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Harley Davidson Street Bob 114 Review – This Bike Is Something Else!

A first ride and review of the Harley Davidson Street Bob 114, this bike really is something else!

Welcome back youtube very very fun one for me today absolutely pumped i’m at harley-davidson oxford again part of uh blade motorcycles group another demonstration of things that they’ve got they’ve got all sorts of bikes and today i am seriously excited to be riding this harley-davidson street bob with the 114 engine that is a over 1.8 liter engine in a

Motorcycle okay a few harley guys you’re probably used to that that’s probably pretty normal i own a triumph speedmaster it’s just over there my baby i love her she’s 1200 cc this is over 1.1 800. i’m going to keep saying that today but look at it oh yes i like her i’ve i’ve ridden one a couple of other harleys i’ve ridden the sport glide before and i’ve

Ridden the um the new sportster actually with the different style engine but this has always been my my love i love the mini sort of eight bars rising up and the classic real american american style look at this this is a real american looking motorbike in my eyes and this is my first time ever riding it so it’s gonna be really interesting to compare it

To my triumph speedmaster this is obviously a fair bit more powerful motorcycle much bigger engine and obviously it’s a harley davidson so it’s a different different style different kind of fish just to point out which i’m a little bit excited about it has the vance heinz short shots i believe they’re called so let’s start her up oh my god oh this is

Fun that sounds insane that is another other level compared to my speedmaster right let’s pop her in the first cog oh my god that’s loud so i love these high up hand this is quite an experience for me i’ve been looking whenever i see one of these i just stare at it and uh i’m going to be completely honest harley davidson oxford literally at the most

Moment just offered me to ride this and i just could not turn it down i’ve literally just hopped off a ducati multistrada v4s which is a hell of a machine beautiful ride so this is a very different style of motorcycle i could not turn down riding it they had the demo they’re available so here we are and whole nelly am i looking forward to it god it

Sounds redonkulous i’m sort of this scaring me a bit initial impressions of this bike it is loud comparing it to my speedmaster so everything is heavy on harley’s i know that already really it really is the clutch is actually not too bad on this street bob but it is a lot heavier than than on the triumph speedmaster and so is the brake the front brake

And the lit the levers are big as well they’re big metal heavy thick thick levers riding position very interesting now i know this is the street bob it’s not a laid-back cruiser surprisingly my my knees are like way up in the air that it’s much more it’s going to take a while to get used to it’s much more um tucked up than even on my speedmaster oh

My god very very cool but yeah my knees are like they really are like mid pegs so to speak very much feet are sort of almost under you i’m surprised so the front wheel feels like it is stuck out there a bit wow jesus this is a hell of an experience so what we’re saying we got the um the 114 milwaukee 8 engine that is 155 newton meters of torque and

I believe it’s around certain 95 brake horsepower but horsepower is really not the figure when you’re talking about these harleys it is that torque and 155 yeah it’s like a tractor that’s actually it really is like a tractor sounds like one as well having just come off the multistrada d4s it’s nowhere near as quick as that i can tell that already but

It is just meaty meaty meaty at and actually i’m surprised i know i have this feels uh sharper handling than the sport glide i will say the throttle response is quite sharp just the initial bite maybe slightly too much for me like when you come on the throttle it’s quite immediate where for a cruiser i i would want that possibly a little bit slower it

Might just take some getting used to it’s quite overwhelming when you when you turn those exhausts on i’ve just had the full uh acropolis 8 000 pound system on the ducati multistrada but that is just pales in comparison to this exhaust this is a proper exhaust god i felt i feel like so you’re going to start a fight or something in a good way if that’s

Possible of course i never would but it makes you it makes you feel aggressive this bike i feel like come on then especially with that exhaust go yo that was overwhelming just jump straight into it a hell of an experience and we’ll wake you up in the morning let’s um there’s a bit of a road up here nice road with some twisties on just gonna get a feel

