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Harley Sportster – 883 to 1200 conversion. This easy rider can fly!!!

Easy Rider meets Drive Angry when it has its 883 ripped out and converted to a 1200..then injected with a redbull and cocaine cocktail of speed!!!

P0 leadership money z ryder oh we got rusev sportster in he’s gonna have it mangled oh yeah baby mangled what we’re doing to it main man-made wizards on it yeah we’re gonna 1200 it ya gonna do top and black get rid of all the chrome yeah set carve up properly for it no ideas on the exhaust he likes sandals a bit special yes he wants a bit he wants some short leash

But he would rather have them a bit lower down chrome tat you’re offended the chrome sexuals repaint the lovely chrome on the rsd it’s gotta be chinese so we’re racking that front end off and sticking it on the blackened yeah just pull the handle bars and so you can see the extent of the ray oh that’s going to look pretty sexual apes on them kabhi kabhie massive

Aids oh my god mental oh they’re off regardless yeah yeah yeah these bars on get stripped down for its 1200 cool rag it off get rid of em crap things groovy groovy so you can see what happens when we do it to 1200 the steel liner all cast-iron shall i say there’s about half inch of liner there right so that will be they’ll be bored half inch over and that gives you

Tall under cc basic beautiful thickness of the liner there which makes it really heavy so that will come all the way out so edgy well so the 1200 yeah once an 18 through here big different let’s get these forged pistons in it now is what they do for the 1200 conversion on 86 203 engines with well as he no sorry because the same a they three heads to present yeah

So eighty-six up till now eighty three energies have a small combustion chamber in the heads and if you put a flat top piston underneath it which is what it is on a 1218 the compression ratio becomes about eleven point seven to one which the racing is all right but the street use is too much they causes detonation in most cases so down reverse don’t pistons yeah

Yeah no i have to one compression force voice no one’s a bigger valve pockets in them if you went to bigger valves or higher lift cams yeah yeah gone with the black theme some dreads are all black hey here it is let me introduce you to steven steven reed born steven reborn digits lee yeah we are going to measure a twelve hundred and eighty three ball using steven

Come on mad wizard again this is modern technology delivery to press the button yeah yeah 83 roughly speaking come on did you speak do it stephen so there you go that’s the difference yeah that’s the difference we two 1283 people get in here we go yeah all back together well not quiet it’s getting there what something obviously hobbs will rebuild clean vijay

Yeah scotch padded the the aluminium and tubes and stuff otherwise it gives you a nice brushed finish because russell wanted to get rid of some other krob new ignitions in they’re ready to be set up new exhaust is chuck gone at the minute a little bit of pumps in about with our i’ve got to make the bracket up because this set is for up all the same to know for

And extremely close for a black on chrome effect yeah yeah it’s pretty tasty things also tanks on it’s a bit of a lie mind you know this is 83 though the ramps down just look at beauty baby who wants a bit tasty burrows so let me just break here then what you doing it’s gonna be easy ride in that oh coiled up spot on one spawn just needs a side back now just to

Finish it off that’s just my opinion big c look at some german over the starter maybe these reinhardt’s fire off on a car easy rider man easy rider i can get with it hey somebody small i need somebody’s mystery come on shredder this is russell khanates drag it out here we go he’s a diner easy ride oh hurry up maestro come on for peter fonda sorted

Sandy awesome and one say something oh oh say no

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Harley Sportster – 883 to 1200 conversion. This easy rider can fly!!! By Maka Jerycho