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Harley-Davidson Street Glide by Southern Country Customs

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Hey guys hey kim that’s right southern country customs we’re bringing the big fannies to you this week guys got some really badass bikes coming out did a 2020 now this is gonna have a little special ride after it leaves here it’s heading over the country of jordan man in the middle east i was just looking it up there’s one harley-davidson dealer there and i’m on

And i’m gonna tell you what when we roll this bad boy up into that showroom the first time i know it’s going to create a wave we’ll probably feel back over here this guy said exactly how he wanted his bike done he built it that way and i think we’ll show you there’s a lot of nice little touches on this man all right we started up front you know vip chris always

Hooked us up that’s marlene guys we carried the theme you saw some earlier videos when we come back in this has a rivet that’s done in the highlighted color on this bike we did a try so we got a gloss here with a diamond black the bright metallic orange and then a soft satin flat and you’ll see that kind of carried back throughout the whole bite and even when we

Get into things like our powder coat so you see this again when you show the custom dynamics marker light or the headlights and the custom the marker lights here again the look is clean it’s tight as you can see we didn’t leave any of the details out we do a single sided rotor on this one so again you get that great look of the wheel again cleaning the stopping

Power and it is a matching as you’ll see here done up so we don’t again leave any kind of details out to go off see if we go back through here again clockwork windshield big fatty bars let me into the house you know how i love those things because again it gives it a meaty meaty look and then again the details we always are known for sick dog carrying the color back

Through the bezel again that big nine inch gorilla glass you’re going to love the audio there we came back in and here’s where we flip-flopping again did a soft satin finish on this console gloss gloss and then flat again came back with the gloss in the bar and shield same thing on the big heavy front intake you love this look in a deep cut and again we brought it

Right back you’ll see the freedom exhaust i love that deep rumble this guy we’ll let you hear in just a second but you’re going to see here again the same thing with the pm boards flat so there’s a contrast and that’s what really brings out a custom bike you take the time to do this thing but one of the things i want you guys to know that comes in a contrast guys

That’s black and sort of a cut this is what we do we tear that down and decide we’re going to do it ourselves that’s an ink black powder coat but only we’re willing to do the things that make these bikes so custom for you to get it simple and easy to do but let’s show them right here again guys i’m a pair of villain and i love this seat guys because again you see

What we always do we put you that napa leather the alcantara that is perforated so it’s breathable and then that double french stitching matching in the orange to go with the paint and the whole thing a full wrap around backrest so they got some great hours ready to ride when they’re over there in jordan i mean i mean i think they’re going to show out for pretty

Much every bite that’s in that area again upgraded audio package form here and then you know keep talking about my boy tommy talk show them all man that’s a mini money maker and we’re really finding the look of this bike when you do the fat tires it gives you an aggressive riding pattern because again we curve in the back of those bags we’ve done a matching chopped

Tour pack that’s all quick release guys so we think all the way around you want a full-blown touring bike we’ll make it talking about you or something right i can roll up with your buds on a saturday afternoon saturday evening click click set it off you’re ready to rock and roll now how do you make it all happen it’s easy i’m swear to god it’s so easy i was talking

More challenge he said larry i’ve been following me for a couple of years i said are you subscribed to the channel he said i will be out for today how do you get it done 704-7400705 okay call me two o’clock in the morning i get them every once in a while might not hit you right back i’ll get to the next day but let’s let me know what you want to do if you need to

Start a question man that’s what it’s all about we want to everybody’s bike builder if we can i’m going to tell you if we can it’s simple and easy you just done something nasty right one of a kind nobody else got this bike in the world and we’re saying this one on the other side thanks for watching guys hit me up

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😈 Harley-Davidson Street Glide by Southern Country Customs By DARK KUSTOM