comfortable for you with that i would say the street bob is probably better in city or urban traffic to me it felt a lot easier to

Maneuver around i would say you know if you’re doing mostly city or suburban riding and like you’re not doing these long trips i would say the street could be a better choice than the lowrider s so that was my assessment of the street bob all right so let’s talk about the lowrider s and the pros and the cons the lowrider s is definitely more capable of distance

Riding or just some light touring mainly because of that five gallon tank i get about 200 miles about each tank and that’s with this with my sportster i was getting like 80 miles before my gas light was coming on you get performance right out of the gate uh again they both have the 114 engine but the dual disc brakes and the the inverted forks really makes the

Lower s stand out in its own class also the last pro for me was just the classic styling of the lowrider s you know when i think about harley’s when i think about classic motorcycles that’s kind of the shape that i’m more drawn to versus the street bob i love sort of the clout around the lowrider s you know i’m not going to lie i’m not going to sit here and tell

You i got the lord of s because it the specs were all great and whatnot but the loreal s has like a like an it factor right like it was only around for dyna for a couple of years and then it went away and like there’s this this rabbit following around the lower rs i feel like to have a low rs is like a badge of pride for me all right so let’s talk about some of

The cons obviously it cost three thousand dollars more than the street bob to me it was heavier it definitely seemed a little bit more bulky you know my buddy owns a i think 2019 street bob and when we have him side by side the lowrider s definitely looks a lot larger and i was kind of taken aback because i thought they were going to be very similar and on paper

They are but when you get them side by side the lower s definitely has a little bit more of a larger presence it is harder to find parts for the lorera s and the availability of those parts it is more difficult to stand out if that is your thing the lord rs who is it for it’s for those who are performance minded they want a a really nice starter base that they can

Build on top of it’s a bike that can sort of do it all you can sort of do a little bit of light touring if you add the bags and if you add a fairing it’s also for those who like to definitely push your bike a little bit harder you have the inverted forks you have the dual disc brakes coupled with the 114 engine it’s great for anybody who really likes to ride hard

Uh that’s what she said all right so i just went over the specs the pros and cons and like who the street bob is for and versus who the lowrider s is for i got the lord rs because of what it can do for me right now and also what it will be able to do for me in the future it’s just a great blank canvas or if i want to do light touring down the road i can set it up

For that with a street bob you know that 3.5 gallon tank was a deal breaker for me it’s finally nice to have a larger tank and with that i’m no longer having to hunt for gas every time i’m out which puts my mind at ease so in summary i think the shoebot could be great for somebody who just wants a very minimal bike no fuss wants to save a lot of cash maybe they

Don’t care to do touring and they just want like a round time bike i think that would be the perfect scenario around the city but you still want to be able to rip once in a while whereas the lord rs you know if you really want the top-notch performance parts straight from the factory if you really want to be able to get after on the canyons or if you want to be

Able to do light touring i would say the lowrider s is more suited for that purpose for me i wanted this next bike to be able to do anything that i throw at it any sort of situation that i get myself into i wanted a bike that was more than capable of handling all those kind of situations thanks for sticking with me to the end of this video i hope this video was

Helpful i hope this was informative if you’re kind of in that decision phase like i was a few months ago but i’m gonna skate out of here thanks for tuning into this video and until next time i’ll see you later peace

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Harley Davidson Low Rider S VS Street Bob – Which is right for you? Comparing the softail models! By IronBornRider