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Harley Iron 883 Sportster on the Highway / Interstate

Harley Sportster Iron 883 on the highway! It handles and performs well, but there’s some drawbacks…

Whatever you do so a while back i posted up a video about a highway around among the harley-davidson iron 883 and my mic duck there’s a lot of popping for you so i’m actually going back to my go or over with your favorite rum doing that highway run once again let me show you guys how the on harley or interstate horatora so currently i am running had about 75

This is how the bike now and it handles well just to let you guys know parentheses before hand i have a 21st team of harley-davidson hired eighteen three i have drag bars installed which does help a little bit with the wind because causes me to lean forward i’m wearing full a foam and obviously other where you not be at the all women and if there’s a little bit

Of so the five handles well in addition to the drag bars i also have a i blow air cleaners or i do have a vance and hines yield back xp3 on the mic as well which human i’m currently running there is and the map i earn a free they bigger in here to exhaust right there that can map the for a mock low and bacon sausage you big radius with all the same build

Apples oh my god if you know going to check my air pressure the iron handles really well at highway speeds look they’re behind it cheer up like this in which town is kind of making me turbulence from the backdraft that’s right i mean the bike another way is mine you don’t have any windshield you know there’s no fairing on it so you are going to be taking a

Brunt of the wind like to your shed so leaning in you know getting in the tuck in the tuck helped quite a bit you know i don’t know just to bring this up as well this is probably pretty strange but after you guys have gone fast on a motorcycle right like wearing jeans you know you can feel that wind on the top of your legs for a long time right so it feels like

There’s pressure like on your legs or whatever whatever you slow down it feels like you’re not wearing pants there i don’t know maybe that’s just me it just feels like i’m not wearing pants because i’m so used to feeling that wind on the legs that whenever you slow down it’s like it feels like there’s nothing there you’re like what the that i don’t know a weird

Blockhead insight maybe probably just me being strange where the f is the air ah you son of a ah i didn’t know that’s what they didn’t know that’s what that did i kind of suck so i got to stop and wipe myself off now because i just get soaking wet i mean not soaking wet but pretty damn wet see it’s an awesome reason to have a swingarm bag really an x-wing our

Bag another cool thing the company that made that bag actually contacted me and is interested in sending me some more products to review so that’s awesome we’ll have more developments on that in coming well then got a little wash back up carry microfiber towels let’s look i will not be driving that close to that thing again but cannabis is a car windshield

Washer behind us freakin palm prompt alright go go all right so that’s it 90 and always in court here select 90 miles an hour i’m getting some wind like pushing the er a little bit filled with again yeah i mean get handled well and i like that it doesn’t have alicia a fairy who are definitely fitting a lot of that wind – your offer body a lot of people

Ask me which you recommend it for life honestly like i think the iron industry was built from work like a round down but it can definitely go from sensory i know this so it’s entirely up to you if you are thinking about doing long rides of it and then getting a better seat of the mustang seats are quite comfortable i have a pair of their bone comfortable but

I don’t know about for like multiple hours that would definitely going yeah try to speed ahead of you guys look over so anyways that’s how the iron 883 handles on the interstate hope it was insightful to you guys like i said i used it for mostly around town and it’s a great bike i mean i can do runs like that i have done runs like that you know but long it’s

Right that i’m done on it’s probably about an hour and it it’s doable but there are bikes out there much better suited for long distance and built for more comfortable writing just my pot the best way to figure out if the iron has meant for you is to actually go down to the dealership and over from that house one and actually sit on the bike check it out take

It for a test ride go to a harley dealership that best thing you can do to get a feel for it anyways i hope the video has been insightful for you guys if y’all have any questions at all please feel free to post them in the comments below i will answer them to the best of my abilities if you guys did enjoy the video be sure to go ahead and hit the like button it

Does help out quite a bit thanks buddy also if you guys aren’t subscribed already be sure to go ahead and hit the subscribe button as well it’s in the lower right corner or the big subscribe button is below the video and if you did hit that subscribe button danka thank you very much i appreciate it as always lots of new subscribers thank you guys to all of y’all

That have joined i appreciate it i always forget to pitch the shirts but if you guys like some blockhead shirts there’s the link in the description below that says merch and the shirts actually get a lot of love a lot of people like the designs which is often because on the designer until next time you guys ride safe stay vigilant and i will catch y’all later

Deuces reza’s please don’t rear-end mises express appreciation sorry sorry our utter gratitude but it truck dude 40 g dude toyota dude lucky dude toyota honda – a whole i’m going to lose oh partial

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