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Harley exhaust on amazon. Option for Touring Bikes. The GOOD, BAD, AND UGLY

Find a Harley Exhaust on Amazon. I had my reservations but I needed and option for my 2020 Harley Davidson Road Glide Special. I first had the Screamin Eagle Exhaust system, which was okay…Just not loud enough for me. I found this SharkRoad System online and decided to give it a shot. The Harley Davidson Sound is very important. I want to feel like i’m riding a Harley when I’m on the road. Here is a side by side comparison of the Harley Screamin Eagle Exhaust system vs the SharkRoad Exhuast system. Thanks for watching.

So today we are going to talk about a slip-on system for your harley-davidson and your milwaukee 8 and it’s on amazon and i will tell you that uh you know there’s some goods and some bads i don’t know just watch the video here we go as always if you enjoy any part of this production if you wouldn’t mind just go ahead and hit that like button down below it helps

Spread the word across youtube and get more people this information so when it comes to slip-on exhaust systems and harley-davidsons and uh just going for that sound that you want of actually riding a harley it is subjective it is personal um and you know for me i had scream and eagle slip-ons when i did the stage one and stage two kit and they were fine they

Were just a wee bit quiet and it didn’t sound like a harley davidson to me for some reason it was just a little too quiet there are other big name brands out there and i had looked at a few other options but i thought you know what if we could find something that was cost effective that would still give us i don’t know the best results so i took a shot took a

Gamble and i turned to amazon and i found these shark road slip-ons for the 2020 rogue glide special i threw them on i was pleasantly surprised but i didn’t want to do a review right away i wanted to put some miles on the bike so i slipped these on no pun intended right before we went to k river and we’ve rode i don’t know now four thousand five thousand miles

On them uh and we’re going to go over it let’s uh let’s talk about one the good the good is the sound was exactly what i was going for and these things sound great the link is in the description down below if you guys want to check them out by the way but they sound fantastic and i’m going to show you the startup right now of the screaming eagle and then with

The shark road slip-ons so check this out so the sound obviously it’s a big difference it’s got a more throaty feel to it which is what i was going for uh when i put these things on and i’m pleasantly surprised the bads though sometimes you get what you pay for right so these things right now are 260 dollars on amazon and i will tell you the fit and finish

Well the fit is good let’s just clear that up right now the fit was good the finish however the biggest complaint that people had was uh that the the system itself kind of fades away the the powder coat um and i was like all right i’ll just give it a whirl anyway i will tell you that is that is true and i’m gonna show you some of the spots right now and you can

See right here on the exhaust portion uh at the connecting piece that’s got a little bit of fade to it and then going back to the tips here uh that come with the system you can see what i what i did was i i wrote it for i don’t know 3 000 miles and then i i moved one tip to the other because one side was kind of rusting out on the inside and the other side was

Completely black took a wrench to it and swapped those caps so it would kind of even out uh the coating on the inside and and that little design that you have and that indentations that’s got more of like a silvery lining to it that goes away with some time but there is some fade here and the fade in itself you know it’s not a deal breaker for me to be honest

With you it’s an exhaust system so it catches your eye if you know that it’s there but the sound that i’m getting out of the pipes outweighs this um in my opinion the other thing is they rust a little bit again it comes down to the finish if they just spent maybe a little bit more it’d be worth it to spend an extra 50 bucks on a system if they would just do a

Little bit on the finish to keep it from rusting and i’ll show you this right here on the underneath uh it just rusts you just got to kind of keep wiping it down and getting rid of some of that rust and it’s not that it’s a pain it’s just i wish that i didn’t have to do it but the shark road system christmas is coming up if you are looking to try something that’s

Got a little more throw to your feel it is louder but unlike what it kind of advertised it’s not obnoxiously loud it’s actually pleasantly loud it’s hardly loud so it feels good sounds good as far as what it sounds like when you’re going down the road i’m going to give you a listen right now this is the sound that you hear from the cockpit area of the bike when

You’re riding at freeway speeds this is going to be the sound of that system and uh you know it’s not obnoxious so take a listen so that’s the shark road system in a nutshell uh you can check it out it’s relatively inexpensive it’s on amazon so if you have problems you can return it but as far as the sound is concerned i kind of like it so you guys let me know

In the comments below what system are you running and are you happy with it you know i was going back and forth on on do i want to spend eight hundred dollars and with the back ordered parts i think was like 850 on a reinhardt system or something like that i just didn’t want to spend that kind of money but you know it’s it’s just an alternative for now it’s

It’s temporary i guess you know maybe a year and we’ll go from there but let me know what system you’re running down below do you like it do you have problems with it maybe we can help some others out but that’s going to do it for today’s video you guys ride safe be safe we’ll catch you on the next

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Harley exhaust on amazon. Option for Touring Bikes. (The GOOD, BAD, AND UGLY) By Full Throttle HOG