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Harley-Davidson Warranty and Extended Service Plan Explained 2018

Matt Laidlaw goes into the details of how the H-D warranty works and some buyer’s tips about the purchase of the “Extended Warranty.”

Hey what’s up guys matt laidlaw here so i wanted to go over a topic that might be very boring to a lot of my normal viewers on my youtube channel but it’s a topic that i get asked a lot of questions about and i feel like this information can be very valuable to you if you’re gonna be a harley owner and since my channel is all about everything around the holiday

What’s an ownership experience i felt like it was very applicable and relevant to share this information with you guys so let me start off by saying that every brand new harley-davidson that is purchased comes with a two year unlimited mileage manufacturer warranty on that bike and every new bike is eligible for harley davidsons extended service plan this is

A draft copy so this is kind of a dummy copy this isn’t a real actual contract but this is what they look like and let me start off by saying my first piece of advice to you guys if when you are buying your harley if someone is offering you the extended service plan or offering you an extended warranty always ask if it is the genuine harley davidson warranty

That is recognized by the motor company i cannot stress this enough there is not a more important question for you to ask when you are buying an extended warranty there are still a lot of dealers out there car and motorcycle that will sell you a warranty that is other than the oem manufacturer’s warranty that’s recognized whenever i buy a car i always ask them

If it’s the chevy warranty or if it’s the honda warranty if if i’m buying something i want the warranty that’s recognized and backed by the manufacturer well harley davidson there’s no difference and this is what we sell at our dealership but for those of you that are in other parts of the country that you aren’t buying from late-loss harley asked to see the

Contract before you buy it on the extended service plan because if it doesn’t look like this then guess what when you go to make a claim at a harley dealership they’re not gonna be able to find your warranty or you know if it is at the dealership that you bought it from it should be fine but if you’re out on the road and you have an issue they’re gonna look

To find a warranty and they’re not gonna be able to find it if it’s not a harley warranty and you know after years of doing claims and things like that harley davidson is gonna take care of you if you have an issue with your warranty where a lot of the third-party companies have a less likelihood of really going the extra mile to take care of their customers

Because at that point it’s they’re just they’re in a business and there there isn’t as much of a need or a desire to really make their customers have a good ownership experience with their vehicle so i hope that makes sense so when you buy a new bike you can see here where it says new motorcycle and slashed extended eligibility motorcycle you can see that you

Can get anywhere between a three and a seven year unlimited mileage warranty so the three years and this is very confusing for a lot of people the three years is actually only you’re buying a one year additional warranty for a total of three remember you get two years with the bike so a three year warranty you’re purchasing one additional year so if you buy up

To a seven year warranty you’re buying an additional five years for a total of seven years and and their warranties are all unlimited mileage now if you don’t buy the warranty when you buy your motorcycle you have the ability or you have the option of purchasing that warranty up until your warranty expires however i always recommend if you know if you’re gonna

Get the warranty i always recommend getting the warranty when you buy your bike because the price does go up it then becomes what’s called extended eligibility under extended eligibility the cost and the price to you goes up for the warranty it’s about $250 now if you’re purchasing a used motorcycle from an authorized harley dealership they will go over there

Use bike hopefully and make it so all the mechanical check points have been checked to make sure that the used bike is in good operating condition which will allow that used bike to be eligible to for a warranty to be sold on it and you can buy anywhere between one and five years of warranty coverage on that now another thing that is available to you you’ll see

Here and it’s kind of covered up by the draft letters it says future contracts guarantee it’s kind of where the r is and draft what that is is if you buy an extended warranty let’s say you buy the seven-year warranty at the end of seven years actually before it expires but no sooner than three months to it expiring so it has to be no earlier than three months of

The warranty expiring but it can’t be more than like five days before it expires there’s a narrow window there you have the ability to extend the warranty another up to seven years if you wish to do so as long as your bike doesn’t have 75,000 miles or is more than eleven calendar years old so you can continue to extend your warranty indefinitely as long as you

Are under eleven calendar years old or i should say under twelve calendar years old and under seventy five thousand miles so you can continue to extend your warranty under future contract guarantee now another thing as long as your bike meets those two criterias that i said under seventy-five thousand miles or under twelve calendar years old you can purchase

What’s called a used sale anytime so what that is is let’s say your warranties are completely expired you have to come in and you have to get a full bike inspection at the dealership and once the bike has inspected the the form completely or excuse me expected the bike completely and filled out a form then you can purchase a used sale any time warranty on your

