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Letting my 13 year old to ride my Harley davidson. How will he do?

Nathan wanted to show me that he could really ride the Harley Davidson fat bob 114. I decided to let him try So I took him to a good spot to let him open that thing up with some room. He’ll need to take it

What’s up guys welcome back to the channel today’s video is going to be nathan really learning how to drive the harley-davidson he really had a fun time last time in our house driving up and down the driveway i was kind of nervous he’s been begging me to drive or the ride the harley-davidson 2018 fat bob 114 cubic inch so i took him out to the to the uh abandoned

Parking lot that we’ve done a lot of videos at with the rc cars dirt bikes and just different fun videos and we’re he is going to ride the harley davidson for real today so really you wouldn’t call this abandoned nobody’s building anything here they’re not they weren’t going to build a kroger here but they’re not building it anymore but not for like a while guys

Yeah maybe well now with the economy being bad i don’t think they’re going to build it for a while anyways they might not build anything over there at the great plains either we might get it right over there a couple more times so how do you feel today about getting to ride the harley-davidson fat bob it’s hot it feels good to me but i mean how do you feel like

Are you nervous or i feel good i feel like since i’ve been writing nutrition i’m not like the best at writing everybody cause like a pro like jumping and stuff but i know how to write them because i thought you told me a while ago that you’re really afraid of heights is that true or not so when you hit the big jumps it’s kind of scary i guess it’s harder for

You to hit the big jumps in and some people that aren’t afraid of heights is what i’m trying to say but as far as riding the bikes on a straightaway in turns and stuff um i think you’re pretty good you can be better so yeah for addison’s birthday we were thinking about ordering a water slide like a 27 foot water slide and um i don’t know you guys want to talk

To addison and want to ask him about why he doesn’t ride dirt bikes anymore what he’s doing with his gaming channel just check him out on stellar prime our gaming youtube channel and it’s about to hit 7 000 subscribers thank you guys so much for watching and also i just wanted to tell you guys thank you guys so much for getting us to over 400 000 subscribers we

Really appreciate it we love you guys and i can’t express how much i really appreciate you guys for that and uh that’s why i wanted to do this video for you today on nathan driving this 22 thousand dollar motorcycle right here and i really trust him he’s been riding bikes and motorcycles since he was three years old and i don’t know what it is about him but he’s

He’s really coordinated and my wife is like are you crazy you’re going to let him ride your harley davidson i said you know what i really trust the kids so here we are we’re out here today and uh just remember nathan this thing i want to explain to you guys the shifting pattern of this bike it’s a six speed so it’s one down five up okay neutral is in the middle

Of first and second just like dirt bikes like nathan’s uh yz-125 is a six-speed as well same exact shifting pattern the yz-450 is a five-speed so it’s one down four up same spot neutral and we’re going to go around here real quick this bike weighs 840 pounds guys it’s a 114 cubic inch motor i’m thinking about getting the stage 3 kit on here to to make it a 117.

There it is guys beautiful bike i put the bar saddlebags sns pipes and uh basically oh yeah and also the phone mount right there so you can listen to the radio with my helmet right here you can listen to the radio and i have a video camera on there and talk through the headset if you have another headset that that is capable dad said he was going to give me one

Of those so we can talk to you yeah yeah maybe we could do that today that would be cool man it’s so much better to be able to conversate while you’re riding a motorcycle and we can do a video of us talking and stuff cool all right well i have some advice for you nathan just be careful on the gravel sections take it slow at first okay and just get the hang of it

And have a good time man just relax and good luck here he goes guys he’s gonna ride in it practice getting neutral right well just go ahead and practice if you need to practice this is the time to practice guys hold on let me listen to this thing rev it up a couple times listen to that thing purr all right be careful don’t be revving it up like that let off the

Clutch that thing will take off it is fast no no airbags on this guys no airbags it has a saddlebag but not a airbag all right guys here he goes he’s gonna ride it for real now let’s go nathan you can do it buddy good luck nate dog do not wreck my bike please he’s trying to figure out neutral right now don’t worry about neutral we’ll get that all right you’re in

First there he goes he’s riding it guys come on nate dog it’s pretty much the same gearing as yz-125 but that bike is like eight times as heavy looking pretty smooth that’s one thing you got to worry about on that heavy bike because if you go too slow on the turn it will tip over on you downshifting good job watch out for that gravel turns are the main

