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Icons Collection | Harley-Davidson

Introducing the Icons Collection – An extraordinary series of motorcycles inspired by some of our most recognizable and sought-after models. Each Icon in the collection will celebrate H-D’s signature colors, designs and parts — along with the latest technology.

Every time i walk through the museum you see almost 120 uninterrupted years of very very iconic moments from our past it’s nice to have these motorcycles that are time capsules that take you right back to a moment we absolutely saw that as a reason to bring the icons collection to life icons was born out of the fact that we have something that’s really special

That’s kind of been a part of this company’s history for 118 years we thought you know wow this would be really cool we could do a real small batch limited edition serialized every now and then just go back to the archives pick the next one so electric glide revival is the first bike of the icons collection because of the small batch nature of the concept with

The icons collection it allows us to really hone in on a theme and do some really cool things and so that’s exactly what we plan to do with future models we have some incredibly fun stuff cooking in the icons collection so i think people are going to be really excited about this electric glide revival is going right back to the roots of what made you know harlow

Davidson grand american touring so special and so unique it instantly looks like one of those bikes from the late 60s and early 70s it’s kind of this you know past to present present to future leading into craftsmanship is really important with this bike we have this amazing capability through our designers through our manufacturing facilities and creating

These very special and unique motorcycles that will start to have a special place in this generation of customers lives there’s that lineage back to the very first folks in the paint shop at juno avenue who are applying paint and the techniques that they used are influencing the way that we create motorcycles today there’s still a sort of a hands-on human

Approach with the way that we apply our paint and graphics to the motorcycles one of the things that the tomahawk operations we pride into is craftsmanship the electric light in 1969 so those components bodywork on that made it at this facility fast forward now we’re building parts for the revival bite taking on something that’s custom colors that’s something

That we really do well the tank probably on the surface may look easy that is not an easy color combination because of the masking that’s required and that finish that we’ve put to replicate its predecessor took a lot of time and effort i think you can look for us to continue to lean into 118 years of amazing history and for us to kind of look through that and

Figure out where is the next magical opportunity for us to bring something into present day and just show something that people would have never imagined coming back but with a whole different view on what it means in present-day technology and ultimately writing the past into the future foreign

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