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I rode the CHEAPEST HARLEY I could find for sale

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What’s up weirdo she tree surgeon here i’m up here at burt’s harley-davidson and we’re doing a little bit of a different video today a lot of times when i come up here to burt’s i am test-riding rare bikes cbo’s some bikes that they put big bore kits in that make absolutely ridiculous horsepower basically i’m riding around bikes that i couldn’t afford and most of

You guys couldn’t afford either today we’re doing something different that’s not what we’re doing today we’re looking at bikes that are incredibly affordable and i like making videos like that because i like to ride around realistic bikes too because that’s what you guys are looking for so my man gunner called me up and the move burt’s has a bunch of stock left

Over and basically what’s sitting behind me our mechanic specials which basically means these are bikes that they were going to fix up in their service department but since they have so much stock right now they’re basically just not putting a dollar into them and let them go for what they got in them so one of the reasons i like to do videos like this is to show

People that motorcycles are attainable even harley davidsons like e-everyone just kind of used harley-davidson as this unattainable item like i could never afford hourly davidson guess what you can so i’m gonna go over these bikes a little bit but i already have the two picked out that i think are the best deal sitting out here and those are the two that i’m gonna

Test ride today like i said they got everything and usually at a harley dealership the bikes are clean and spotless don’t have a speck of dust on them these things have not been cleaned there’s a reason for that the whole idea behind these is that they’re not putting another dollar into them so the two that caught my eye are sitting right next to each other right

Here this sportster and this glide now this thing they said has 65 thousand miles on it and it is eighty nine hundred dollars that’s a 2014 with the tour pack with apes with all the width you know the infotainment center and all this stuff on the bike all the bells and whistles $8,900 i’m sure when this bike was brand new this thing was had to have been thirty

Grand like this to me this is insane and no eighty nine hundred dollars isn’t free it’s not incredibly cheap but for that bike that’s nothing i don’t care if it has 65 thousand miles on it you see those bikes with well over a hundred thousand miles on them 115,000 miles on all the time and here’s what i always say about harley-davidson is their heirloom engine so

The whole thing is is if you put 150 thousand miles on it and you want to rebuild the engine and continue riding this bike around you can so yeah a full-dress harley for eighty nine hundred dollars compared to what would a brand-new one of these like i said 30 g’s plus half have to be thirty grand plus i’m gonna write around and see how it rides you see if it’s a

Total turd bucket i’ll be honest so the other one that really caught my eye is this sportster right here this is a 2007 1200 sportster for two thousand dollars now when you talk about affordable when you talk about an affordable motorcycle that’s not just affordable for a harley that’s affordable for any motorcycle two grand for your first bike or even two grand

For a project bike or if you want to build a chopper if you want to build a flat track or a cafe racer hell if you just want to spend $2,000 to have a sportster to ride around this is what i say this is why i like to make these videos they’re not trying to sell these bikes for burch look at the prices these bikes will sell i don’t have to help them sell these bikes

Their prices are low they’ll sell them themselves basically all i want to do is show my audience that it’s attainable to get on two wheels you can get a bike and you can get the bike you want for the price that you want to pay trust me now that sportster does have 49,000 miles on it so it’s not exactly a low mileage bike but you see them with more you can put more

On it you can or you can rebuild it or you just for two grand right the damn thing around till it dies and then rebuild it like it’s like who cares you can put an entirely new piston and top-end kit and a 1200 sportster for i would say probably under $1500 if you’re willing to do the work yourself i will tell you i’ve been wanting a sportster to build i would love

To make like a like a flat track or sportster personally i’m very tempted by this motorcycle i just do not have room for any more motorcycles right now but that is a hell of a deal once again i haven’t ridden it yet so i might be talking about my ass i might throw a leg over that thing and go holy crap it’s a piece of but there’s only one way to find out so i’m

Gonna grab my helmet ride these things around and see what they’re made of i’m gonna go ahead and test the sportster first because even though i think that is an absolutely smoking deal the sportster would be the bike that i would actually be interested in so i don’t want to throw a leg over this thing and see what is what does two grand get you well two grand it

Runs you’re already winning there it runs and rides for two geez dang dude out of town i should buy this thing as soon as i get it i’m like two grand i get i have $2,000 i will be honest with you it does not feel like there is anything wrong with it the motorcycle at all it feels perfectly fine of course maybe it’ll blow up two miles down the road but you never

Know like i said though when it comes to rebuilding stuff cuz like yeah 49,000 miles i guess that’s a lot for a sportster i don’t know i you definitely see him go farther than that this is a ripper dude you see with more miles than that but i mean it is it’s on the high side for a sportster but again you could just ride this thing till it dies man it’s not like you

Got a got to rebuild it right out of the gate it’s something you have to buy the thing and go like oh man i immediately have to rebuild this because i bought it for $2,000 no dude these rip this thing till it gives up the ghost man dude this is a hell of a deal for any motorcycle let alone let alone a sportster and you get the big tank on it too i would say i’m

Telling you this would be a great first bike for somebody a really great first motorcycle for an adult because let me tell you yeah the sportster is not the fastest motorcycle in the world even the 1200 but this is still makes really good power so if you’re a grown-up this would definitely be an awesome first bike for you and for 2 grand run it into the ground

