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Harley Davidson Pan America 1250. A quick ride. MotoVlog 013.

So today i got the chance to take the harley davidson pan america 1250 for a test drive that’s this bike here this is the harley pan america she’s a 1250 and this is me test driving us so just went for a short spin and i did a video and mostly i quite enjoyed it and unfortunately today is not today for getting a new bike or a new to me bike so uh maybe a

Future purchase but uh i enjoyed it nonetheless good bike lots of power lots of grunt and very comfortable so here’s the vid okay this is the harley pan america she’s a 1250 adventure bike harley’s first first proper entry into the adventure bike market it’s been around now i suppose about a year but maybe a bit more i think she’s about 150 brake horsepower

And plenty of torque plenty of power in it so i decided to take her for a spin today it’s a bike that i would be interested in possibly in the future and i saw my local bmw garbage had one second hand so are pre-owned and i said i’d book a test ride and see how it went so i’m gonna get on her now and uh check her out the road all right so i’m on her god she’s

Nice and low this is the this is the harley davidson uh this is the special so she has the lace wheels or the spoked wheels and the full electronics package and uh which also means she has that automatic thing where the bike raises itself up and lowers itself down when you stop it so basically uh my feet are almost flat on the ground now and once i take off

The um the bike will raise up a couple of millimeter so it’s it’s pretty awesome all right so go for a quick spin it’s been a long time since i was on a hurley before i drove the gs’s and all of that i was uh i was riding harley’s for a couple years oh plenty of torque that’s so i was riding harley’s for a couple years i had many different types and i just

Kept changing but anyway so like i said she’s 12.50 she’s about i think she’s about 150 horsepower plenty of torque on her plenty of torque and that windshield she may be a bit ugly but i tell her she is stopping all the wind hitting me definitely stopping all the wind let’s see what she’s like now on the corner not used to riding harley with a quiet pipes

She’s quite she’s fairly quiet big powerhouse um v-twin engine lots of torque like i said so we’re heading down to cove road here nice and twisty what a beautiful day for a bike ride a perfect day for a test drive and like i said i’ve been wanting to try this bike now for a long time since it came out really and you have your full tft screen here it’s very easy

To read i have a tinted screen on me seat feels comfortable enough very comfortable just just say i’m five foot nine i’m not sure what my inseam is i think it’s about 28 29 maybe 30. um if i was to buy suit pants i would have to get a 28 in seam so if that helps anybody uh yeah 28 inch seam so basically when the bike stops i think because of the automatic

Electronic adjustment on the suspension height my feet are almost flat on the ground which is bloody awesome for an adventure bike really awesome for an adventure bike uh she handles lovely as well i’m not quite sure if i just just yet go and trade the xr first but um definitely something i’m going to look at in the future so this is the full package she has the

Spotlights she has the automatic suspension adjustment just be wary though that the um if you’re buying it brand new it’s going to cost you big bucks for the um for the extras the spotlights alone i don’t know how much they are i don’t remember but i remember i do remember when i was speaking to people in harley davidson they were extremely expensive for the

Um the harley davidson brand uh spotlights but they are cool looking though which is part of it as well i will say i don’t like the windshield the look of it it’s quite ugly but it is doing an awesome job for keeping the wind off me i will say that now that’s coming off the xr and for such a big bike it doesn’t feel like you’ve a lot here you know it doesn’t

Feel like you’ve a lot in front here but yeah she’s very comfortable i’m not sure if this model has a quick shifter i’m not going to try it ah she handles lovely handles very nice i wish i knew these roads a bit better so i could throw it into it into it a bit better but loads of torque on that um that twin engine yeah i’m not going to go into cove i’m just

Going to do a u-turn here full inside the road a bit oh there she goes she drops down hell that’s awesome which is glass there do you want to be touching that so let’s see sidestand so that’s her this is a quick video showing my uh my test driver yeah so it’s just a quick video showing my test drive with the pan america the lights are awesome the lights

Are awesome here spotlights as well the indicators are pretty cool yeah it’s a bit weird looking at the front butt so is the gs do you know what i mean right take a few selfies and bring her back to the garage don’t be gone too long a few things to do all right cool

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Harley Davidson Pan America 1250. A quick ride. MotoVlog 013. By Mark Young Media