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Harley Davidson Seat Shade Review – No more hot seat!

I decided to do a quick review on a sun shade for my Harley Davidson Road Glide. This is a well made, low cost alternative to some of the more pricey shades out there.

All right for today i’m gonna start a new segment called the quick review i have so many little things that i buy constantly and uh i figured i might as well start little reviews on them to share my experiences i’d like to do one of my latest uh hog works tour pack which pissed me off again i can’t stand that company so i don’t expect any sponsorships from

Them sponsorships from them soon uh this is not what the review is about but if you do get a hogwarts tour pack don’t trust the drill holes that are there for the uh for the luggage rack it doesn’t work they’re not aligned right like everything else they make all right let’s get today to today’s quick review okay so i want to do a quick uh review on a

Sunshade for my bike i was going to get a cover i’m doing a road trip going a couple weeks up to the tail of the dragon from south florida and all around there so i wanted to get a shade not only to keep the heat off the seat but also to kind of protect it from the elements a little bit see how it does so i didn’t feel like dropping 200 on a shade or more so i

Got this one off of uh etsy actually i’ll put the link in in the uh in the description so let’s check it out see how it works oh by the way made some changes adding a lot more glue it’s kind of dark here but so you see my tank before i get the thin blue line strap i just added the advan black a little blue on the bags and i got the blue primary cover okay it’s

A little dusty all right so let’s check out this shade that’s why we’re here all right this is the uh the sunshade i i just rolled it up real quick you could probably get a lot tighter a lot neater so basically this is really it it’s a stretchy material i don’t know what you call it probably a label somewhere and it’s got almost like a bed sheet it’s like a two

Ends and a couple tie downs it’s called more shade again i’ll put the link in the uh in the bio in the description let’s see how this works now he’s down here yeah let’s get laid here okay just for a simple shade it’s fast and easy i mean you could do it you go into a restaurant whatever it is you’re riding just want to throw it on keep your seat from getting

Too hot a little protection of the tank not much but it is what it is i mean it’s the price is right it’s fast protects your seat especially you don’t want to get on a wet seat so i wish i had a bigger one i might actually get a bigger one that goes over the torque pack and the front fairing they have those too but just to protect your seat from the heat or

The rain or whatever it is this does the job so check it out i’ll put the link in there just to show you a quick what it looks like now i’m sure you could probably play around with this a little bit get a little more coverage on here does the job how it holds up i’ll let you know but the price that’s right check it out please hit the like and subscribe if you

Like these videos and more to come another one coming up right now have a good one ride safe you

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