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How to get to the fuse panel on a Harley Davidson Electra Glide Motorcycle

If you have been injured in a motorcycle anywhere in California call 800-816-1529, or go to . This video shows how to get to and open your fuse panel on your Harley Davidson Electra Glide Motorcycle. It also shows how to take off your hard saddlebags, how to remove your seat, and how to put your seat back on, your saddlebags back on, and your fuse panel back on. This is a video produced by California Motorcycle Accident Lawyer and Biker Attorney Norman Gregory Fernandez, a premier motorcycle accident lawyer, and the creator of the Biker Law Blog.

Welcome my name is attorney whirring gregory fernandes i’m also known as the biker blare you could read my blog at biker loblaw calm bi k er l aw bl o ge today we’re going to discuss how to get to your fuse panel on a harley davidson electric black motorcycle okay i’m gonna show you i’m going to show you how to take off the part saddlebag and so basically here’s

My bike and all her glory and here’s the hard saddlebag i’m just gonna take off one side just to show you how to do it it’s really simple and you’d be surprised how many guys get these motorcycles and have no clue take up the repairs so hard saddlebag it’s something you got to do so the first thing is we’d open the latch and then i have some stuff in there i always

Keep wipes and stuff in there and you’ll see the two because it’s quieter we go to track i so you’ll see that the two little screw latches here basically there what the what there is locking latches so basically we just twist put your hand here to hold the bag because if you don’t have the guard like i have right here to hold the bag in it will fall off and then

Twist it and pull off i just keep them inside so i don’t loosen the screw there’s a screw with the big washer i keep those in the bag so i don’t lose them so basically what we do is just lift straight up and pull it out now i have gardens you know actually settle back guards around some guys don’t have it they just have to settle back and you’ll see themselves on

The floor we keep it on a carpeted surface because you’re painting you know there’s paint on the bottom you want to scratch the paint so this is the rail right here that the saddle bag sits on and then below that as the pipe now it’s it’s best when you want to clean your bike to take these bags off obviously that way you can get to the wheel the pipe and so forth

If you’re lazy like me you may not do it so that’s how you take the bag off what we’re gonna do right now is we’re going to take the seat off of my bike so i can show you how to take a seat on underneath the seat is actually the battery on an electric light ultra classic there’s actually an electronic module on top of the battery now you can see that i have this

Custom heat shield you know the stock part of these have to have the plastic or fiberglass heat shield here i’ve added what looks like a saddle on to just help dissipate the heat unfortunately it still gets really hot this particular i have a no weight fl hct ui which is basically the first year i think they came out with a 96 cubic inch and it’s got that definite

Heat issues compared to the 88 cubic inch bikes of old even the 88 cubic inch bikes got hot though so behind here behind this pad is a screw a retaining screw for your seat now most hardy’s have a torx screw they are i have put put a philips on mine because i don’t want to be stuck somewhere having to you know get a jump start or something like that and not having

A torque screwdriver with me so unfortunate you’re not gonna be able to see this because it’s hidden but the screws in there are ticking phillips hey son why loosen it now what i’d like to do is get just got loose enough to where you can use your finger because otherwise it will fall on the ground and watch since i’m demonstrating okay you know it’s always when

You want to demonstrate something that it will fall fall to the ground so i’ll unscrew this screw you’re gonna be careful because if you if you don’t get the screw you’re gonna actually scratch the hell of your pain in the back now this one it also has a locking washer on it too so that’s the screw right there for the see so the secret to this i’m gonna go to the

Other side is there’s a latch underneath here that latches on underneath so to get the seat off you lift the back and slide it back here and then it comes straight off and that’s how you take the seat off they already gave us an electric body make sure you don’t lose the screw make sure you put it somewhere we remember us out okay now that we got the seat off we

Want to get to the battery and the fuse panel so i’m going to take my tripod and lower it here okay now that we’ve got the seat off you want to get to the fuse panel and the fuse panel is behind the left cover now a lot of people think the lesson of the bike is from the front no it’s from you where you’re sitting on it okay so i have a shamrock heat shield no to

Get to like cover it’s more difficult than other people’s covered if you most people don’t have all the stuff i have on my bike so you know usually you can just get right to this thing if you don’t have the saddlebag protector or the heat shield you can just get right to the cover and it comes right off but i’m going to show you how to get to the fuse panel here

Right now first thing is you see i have the battery tender connector here that so i can plug in my trickle charger so i’m going to put that to the side i’m going to take my heat shield off go to the side this is the bottom part connects with the the electronic module here i am not going to you know put that on anything because it might be corrosive but here’s the

Electronic module on my model harley it’s the the ultra classic underneath here’s the battery if you want to get to the battery you take this off and the batteries underneath it’s kind of a hassle on this bike so as you can see on my bike i have this fancy bag here that it’s a storage bag okay so just for me to get to the side come right on up and button the bottom

