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Heres Why The Harley Dyna SUCKS!

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Welcome back to the channel john’s motor garage a few months back we picked on the sportster i went over what sucks about that bike today we’re going over what sucks about the harley davidson dinah all right now for the record i am obviously a big fan of these bikes i own two of them and i paid top dollar for both in fact i paid an embarrassingly high amount of

Money for uh this bike here stay tuned to the end i’ll go over how much i paid for it it’s crazy but let’s jump into it let’s talk about the things that suck about this bike now as always these are just my opinions and um every bike has good and bad about it you know but no matter what when i do these videos i have somebody in super super angry at me like dude how

Dare you talk trash about my beloved motorcycle if that’s you then just be warned bro be warned you may get somewhat offended by this video all right so let’s start out by saying what this bike is not and just break down some reasons why you may want to just avoid this bike altogether so if you’re a speed demon out there and you’re just looking for the adrenaline

Rush to go as fast as you can and uh you know balls to the wall don’t buy a harley dynaman go out there and get yourself a sport bike naked bike street fighter you know you got tons of options tons of options if you’re out there and you’re just looking for performance and handling you know something that can carve the canyons with the best of them then again you

Probably don’t want to go get yourself a dynaman it’s not necessarily built for that if you’re looking for just a real kind of tame entry-level beginner motorcycle i would not personally pick the dyna it’s a little on the heavy side it’s a larger displacement v-twin it may feel a little big and awkward initially if you’re just looking for something that’s kind of

On the cheaper side but you want like a ton of you know power out of your v-twin don’t keep the dynaman it’s not the best bang for your buck in terms of like performance power and numbers out of a v-twin you can get yourself you know a yamaha roadliner 1900 ccp twin for probably less than what you’re going to pay on a harley davidson dyna 88 cubic inch like the

One i’m sitting on here so we got that out of the way for certain people the dining is just not the right bike for you so now let’s say you have decided you want the dyna like me i bought the bike there are some things that suck about it that you’re gonna encounter and that’s just the name of the game it happens if you’re looking at your later model dynas uh up to

I think 2004 or no maybe 2005 you’re going to be dealing with the carburetors some people love it some people hate it but they are a little bit cold-blooded so that’s something to be aware of newer than that you’ve got fuel injection so a little bit easier in that regard number one thing is these bikes are expensive and they’re not just like you know harley-davidson

Premium brand expensive but they don’t even make them anymore so you’re going to be buying them used and the price is just outrageous man people are asking an arm and a leg for these bikes if you go with the older ones 2000 to you know 2005 and six you’re still gonna be looking at four to seven thousand bucks if you’re lucky to find one with relatively low miles

And if you’re looking at new ones you know 20 15 16 17 you’re gonna be looking at like 10 000 plus man uh it’s an expensive motorcycle and for that dollar price you really don’t get a lot especially with your bone stock dyna the handling is kind of subpar you know suspension’s not awesome stock suspension on these in fact is pretty much garbage that’s one of the

First things you’re going to want to upgrade and we’ll talk about those upgrades you’re not going to get any of those creature comforts that people like nowadays personally i don’t but abs you can get on some of them but it doesn’t come standard you’re not going to get all this crazy digital dash and like gps and radio built in none of that you’re not going to have

Heated grips or heated butt or tpms sensors you know i say heated but you know what i mean he did see you’re not necessarily going to get all that stuff on your standard dyna but you are paying a lot of money for it you are and in addition to that most people when they get the dyna they’re not happy with just your stock dyna there’s a lot of things you’re going

To want to upgrade and suspension seat exhaust suspension front rear if i didn’t mention that motor mounts all that stuff adds up super fast a lot of people upgrade the bars there’s just so much you can do on these dyna so before you know it you spend you know 10 12 000 bucks on the bike i think you’ve dropped another 5 000 bucks into it you’ve got like 20 000