Bike the price does go up bill so it’s always in your best interest to purchase the warranty when your bikes brand new you pay the least amount or when you’re buying your bike new that’s a used motorcycle buy at that point because the inspection has already been done for you and then you’ll pay you’ll pay less and if you wait till your bike is out of warranty

Now you also have what’s called the optional tire and wheel coverage which is also in limited mileage what that does for you is if you get some type of a puncture or tire damage due to a road hazard then you bring it into any authorized harley dealership and you will get the tire and the wheel replaced if need be the wheel as well for a 50 dollar deductible so

Me personally i always buy the extended service plan on all of my bikes and i know the naysayers will probably say well yeah you buy the warranty you know what does that say about the bike you know is it gonna break down well i buy warranties on all my vehicles that’s just because i don’t want to come out of pocket hundreds maybe thousands of dollars in the

Event that something does happen and not at the point where i can afford to have multiple vehicles that i don’t drive often all my vehicles i drive very frequently and so i want them to be covered so i have made claims on the extended service plan myself and i’ve seen a lot of people you know working at a harley dealership make claims on their extended service

Plan and all i can say is they work they work well and we’ve been able to take care of a lot of people who have had some type of mechanical issue with their harley because they bought the extended service plan so yeah i definitely recommend it okay so here’s a shot of the actual contract and the only reason i use that draft at the beginning of this video is just

Because it’s a little bit more clear and now you got to deal with my shaky camera hand but this is the actual esp extended service plan this is the genuine holiday davidson one again i’m gonna repeat myself because this is important if you buy the extended warranty or really what it’s referred to as is the extended service plan make sure it looks like this if the

Contract does not look like this or if it’s a third party company then that should be a major red flag harley-davidson extended service plan is gonna take care of you better it’s going to be more seamless when you make a claim and i just care about you having enjoyable writing experience and when it comes to claims time harley-davidson has a greater propensity

To take care of their customers hands down i don’t care what anybody says you hardly warranty is gonna be more valuable to you than a third-party warranty we’ll the other thing is is holliday vitsin will cover there are screaming evil parts as well i know a lot of third-party company warranties will not take care of screaming a vocal components now i will say

That there is a caveat to that the screamin eagle parts have to be installed on the bike within the first 60 days of ownership and i’ve said this before in a lot of my videos but it’s worth repeating in this video i highly highly recommend if you are gonna do anything to your bike it’s in your best interest to do that work whether it be engine work screamin eagle

Work or any any genuine harley-davidson part you’re going to be putting on the bike it’s always in your best interest to try to put that on in the first 60 days of ownership because then it goes on what’s called your sw are your sales and warranty registration and i’ll show you a shot of that swr form right now and on this form this form is something you should

Be shown when you buy your bike basically this form registers the bike to your name and all harley-davidsons databases it enlists you in a year of harley-davidson or excuse me the harley owners group which is hog hog is the largest factory sponsored club in the entire world and so when you buy a brand new bike you’re part of that that national hog and this also

Gives you it initiates your two year manufacturer warranty as well so that’s what this the swr does and so any genuine harley-davidson part that you have installed and the work order is all documented at a dealership that will show up anytime you need either runs your vin for the rest of the life of that motorcycle now everybody does stuff as they go and as they

Ride it and as they have different needs with their bike so if you get something installed after the fact don’t worry about it don’t sweat it something end-of-the-world it’s just it’s nicer to have it on the swr you and fully warrantied so any parts that you put on that bike during that 60-day period which is called custom coverage by the way any of those parts

Install most first 60 days of ownership under custom coverage will now be 100% warrantied under the full duration of any warranty you purchase on your bike so what the smart guys do that are gonna own their bike for more than two years and even if they if they don’t know how long they’re gonna own it you you have all your stuff done especially if you’re doing

Performance work stick the screamin eagle stuff do all your performance work in the first 60 days and then purchase that’s a total of seven year warranty and guess what you now have your stage three stage for whatever upgrade which is you know a lot of money and you now have it fully warranty for seven years in addition to any other genuine holiday with some part

You had installed on your bike in the first 60 days that’s now all covered under however long the the extended service plan you bought you know up to you know seven years and at the end of that seven years no sooner than three months prior to it expiring and no later than five days before it expires you can bump that again another five years as long as you’re

Under seventy five thousand miles so very few people know about this information even a lot of dealers don’t talk about this information for whatever reason they just don’t know they don’t care to spend the time to tell their customers but this is the most savvy way to fully protect your bike under warranty and this is especially useful if you’re doing perform