Thing on that bike because if you turn too slow it’s not good here he comes there he goes downshifting guys that’s engine breaking right there you can feel it you can hear it too good job nate dawg he hasn’t wrecked it yet he’s getting on it now guys hey okay fine neutral just real gentle just tap it just tap it it’s fine just leave right now put it in

Neutral here let me do it all right just just barely tap it with your foot all right kill it real quick just the x there you go you uh start it like this you kill it turn it on like this and then start it with this and you got your hazards and all that but anyways all right looking good so now how did you feel on it i felt good you look pretty good pretty smooth

Try to turn try to turn right this time you’re always turning left try to turn right this time and if you want to open it up man you can open it up you got plenty of room i don’t know that’s what i’m always bad at is turning right i’m way better at turning just you got to practice turning every way because if you’re on the road you got to turn every direction

Guys good job nate dawg get it here he goes nate dog riding the harley davidson fat bob 114. well he still didn’t turn right is he gonna turn right there he goes there he goes there he goes that’s a good looking bike guys what do you think rate the bike from one to ten and if you had a choice to get a harley davidson what would you get nice it’s easier to find

Neutral when you’re driving you open that thing up pretty good what gear did you get it up to um i think i got it up to second second all right well how do you like it let’s see if i can just do 40 right all right get some good room make sure there’s no rocks in the way there he goes once again it’s windy out here guys i’m trying to cover the the mic up still

Haven’t had found a filter yet he loves turning left that’s the thing if you’re in a habit of only turning left on a bike you gotta practice turning right too here he comes yeah you got to practice turning right too sometimes you can’t always turn left yeah practice stopping and everything doing good there he goes that bike looks good in my opinion so back to

Uh what would you get if you had a choice to get a harley davidson any kind what would it be just post in the comments if you can there he goes free like the wind god bless america riding the steel horse nathan lyon lindsley how do you feel when you ride that thing pretty easy pretty easy pretty fun all right well uh thanks so much for watching this video we’re

Gonna film nathan riding a little bit more and thank you for getting us some 400 000 subscribers and uh please leave a like comment and subscribe to the channel for more videos to come just having a good time on that thing that harley davidson has a fatter tire on the front and um i think it’s more it’s a better ride on the road straight away but handling it’s

Not it’s not as good at low speeds but what do you guys think about the front tire what do you guys think about the fat bob just post in the comments honest opinions there he goes shifting that thing pretty smooth too once again thanks so much for watching the video what do you guys want to see in the next video we’re going to try to get on those dirt bikes next

And i got to change the oil on the 450 hopefully go to the dirt bike track tomorrow if we get a chance looking good all right open it up one time all the way to the end as fast as you can no what’d you do you did a skirt oh you uh downshifted the engine braked on it oh this thing has abs two guys so i don’t i mean i kind of like it a little bit but i’d rather

I’d rather slide i guess no abs antelope breaks hey nathan hey nathan go to the all the way to the end and see how see if you get in like third or fourth yeah so basically it has abs it doesn’t have traction control but abs is pretty good it won’t let you lock the brakes up but at the same time i don’t know if i like it that much what do you guys think about abs

I’d almost rather slide out a little bit than have no no stopping i like the feel where i can slide the tire you know what i mean here he comes here he comes woohoo there he goes free like the wind born in the usa oh i’m proud to be an american cause at least i know i’m free and i won’t forget men who die who gave those rights to me proudly stand up next to you

In the finner still today cause there ain’t no doubt i love this lane god bless the usa woo thank you so much all right nathan neutral got it all right kill it kick stand go around one more time i was seeing it singing them god bless the usa you ever you know that song god bless the usc thank you thank you very much cause there ain’t no doubt i love this lane

God bless the u.s no sing it nice all right well thank you so much for riding it what do you rate the bike from one to ten ten all right so we’re gonna go around to ride a little bit more today guys and uh go scope out some more spots to go ride dirt bikes tomorrow please 20 likes guys or more and we really love you all and once again appreciate you getting us

To four over 400 000 actually 401 000 subscribers at this point so all right until next time ride fly 50 gigawatts love you all later have a great day god bless you and your family thanks for watching guys we’ll see you in the next video you

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Letting my 13 year old to ride my Harley davidson. How will he do? By Lover Boy