For uh how she is obvious you see i’ve got rid of my ugly looking sat nav bag here got it’s a digital display really really small but actually just switch it on it’s really smart and quite sort of technical really it’s got everything everything you need but it’s really bare bones minimum which is really cool about the harley i love the paint work and

We’ll go over that in a bit let’s listen to it start up again it’s like an angry bear it really is that potato pop harley noise i’ve never had that before is it as nice as the uh triumph speedmaster sound it’s a lot louder a lot louder considerably but it’s quite full on it might be a little bit too much so it’s quite planted suspension as i was

Saying is is on the firm side for sure but actually handling wise it’s not bad you know when you roll on you just you’re sort of flowing with the road you’re so low down and hands are out high and forward you’re sort of just cornering with the road i don’t know how to how to explain it the motor that 114 is it’s got some serious pull on it it’s not

Freakishly quick if you’re used to sports bikes or quick adventure bikes you won’t find this quick to be honest i know it sounds crazy 1.8 liter and i’ve always like it’s crazy fast it’s not it’s not mental but it’s it’s got some torque as that for sure you can feel the torque and it’s plenty fast enough i mean you could go straight up to 80 miles an

Hour if you so wished really easily well yeah the talk just it almost throws you back a bit right so what are the um what are the vibes like it’s weird it’s it’s tricky to tell because that exhaust is so loud you automatically assume what i do that it’s really vibey the bike but it’s not that baby at all it’s just deep deep vibes if there are any but

They’re really not intrusive at all i suppose that’s the new milwaukee8 engines that harley are putting out well they’re not that new now they’re just big long throbs rather than than vibes like you’re not getting ridiculous character vibes from it i’m most certainly warming to this motorcycle very quickly let’s go stop somewhere and we shall have a

Uh a heart-to-heart chitter chat about um general motorcycling and life let’s do that that’s what the harley’s bringing out in me that type of vibe wow all i can say is a raw experience that is a big experience sorry about the road in the background and just pulled over this nice spot with the sun out couldn’t help it i mean that i guess that’s

What harley’s about sort of blowing my mind really it’s ridiculous so in a good way the short shots vance and heinz exhaust are incredibly loud loudest thing i’ve ever ridden by far it’s brilliant so it’s 155 newton meters of torque from the 114 cubic inch milwaukee 8 engine with 95 brake horsepower but the the major figure is you get that that 155

Newton meters down at 3 250 rpm as well known with harleys and cruisers it’s all about the torque so you really can just roll onto the throttle and just cruise um the different thing about this compared to my speedmaster triumph speedmaster sorry about the cars is my speedmaster is really relaxing to ride nowhere near as loud the clutch is lighter the

The gears are lighter to change everything’s just easier to operate and you can just potter around the country on the speedmaster feeling like you’re not really doing any harm you’re not really bothering anyone now this isn’t a bad thing it’s just a difference this you feel like you’re terrorizing the countryside not in a bad way i don’t mean that in a

Bad way i think it takes some time to get used to yeah you’re just ripping it up you’re like i’m here i’ve arrived especially with those exhausts on it’s a dif it’s a different vibe i personally prefer the more relaxed vibe uh we’re gonna go for a ride again in a bit and just chill out and just try and calm down a bit from the overall visceral experience

Of that exhaust and just sort of just cruise let’s go over a few of the uh technical specs so suspension wise guys they’re 49 millimeter telescopic front forks so the suspension guys rear suspension it may look like a hard tail but it’s not somewhere in there is hidden uh coil over monoshock 43 millimeter uh stroke on it so the brakes up front guys um

Surprises they’re harley davidson brakes it’s a four piston caliper up front uh with a single disc they’re not mega sharp but actually from just riding there they’re um just a little dab on the brakes and that sort of seems to be all you need it brings you to a stop stop pretty nicely um yeah i don’t think you need two discs up front so if we just get

Down in here to the rear brake so as per usual it’s a single single disc with a two piston floating rear caliper again they look like harley davidson branded brakes as well so seat height guys as i’m sure you’ve guessed by the looks of the dimensions of the motorcycle it’s 680 millimeter seat height very low lower than my speed master i’m five foot

