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Hunting Harleys 1926 Factory racer, the Peashooter

One of 4 known to exist, ultra rare. This machine is FOR SALE. Contact me at [email protected] or call / text / whatsapp 661 904 8512

Hey guys i’m about to show you one of harley davidson’s most special unobtainable you’re never going to find it ever razors i know four of these that exist real ones this is one of the four back in the day a gentleman by the name of marion dietrich by pronouncing that right it’s d-i-e-d-r-i-c-k-s he was a harley dealer in the 20s 30s and 40s very successful

Racer got himself a nice mansion up in the seattle area he had well over 200 bikes when his the state auction came up in the early 70s now i know about this because i was friends with bud eakins and he told me about all the special stuff that came out of there this is how i found out about my limiteds and who had them it was all from bud this particular bike bill

Mead bought and he restored it back in the day now dietrich’s auction was somewhere around 70 to 73. you got to remember a brand new harley-davidson at the time was about 1200 bucks our money was not watered down as much as it is today and so all these implosions we’ve had and successful wars and all the money printing and all that so things were a lot cheaper

So what this particular bike went for at the time i don’t know but this i do know for a fact a buddy of mine by the name of blaine bought the most expensive motorcycle there the only complete civilian non-racer cyclone known to exist 100 from the factory the only one and he paid 1200 and everybody had a cow because that was three times the money over any thing

Else everything else was three to five hundred bucks no matter what it was my limiteds went for there was three of them there and one of them was new old stock and it went for 300 bucks a piece including one of the ones that i owned cracked down so i trust me i i quizzed blood real extensively on what and who and where when who bought because i wanted all that

Cool stuff and where did it go so i i soaked it up like a big sponge i had a crystal sharp photographic memory back then i was a young man so that brings us back into this particular bike it was restored 30 years ago this is an absolutely authentic as it gets factory harley racer has just been restored this is what’s called a p-shape it has the overhead valve

Short little exhaust but man i can’t even tell you how much i would love to be a young guy riding this cool bike in a race that would be such a i’m getting that vibe just looking at this machine a good friend of mine was nice enough because we’re moving to all this machine here so we can bring this video to you because i don’t have time to go to him so uh can

I show the numbers on this okay we got clear up on the numbers so we have a title so we’re going to go over it now you’re going to find out what real racer numbers look like let me get up close yeah don’t hit that right we’re gonna get up close here this is an alcohol racing carb racing mag this is all one-off racing stuff this is not your civilian motorcycle at

All there’s a whole lot of these that somebody found a spare carb and a racing head a recaster racing head and did a number job on a single it made it look like this one was sold at me comes for 40 000 a fake this last me comes the same me comes i sold greeny at and the gentleman who bought that fake is very interested in this bike it is for sale so if you want

An unobtainable motorcycle this is the cheapest of the four the other two are in a huge collection that ain’t fair focking sale the other one is 25 000 more than this one at least so it’s uh i don’t want to sell it price this is i’m going to sell it price so if you want it put up or shut up man don’t even hesitate look at all this cool stuff in the cutout

Switch and everything so here we go and it’s even got the harley plug in it and those see the little fonts on the side the little fonts are crucial the little fonts are crucial the little fonts are crucial that tells you the racing department built this motor you understand no fonts no racing department special that was to each racing motor man had their own

Fonts that way they could trace it back to who it up when it blew up on the racer’s head and fix it or re-fire your dumb ass look at that cool font on the neck man wow this is all special special ultra you’ll never ever see it again unless you get into one of these other collections the other racer it’s restored as a white one it’s in a giant collection which

You probably never even get permission to go to the other two are just not for sale they’re in a giant collection on the eastern seaboard of over 400 bikes so there it is it is for sale it is not cheap you will never ever have a chance to own another one of these special bikes so if you are interested call me six six one nine zero four eight five one two six six

One nine zero four eight five one two six six one nine zero four eight five one two i do accept international calls i am on whatsapp we can facetime whatever you want to do you can send me a text or you can email me at huntingharleys huntingharleys huntingharleys love to talk to everybody but please don’t waste my time with idol

Chit chat i’m real busy we’re moving see you guys soon be safe with that covered it’s going to get really nasty bye bye

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Hunting Harleys 1926 Factory racer, the Peashooter By HuntingHarleys