To get out of the way so now i can have access to the side cover now get to the fuse panel it’s real simple we just pull cover off like so as you can see you’ve got these bearings here that they plug into rubber pieces here and that’s how it connects onto the pipe it’s a painted piece all right so to get to the fuse panel now they’re gonna zoom in so you can see

What i’m hearing you simply take your hand and squeeze lift up from the bottom and boom there’s your community fuse panel now you can see here they’ve got what what each fuse is for on here but you can also go online and you can buy the service manual a pdf service manual and it’ll show you the fuses so let me zoom in and show you the fuses real quick you’ve got

15 amperes you got 20 out of 120 out you got the 14 out main fuse and so forth so there’s a couple spares that are here i actually use one of the fuses because i actually use i’m spoiling my piece in this little bag by the way i got i just went bots up these are the mini uses so they’re they’re two prong meets fuses any auto parts store and since they got the cover

Off right now which i’ve been doing to do so since i use my picking up skirt before i’m gonna take a 15 ampere out you know it says since each of the meetings you look and see that should have a coverage on there so it’s the blue ones here they’re a little different than the ones hardy hasn’t in there but so this is the spare socket here i just remember where it

Is because i just took the damn thing out before that’s what the spares are so as you can see these are just the mini fuses you got you got the 15 amperes of the blue 20 amp this is 30 here’s the main 40 amp fuse by the way right here the one all the way the right they say any time you work on electrical on the harmony you should pull this 40 amp are out of course

I’m a thrill-seeker i never do it so let’s do now so to put everything back in like i said i stole my fuses in this bag that i have here i also have a spare set of sunglasses to their so it’s the exact opposite of what we just did so we’re gonna put the fuse panel the fuse box back on now you don’t wanna go to backwards because then we won’t go on to hang the top

First squeeze and then will allow you squeeze the bottom of the goose goes right back on real simple so now that we got the fuse panel cover back on at least on my body the cover is real simple you don’t want to do this when the engines hot by the way you could you’ve gotta have to be gonna be very careful called pipes right here and that damn thing gets real hot

And it can potentially damage the side cover if it’s too hot so you line up the grommets you just push it back on ik like this this is my battery tender cable and i just keep this in the side but right now it’s like everything back in so at least for me the next thing i’m gonna do now is take my heat shield this particular heat shield is made by shamrock and it’s

Very rare i’ve never seen any we also the heat show like this but i think it’s really not another way of bucks nice okay looks up like buttons and it’s really nice to have extra storage i mean forget a bagger right i’ve had a bagger now for about eight years yeah i’ll tell you what you get to a certain age and it’s just much more comfortable whenever i’m with my

Brother’s sometimes i wish i had a bar hopper but you know i go so now we’re gonna put the seat they seat back on and now the seat is real interesting i usually do it from the right side moment on the left side this is demonstrate so with respect to the seed there’s a secret to it here because otherwise if you don’t do it right it ain’t gonna go back on so you have

To get the prep the slash part underneath the latch in the front and you can fill with this last because it doesn’t come up in the front now the interesting thing is to get this all the way forward see how it just slip forward and now now the screw will be lined up in the back and so now i’m gonna have tighten the screw make sure the screw driver is on the screw

And not the paint see this screwdriver is actually probably a little too big for the task but and again this one this doesn’t have to be too tight either because you know oftentimes you’ll be wrong and you’re gonna need to get your seed off for some reason so the seats back on now so now it’s time to put the saddle bag back on so you see the exact opposite look

The settle down you can’t see you know i’m lifting it bring it over you place it on the bell like some i’ve got a battery tender cable here i’m going to move this out of the way okay so because i’ve got the saddlebag protector the settle bank guards i can kind of lit up to hang there and it won’t go anywhere take your first screw stick it in the washer line up the

Holes if you look inside the bed you can see the hole i’m at an age now where i definitely need glasses okay and you twist it until it locks take the second one same thing twist it till it locks for me i take my battery tender cable i put it behind the latch close it up and our bike is buttoned up and ready to rock and roll that’s how you get to the fuse panel on

The harley-davidson electra glide yeah my name is biker lawyer norman greg reefer madness and i ride just like you if you want to follow me go to my blog it’s called a biker a log blog you can google it or you go to wwe car loblaw comm bi ke r l aw bl o g calm and if god forbid you’ve been in a motorcycle accident anywhere in california called me at eight hundred

Eight one six one five two nine eight hundred eight one six one five two nine news extension wide now i’m like all these other posers that are advertising all over the motorcycle rallies and biker rags i actually handle my own cases i don’t farm my cases off to attorneys who paid me money i actually handle the cases i’m not some poser on the real deal and single

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How to get to the fuse panel on a Harley Davidson Electra Glide Motorcycle By Norman Gregory Fernandez