Nine as you can see i’m almost not quite but nearly a 90 degree angle on my legs and i’m obviously flat footing it so yeah it’s real low you’re sitting really low and i really personally really like this style it’s just personal preference but with the handlebars higher up as well you’ve got that classic harley harley sort of cruise personally i would

I prefer my feet further forward you’ve got a 90 degree angle with your with your feet to the pegs here okay i don’t suppose there’s any other way around this wet weight is 297 kilograms that’s quite heavy very heavy i suppose i’m not used to harley davidson weights um this is actually one of the the lighter harley davidsons obviously you step up into

The big cruisers and touring harleys they’ll be a lot heavier i i should imagine weight wise it’s so low down when you’re riding it you don’t feel it too much maneuvering around is not a problem it’s all so low down so i don’t think the weight like you’re not buying this to be high performance machine um and it handles absolutely fine enough so i don’t

Think the weight is a problem albeit that is a big number okay so here comes the fun bit let’s uh obligatory sound test i hope it doesn’t blow the um speakers on my camera is yeah very very loud i’m sure you’ve gathered already so guys apologies um if i seem a bit unprepared or flustered yeah a hell of an experience this bike the vibe about it is

Uh of course harley davidson everything’s everything’s heavy and big which is pretty cool it’s a hell of an experience and if you didn’t know my actually started my youtube channel for mental health and motorbiking and the benefits that motorbiking can bring bring to your mental health and does your mental health had stuff suffered for a while most

Biking really really helped me and the main thing it that i find it does help out me is the involvement and the visceral experience motorbiking gives you being out in nature the wind the smells the the bike’s engine you know and also the the mindfulness side of motorbiking the concentration levels it takes to stay safe on the motorbike and to enjoy the

Ride as well i find it really really therapeutic for you and that’s partly why i love my triumph speedmaster so much but i think harley-davidson they are definitely about that as as a company and a brand they’re about the the feeling of motorcycling you know the passion just the love the love for it doesn’t all have to be the highest technical spec or

The best performing motorbike it’s just about the raw experience that’s the experience i’ve had on on this bike for sure it’s a hell of an experience if you suffer from mental health or if you have in the past or if you want you want to get out of your head a bit you just want a raw experience for most biking you probably hear it in my voice going over

These bumps that’s not me about to break into tears it’s it’s the bumps the suspension’s quite hard on this but it doesn’t get much more involving than this great for freedom it’s a freedom machine isn’t it just to clear the cobwebs away and make you feel better so would i have one conclusions in all honesty i’m gonna say i don’t think i would have this

Street bomb not that it’s a bad bike just for my personal preferences i i like to go touring a lot and i ride long distances quite a lot there would be better harley davidsons for that purpose if i had the money i would 100 have this bike for for weekend blasts or sort of you know evening cruises but i i would put my money elsewhere in the harley range

Because i would want more of a touring touring aspect for the bike you know it’s very different to the obviously the speedmaster and other bikes it’s a very intense experiences i never thought i would ever say this maybe i’d get a quieter exhaust maybe but maybe not may just need to get used to it but that over a long time that exhaust could get a little

Bit a little bit tiresome but yeah i mean what a machine i mean what do you think it looks like i think just the looks of this and on all harleys but especially the street box i actually love the new low rider st i think that looks incredible it just looks absolutely stunning it’s like the epitome of a motorcycle an american motorcyclist so cool looking

With those high up handlebars nice paint job they just look it absolutely awesome i’ll say and you feel super cool riding it i actually want to get one of these for a lot for longer because it’s that intense you need to take time to get used to it but i think on a sunny day and to have the day on one of these on some nice roads yeah it will be a hell of a

Day i think we’ll wrap it up there guys and on that note i’d like to give a shout out to mental health awareness um hope everyone’s doing well out there enjoy your summers and yeah ride safe thank you very much for watching don’t forget to smash that subscribe button and uh i’ll see you in the next video take it easy stay happy this has been red and revival ciao bella you

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