Bucks tied up in this harley davidson dyna you get the idea though these things aren’t necessarily cheap and then let’s talk performance now performance if you stack it up you know compared to your comparable v-twin they’re about sub-par if you look at your performance v-twins like your suzuki boulevard m109r vtx 1800 yamaha roadstar warrior 1700 some of the

Victories if you stack it up to those some of the competition starts to edge it out a little bit again going to the expense side of things you can get these things built you know get stage one two three upgrades or whatever just do a screaming eagle all that upgraded cams but again you’re just dumping more and more money into it if you’re just looking for speed

And performance there’s a lot of other way more inexpensive options to go with but the number one thing here’s the number one thing that i i would almost say i hate about the dyna and that is the dyna notorious speed wobble that’s right the speed wobble and i have experienced it i don’t know all the like ins and outs of it i do know that’s legit but the way

The frame is on these and the way the engines mounted to the rear swing arm or something like that basically if you’re hitting corners and going real crazy fast then the bike starts to kind of sway like so almost like you’re doing the hula dance you know and it happened to me on the most expensive dine i ever purchased the lowrider s i was on my way back from

Austin where i flew out to purchase the bike and i’m hitting the corner going super fast like two miles away from my house almost almost home after riding over a thousand miles in under 24 hours and i started to get that little speed wobble dude and it freaked me out man freaked me out and it’s a known issue with the dynas and people will dump a ton of money into

Resolving it or getting it fixed they’ll do upgrade a motor mount so they’ll do a steering stabilizer i knew a dude who went all the way to utah from like texas to get the dyna laser you know get the engine like laser aligned or something wild like that and i think after that he said it still had the speed wobble i could be mistaken but the takeaway is you can

Dump a ton of money into these and still have a motorcycle that has a freaking speed slash death wobble dude and the fact that harley knows about that and just never you know upgraded the engineering or whatever to resolve it it kind of baffles my mind a little bit and that’s the one thing about the dynas that you know is still a big hang up now i don’t have

A dinah for doing canyon carving or going fast or any of that that’s not why i bought it and so for me that just doesn’t really matter you know i’m over that but all that being said these bikes like i said are still one of my absolute favorite motorcycles and they just you know they got a great subculture they’re really fun and you know to each their own man

It’s kind of like a hot rod i like it but there you have it you guys i think those are the main points the main points on this bike so depending on why you’re buying a motorcycle the dyna just may not be the best bike for you and if you do decide the dyna is the best bike for you just know that you’re probably gonna dump a lot of money into upgrades and there

Is a potential that your bike will have that dyna death wobble and there may not be a resolution man there may not be a fix for it despite all the money put into it and man did i mention this is like the hardest bike the hardest bike to get up on one wheel okay probably not the hardest bike but boy is it tough to wheelie on this thing but let’s be honest that’s

Gonna apply to like what one percent of the riders out there no not the one presenters i mean one percent of the riders so all right enough of that i said i would go over how much i paid for this motorcycle because i paid an embarrassingly large amount of money the bike cost me now nine thousand dollars that’s for a 2000 dyna fxdx that’s 20 a 20 year old

Motorcycle that’s a 20 year old motorcycle with 52 000 miles on it that is absolutely even saying it out loud absurd to me bro it’s absurd after that i went and i dumped another 2 500 in it just to get some extra crash protection and a few bits and pieces i needed to have it set up for the writing that i like to do see i i wasn’t joking when i said this is not a

Uh you know it’s an expensive hobby man it could definitely be an expensive hobby are you guys john’s motor garage that’s going to do it that’s what i think sucks about this bike obviously this spike is not for everybody no bike is for everybody every bike has its target audience right but um but yeah as a fan of the dyna those are things i don’t like about it

Like and subscribe if you guys dig the content i want to see if we can get a thousand likes on this video see if that helps boost up you know things with the youtube i appreciate the support you guys let me know below what do you hate about the harley dyna and or would you buy one yourself we’ll catch you guys on the next one adios

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