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How To Adjust Suspension Harley Davidson Fat Bob 114

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Hello! hello! and welcome to themillylife. my name  is danielle. i am the owner of themillylife and   much for tuning in today! if you have not yet   subscribed, please make sure to click on that red  subscribe button in the bottom right hand corner   of your screen so you do not miss out! i post new  motorcycle videos every thursday

And new exercise   videos every friday. so hit that subscribe button  so that you are in the know, you’re in the loop!   please join the community at all the social medias.  it’s themillylife, all one word. check us out!   i own a 2019 harley davidson fat bob and the  way you change the suspension on this particular  

Bike is with the monoshock. it ranges from the  number zero to five. zero being more relaxed   weigh 140 pounds and i ride with my suspension   at a zero. the heavier you are, the more passengers  you have, the more luggage you have, or combination   of a passenger and luggage…this is going to  change. if you missed my last video

On how to ride   adjusting the suspension prior to riding.   you can check that out there (link in description). it’s got all the good details there. so today we’re going to go over the   different settings, how to change this, and then  give some examples. so suspension setting on zero,   is going to be you. alright. we’re

At zero.   we’re going to take it up to 0.5. i’m going to turn  this guy to the right. okay we’re gonna go halfway   motorcyclists that are between 200 and 239 pounds.   so turning this to the right, is going to increase  turning it to the left, is going to decrease.   lefty loosey, same thing with the suspension.  

I’m turning it to the right. alright. this   is for my riders that weigh 240 pounds to 259  this is for all my riders out there that weigh  between 260 and 280 pounds. so you’ve got zero   for your riders ranging between 90 to 200 pounds. you’ve got 0.5 for your riders ranging between   200 and 239 pounds. you’ve got 1.0 for my

Riders  ranging between 240 to 259 pounds and you’ve got   where did i find this information? i’ll put the  suspension chart up here, but i’ll provide the   link below to harley’s website. all you have to  do is enter the vin number for your bike and   go to the before you ride setting and then you’re  going to see the monoshock

Option there and it’ll   give you a chart based on which softtail you have.  which version of the soft tail you have. so check   that out. i’ll also put it up here. let’s talk about  some examples. let’s say i wanted to take matteo   for a ride. matteo is my son. he’s three years old.  no, i do not take him out on the road, but he

Does   love sitting on the bikes. as you saw in my last  video, he loves revving the throttle. he has a dirt   bike, loves motorcycles, loves going fast. just a  wild child. period. so if i took matteo on the bike,   iweigh 140 pounds, matteo weighs 39 pounds. so we’ve got  my 140, and if you look at that chart it goes up  

To 160. so we’re going to do some math there, but  then we’re going to take his additional weight.   okay and we’re going to still be at 0 for our  to the left all the way back down to  zero. there it goes. fantastic! (bird’s chirping)birds are flying into nests up there. okay. let’s  say, i’m taking matt for another ride. okay. if  

A passenger, it was my first live experience   enough to volunteer and it was definitely a   learning experience. go check that out!! you’re not  going to want to miss that. so i weigh 140 pounds,   matt weighs 180. a total of 320 pounds on the bike.  looking at that suspension chart, we would be at a   you are tightening a

Spring/a coil  as you start getting closer and  closer to that five. alright. so there we go. we’re at three and a half for  me weighing 140, my passenger weighing 180, total   weight of 320 pounds, three and a half here. i’ll  provide that link below that helps you calculate   where your suspension should be based on how much 

You weigh and based on how much your passenger or   because of how you carry the weight. right?   when you have a passenger, when you have cargo.   okay. so these are important things to consider  and adjust. one of the coolest features about the   fat bob. i hope you guys enjoyed that! if you have  any questions or have

Any additional information   what bike you’re rocking, and how long you’ve  been riding. if you’re just here because you love   motorcycles, but don’t own one yet, i still want  to hear from you! yeah, but i’m going to take her   back down to zero because it’s gonna feel really  alright guys thank you so, so much  this is

Themillylife and until next  time, i’ll see you guys real soon! bye!

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How To Adjust Suspension Harley Davidson Fat Bob 114 By theMillyLife