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How the Harley Davidson Iron 883 Became My Starter/Beginner Bike

How the Harley Davidson Iron 883 Became My Starter/Beginner Bike

Morning everyone joe here also known as simple man out for a sunday morning drive right and let it take you along and talk today about i ended up with the sportster iron 883 as my starter bike i am a beginner rider so needless to say safety is more important than talking according the video right now he would say who leave the audio quality i’m not sure if that’s

More the helmet or the gauntlet fairing that i recently added onto the bike i noticed that the wind always got more on my helmet after i over the place after i installed the talking in any event about the iron 883 so about may of last year i took the cms corniest version of the msf class cycles i was dreaming about low rider for softails limbs but the more i

Thought about it the more i thought that a sportster would be more practical as a beginner motorcycle some people think even smaller motorcycle would be appropriate but i didn’t you know i wanted something that would last me a little bit as you know driven clutch you know when he was a teenager i wasn’t afraid of the clutch so much and the issue that i need to

Be concerned about really is the sure enough sink he’s tried to be safe writer somebody who’s gonna take a lot of risks having said that i reached the conclusion i wanted to get a sportster and i saw a sportster 48 on sale at the local harley dealer and i went over there and i took a look at that and started talking about it you know it had some blemishes i

Wasn’t too thrilled about but i was still considering purchasing that bike but i wasn’t thrilled with the monthly payment or a used bike and come to find out or just a few dollars more a month i could have a brand-new ironing 883 with the 32 year warranty so that seemed like the way to go for me so i went ahead and bought the iron 883 and it’s been a great bike for

Me so far i have about 2,000 models of experience there’s some things i need to work on you know specifically slow speed turns and low speed maneuvers and and i’d like to work on cornering and all of you know lots of things previously i’d like to become a better overall rider so i’m looking at taking the unity of course your foot for too long wants to scar ruin a

Virus all this for somewhere down go down to southern california right out to you and but i sure would like to have some one-on-one instruction you know while i can practice the things in the parking lot i really feel like i’ve benefited from some employers from somebody who has a lot more experience so that’s something i’d like to consider in the future so as

For this quality oh no the audio i apologize if it’s a little bit noisy now and perfect video quality as well right now i just have an iphone with a headset that’s stuff tucked into my helmet and i hopefully the quality we’ll be decent you know we’ll find out it is what it is i do have an audio recorder on order that should be in but i need you you need to get

And the microphone so there it is like to take you along through my learning journey and see how things go if you liked this video please hit the like button share it so other people can view it and please subscribe and hit the bell icon so you’ll be notified when i upload new content that’s it for now ride safe out there and keep it simple

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How the Harley Davidson Iron 883 Became My Starter/Beginner Bike By Simpleman