It to work so here’s another question i get asked a lot people always want to ask me if i install custom exhaust all my bike will it void my warranty or if i install custom bars on my bike will avoid my warranty so here’s how the language reads on the warranty contracts if you install a third-party component and there’s plenty of aftermarket components out there

That fit on harley davidsons if you install that component then obviously that component will no longer be warrantied because it’s no longer a harley-davidson part so longer an oem harley-davidson part such as like a muffler or an exhaust system probably davidson certainly is not going to cover somebody else’s part but in addition to that if that part negatively

Affects the function of an oem part now that oam part is no longer warrantied as well so typically speaking this is just generally speaking if you install mufflers on your bike and you do it correctly you have it done it a dealer or something mufflers are not going to void the warranty on the rest of your bike you know it’s a common thing that people install

And it’s not going to avoid your entire warranty from my personal experience where i have seen the most problems is when people do a lot of work at a bad shop or they try to diy do it my stu it yourself with like engine work or handlebars or whatever else so if you put in stall handlebars like a bad shop or maybe when your homies that you know does handlebar

Jobs and they mess up the electrical and also in your lights stopped working and your thralls goes bad or whatever guess what harley-davidson is not gonna warranty that if you have engine work even if you have it done at a nice shop that is reputable that isn’t a genuine harley davidson authorized dealer then your your nothing on your engine is ever gonna be

Warranty it ever again the end of question so usually the guys that do like aftermarket cams or aftermarket your heads or pistons or any type of a another tuner if you like a vance & hines tune or you know some type of an aftermarket third-party tuner then you’re not going to be it’s not gonna be under warranty anymore so if you want to do performance work

The smartest way to do it is to use genuine harley-davidson stuff and have it done and document it at all harley-davidson dealership and do it within the first 60 days so i hope that kind of clears that up and just to kind of recap again if you install a pair of grips that aren’t hardly grips is that can avoid the warranty and your whole bike no but if they’re

Installed incorrectly and your throttle is not working your throttle by wire isn’t working anymore because they’re installed incorrectly then guess what yeah that’s not going to be under warranty to fix your throttle so you’re not gonna completely compromise your entire warranty just because you put an aftermarket part on it so you know i’ve i’ve put aftermarket

Mufflers on my bike before i always try to stick to genuine harley-davidson stuff but sometimes i like to deviate from that i like to do aftermarket stuff on my motorcycle and you know i can still get other parts of my bike covered in a warranty that are in no way affected by those third-party aftermarket parts and so you know my warranty will remain intact so

Let me talk to you guys for a second about money as well so as far as pricing on the warranty it’s always changing it’s usually always going up just because of the cost of labor and parts and everything just like everything else in the world the prices always usually go up not down right so i can’t really promise you any pricing that and details can also sell

You the warranty for whatever they want but as a general rule of thumb right now at the time of this video you’re probably looking anywhere between 1,300 bucks to $3,000 for a warranty depending on how many years you get and if your bike is new or used or if it’s extended eligibility or if you get the tire and wheel option on top of your warranty that little

Amendment there and so and how much mileage you have if you do have a used bike when you buy the warranty or if you buy in any time warranty so there are a ton of variables that dictate the pricing on the warranty so you know all i can do is will give you a big range and say that it all depends on how many years you buy as well i will say the warranty kind of

Has costco pricing where the more you buy the more years you buy i should say the price per year does go down so you know i usually won’t buy any less than two or three years but if you buy the full five years you’re gonna pay a smaller price per year the more years you buy so that’s about the only thing i can say for sure also if for whatever reason you don’t

Have your bike as long as your warranty term then you can always cancel your warranty and get a pro-rated refund back so for this reason i always recommend people giving more warranty than they might think they need because you can always cancel it and get your money back if you’re trading your bike or if you sell your bike or whatever but if you decide to buy

The warranty later because you plan on keeping your bike longer than you expect it then you’re gonna end up paying more money to purchase your warranty so always if you’re on the fence between whether to buy a warranty or not it’s better to buy it and not need it or sell your bike in cancel the warranty then if you were to not buy it and then need it later and

Then you’re really gonna be screwed so anyways guys i hope this benefitted a lot of you hopefully this answered a lot of questions i get a ton of questions about warranty and extended warranty so if i was able to help you out please like the video give me a thumbs up and share with your friends if you have friends that have questions about warranty length up for

Watching guys and as always if you haven’t already subscribed please hit that subscribe button and be notified when my future videos come out thanks a lot guys

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Harley-Davidson Warranty and Extended Service Plan Explained │ 2018 By Matt Laidlaw