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Is the Harley Electra Glide Ultra Classic good for Camping?

Why a touring motorcycle for camping?

Are you one of those many people who like to go on a road trip especially on motorcycles we need all these things to go on our long-awaited camping trip can the harley-davidson electroglide ultra classic fit all this you can easily put all the items in the harley suitcases that are custom fit for the saddlebags smaller bikes are not able to carry the amount of

Luggage we need for this trip these suitcases will help with the unpacking too also the tour pack and hard saddle bags protects your bike from anything short of a direct impact with an suv so you get almost the same space as a car and it can be done only by the large touring bikes it’s wonderful if you don’t have any other vehicles going to your campsite to carry

Your stuff you can put everything but the kitchen sink in here neck pillows will have to do for this trip it’s getting late and i love that i can just throw all this stuff on top you can pile stuff back up here all the way to your helmet for safety i like to keep the weight to a minimum by putting lightweight items on tom the luggage rack lets me put the stuff

In there and quickly bungee it up we have everything we need we can get up in the morning and go which one would be the best fit for our trip let’s go pick out a windshield this thing is really handy during the summertime instead of the air coming across and over your helmet it can go right in through to your chest and your face to cool you off so it’s really handy

Even though this is great for riding around town it’s very cool we’re going to go a little bit longer trip this time so i would like a windshield that goes up to about right there this is the factory windshield that came with it but it was a little too tall for it this is a nice wide and it’s a tall windshield there’s a curve on it so it’s going to push a lot of air

Up and over the passenger you know both passenger and the rider and the other thing is we’re going to have a lot of airflow and with an adjustable air vent right here so it’s really nice the only thing is it’s so tall that i have to lift up to look over the windshield and i prefer to look straight over all right this is a medium-sized windshield and it’s going to

Allow us three things one we’re gonna have nice airflow around the sides above these sides and that’s going to cool us down during those hot summer months the other thing is we’re going to be able to see over right over the top of this windshield and what happens is if this gets fogged up or rain covers it we can see over it for safety and number three we’re going

To block these bugs instead of hitting on our face shield over here they’re going to hit right here on the windshield now let’s check our tires and air shocks it is important to have proper tire pressures for traction and stopping distances the tires are looking a little low let’s air it up we need to get this pressure up to 36 psi in the front and 40 in the back

This is one of the best features of the motorcycle few bikes can do this we can adjust the firmness of the suspension with just a few pumps of a little air compressor if we have a large load we simply put more air in the shocks with a few more pumps this back grass is removable and so you just squeeze it you’re out of here now it’s set up nicely for two things

Pops up anyway despite all the cars this bike is still king of the road i have a good vibe while riding this bike the design of this bike is also amazing and the sound of the engine is really good all packed up and with two riders the weight is noticeable and to be honest quite intimidating but once you get a little speed it starts to feel nimble again one of the

Great things about this bike is that it is customizable so you can make the changes according to your needs another great reason behind buying this bike is its extra comfortability and spaciousness this bike is like riding a car the adjustable air shocks provide ease on your body and it has lots of legroom and large floorboards also the highway pegs give you space

To stretch your legs on a long journey another reason i bought this bike is that it’s easy to turn but only when you’re at a good speed yes a lot of people complain that it’s hard to turn this bike they must keep in mind that this bike is made for long distances so you could avoid just riding around in the city it is a classic american motorcycle and people love

To have them for good reasons one of many is the customization this harley has the upgraded aftermarket vans and heinz exhaust system for incredible sound this has a sizable engine and there is no oil leakage as there is many complaints about oil leakage in the older models i also enjoy starting this bike with still having the keys because of the wireless key

Fob some people put the key in the tour pack and just start the bike whenever they want you can learn to do all the maneuvers the police can do with this bike with a little training and after riding the bike for a while you get to know its functions and features so you can make this bike quite agile if i compare this bike with the other bikes on the road then

This makes a great back road long range cruiser other bikes might be good for high speed but if you’re going on a long journey the first thing you look for is comfort so no second option comes to mind that’s the reason that this bike has a strong value in the market i really love riding this bike your passenger will love putting their foot down on this another

Great thing about this bike is that you don’t need a wind deflector for your hands to block the cold the bat wing blocks the air and gives room for speakers and other accessories the bat wing is good but there is a problem that you might face it creates air baffling and wind drag the heavy weight also causes high center of gravity while blocking the air during

The summer season also if you are not tall then the design of this motorcycle might make it hard for you to view and maneuver it has nice gauges but the air temp is the most useless thing ever created on this motorcycle on my other bike i replaced it and put an oil temp gauge which is actually useful this design accommodates four large loud speakers and can be

Easily upgraded it’s like riding a recliner down the freeway and you can add an elongated armrest with a cup holder for even more comfort it even fits large and extra large folk like myself it’s a powerhouse with the latest version being the 107. you can also get the cvo with a 117 monster it has a 6-speed gearbox with an indicator light for the six gear only if

It was up to me all gears should have an indicator light when you are driving on bad roads or over bridges you still get a comfortable experience the adjustable air shocks give you ease which you cannot get on all bikes this bike is great for traveling long distances but not for city parking and driving around tight spaces a few years back it was difficult to find

The spare parts for this bike in some parts of the world as it started out as an american made bike now many parts are made and assembled everywhere so it’s quite easy to find the spare parts anywhere you live camping is always great fun when you have everything you need but it is very difficult to bring the luggage with you especially when you are not in a truck

Many people prefer to go on road trips on bikes not just because it’s cheaper but because it’s fun if you already have experience camping then you might know that camping does not just require a tent but you also need a lot of stuff like food pots to cook the meal and a lot of other things no average bike has the capacity to store all this stuff like the harley

Classic and the company has been well known for its distinctive features and another great thing about this model of harley-davidson is that it is a heavyweight bike about 850 pounds and can handle heavy luggage despite having a hefty weight it is still effortless to turn this bike while you’re at high speeds a lot of people believe that the weight is cumbersome

To control but you want a comfortable and stable ride especially when you’re driving on long highways if you have an average lightweight bike then it will shake and be unsettling when large trucks pass you by also when you have a huge amount of luggage you will need a beefy model like this as we all know people go far away from the city so you would need all the

Necessities it’s a real joy to ride and look out at the scenery it is different than a car more like seeing the world for the first time nature has a way of stripping negative mental energy and removing life’s problems this bike has a removable backrest for the driver as well you can take it out for that extra connection you have to decide whether you want a

Small high-speed bike or you want a relaxed ride to make your trip a memorable one this bike can become a perfect substitute for taking a trailer or an extra vehicle nothing like a campfire let’s see if we can get this up well we had a good ride and made our campsite now we can relax and enjoy the outdoors see you next time

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Is the Harley Electra Glide Ultra Classic good for Camping? By Motorcycle Authority