Who gives a but i when i look at it what i think is this would be an awesome start to a project this would be an awesome fine for like oh i’m gonna build a chopper out of this or i will say a cafe racer flat track or something like this this would be the perfect place to start because it’s a it’s a running motorcycle you have a running motorcycle for $2,000 it

Runs it stops it starts man ha come on it’s always reminded every time you jump on a sportster with pipes on it you’re just like oh yeah that’s right sportsters are fun man sports are fun motorcycles i would buy this bike and i’m not going to use somebody else somebody else bought this bike and they ship so just like the ride factory so somebody bought that triumph

You remember the video i did on the triumph somebody did buy it that was a hell of a deal to 2,200 bucks for that drive 2,000 bucks for this 1995 baby and they ship worldwide if this is what you’re looking for calm up soon because this one this one ain’t gonna last not a running 1200 sportster for $2000 2007 – it’s not a running 1989 sportster for $2,000 alright

Let’s put this thing away i don’t want to get too excited i am taking it ain’t take anything home today but let’s go ahead and see what that dresser is like complete opposite under the spectrum and yeah it’s a little bit more expensive eighty nine hundred bucks but still for what it is dude that’s nothing that is nothing and if you know how much those motorcycles

Cost you’ll agree with me that’s so tempting i do i want a sportster i’ve been wanting a sportster just not ready for a sportster right now i feel like i feel like this will never come in anyway anyway let me get the hell off this thing come on man ultra classic or ultra limited yeah ultra limited full super pack all the bells and whistles with the lowers on it

This bike looks like it’s ready to ride across the goddamn country now let’s see how true that is $8,900 just like i said it’s got some miles on sixty-eight thousand miles it ain’t brand new radio works yeah there we go i mean that sounded like it started up just fine to me mute i said personally i do prefer prefer the fixed fairing of the road glide but oh man

I always forget how freaking comfortable these things are man i did it i did a like seven days in california on a road glide and i really even though it made a video talking about it i actually really fell in love with that bike i really loved it and just sitting in the seat i’m just like oh yeah that’s right that’s why people love these things let’s see what

Eighty nine hundred bucks gets you oh eighty nine hundred bucks gets you a running riding ass motorcycle definitely feeling a little sluggish after jumping off that 1200 sportster that’s definitely definitely a ripper compared to this one but oh boy man god it’s nice having a little bit of a little bit of back support well i do love these things you talk about a

Bike that just freakin eats miles this is where it’s at dude of course i already got a my leading bike i got the ducati multistrada but man this is this is more comfortable than it is that’s for sure that’s why i fell in love with a we’re in california just ridin hundreds of miles a day it was just so nice to do it huddled in the lap of luxury with your ass

Swaddled by this big old leather seat not bad dude not bad at all dude eighty nine hundred bucks man for all this you got all this going on for eighty nine hundred this is why i wanted to ride these two bikes so wildly different motorcycles for wildly different prices but you can’t expect a big touring bike with a tour pack and a fairing and radio and all this

Stuff to be two thousand dollars it’s gonna be more expensive but both these wildly different styles of bike are incredibly affordable so nine grand for this one two grand for the sportster you have bare-bones stripped-down sporty and you have all the bells and whistles at both at prices that that you can you can do it you could do this if you’re like man road

Glide that’s the bike for me you got to have it here you go dude it’s possible you don’t have to pay a premium for them and that’s why you know even though it’s fun to go up to harley davidson dealerships and ride the most expensive bikes they have and cvos and super fast high horsepower custom builds man sometimes i just want to ride these and show you guys who

Watch my channel that dude you don’t have to be rich you don’t have to be rich to get into this man moobs all right it’s never gonna win any races but that ain’t why people buy them buy him to eat miles dude and let me tell you it does it very very well i know that personally from experience like i’ve never owned a sportster i’ve never owned one of these but i

Said i did a few thousand miles in california on one of these guys on the road glide with the frame-mounted fairing and everything it promised to be trust me anyway i could ride this thing around even longer because i don’t feel like i’m in any danger of buying it it’s not really it’s not what i would buy i’m not interested in this motorcycle i just wanted to show

It because i think i think and of everything that was sitting there this and the sportster were the best deals and for somebody this would be a very tempting motorcycle just not for me but i am gonna go ahead and park it because i have even more videos to film today i hope you guys enjoyed this i do like to do this every once in a while just to show everybody that

Motorcycling is an attainable goal you don’t have to be rich to do it you don’t have to have a lot of money you can have affordable transportation in a motorcycle affordable cool awesome transportation and i don’t know man i just like to see that i don’t like keeping in the motorcycle world every every person every ass that gets put in a seat every ass that gets put

On a motorcycle is one more of us and one less of them and i will tell you i like to see that the more motorcycles we have out there the better things will be for all of us and so if you’re interested in either one of these bikes go ahead and get bert’s a call tell them old sheet tree surgeon sent you and they’ll hook it up and like i said they do ship worldwide

So you get these motorcycles sent anywhere or if you’re local here in st. pete or tampa just show up and ask about or give them a call and if you do end up buying one of these it hit me up on instagram and let me know i’d love to i’d love to follow the journey of these motorcycles i’m trying to do the same thing with that triumph that end up getting sold went to

A guy in canada by the way very cool and both good deals in mono i mean obviously something more could go wrong with him but i just rode him around they seem fine to me anyway next time y’all keep it weird

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I rode the CHEAPEST HARLEY I could find for sale By shadetree surgeon