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Lithium or AGM? Whats the best Harley Davidson replacement battery? When and why should you upgrade

In this video we discuss battery replacement / upgrades for your Harley Davidson. We talk about if you should upgrade, some scenarios in which you’d want to, and the products we have available to do so.

Hello i’m jay from volunteer audio and we’re going to go over the differences between agm batteries and lithium batteries do you need to upgrade your harley with one and the different scenarios in which you should or shouldn’t do so all right so i have people that call all the time and they want to know do they need to upgrade their battery and they’re normally

Asking me this question because they’re looking at upgrading their audio system so looking at one of our many packages and they’re trying to figure out which battery is the right one for their harley so i’m going to try to go over some specs with you and tell you why we would use one so in the sense of audio anytime that our voltage on our battery drops below 12

Volts we start getting into a situation where our amplifier will clip at lower volumes so if you’ve set your amp up correctly and you’ve got it where your gains are set where your amp doesn’t clip so you don’t blow up your speakers but let’s go to the scenario you’re the type of person that sits around without your bike running and you like to listen to your radio

Maybe that’s for a long period of time or maybe it’s short periods of time just to show off to your friends if you’re going to listen to it for a while and you see that battery voltage start to drop below 12 volts we get into the problem that your amp’s going to start clipping and you’re more likely to to fry your speakers but you’re also starving capacitors inside

The amplifier and you’re most likely shortening the life of the amp now volunteer audio we’re very particular about what amps we use when we build our packages and we’re always looking for very good quality but also extremely efficient amplifiers i’ll give you an example the factory boom amplifier that’s in a cvo ultra or a road glide those amplifiers pull about

30 amps of current at peak power each now some of those bikes have three of these amps in it so it’s 90 amps of current on a stage 2 boom that has 6 speakers the amp that we use the hertz hmp4d it’s 600 watts it’s actually louder than all three of those amps together once we do our install but it only pulls about 18 amps of current so i think you can gather from

This we’ve only got 50 to 70 amps of available current in our harley normally and 90 amps is just way too much that we would want to pull from a stock battery but if you’ve bought one of our very efficient kits we’ve only pulled about 18 amps which doesn’t really require any upgrade of a battery whatsoever but i want to try to go over what the benefit would be

Even in that scenario so the factory harley battery some of them are lead acid depending on the year some of them are agm but your warranty is pretty much nothing most of the time you’ve got 30 days maybe 90 days warranty on one of those batteries when you buy one of them from stinger or excess power our warranty is going to get substantially better and our cost

Is normally lower than bonnet from harley for instance our stinger is actually a three year free replacement versus the excess power agm is two year this is both of these are far superior to that factory battery warranty we’re also going to get higher cranking amps both of these are 500 cranking amps and they have a longer reserve time they’re going to go about

57 to 65 minutes in reserve time on our agms they’re going to weigh about the same as factory they’re about 25 pounds and i actually really like lithium and we’re going to get into that here in a second for the benefits over agm but back to our amplifier situation if you’ve got more reserve power and you have more amp hours you’re going to listen to it longer

Without dipping under 12 volts most of these batteries are going to rest about 12.8 volts and you’re going to get quite a bit of time before you drop under 12 which is where we don’t want to be you would use your standard charger most of you have a trickle charger for your factory battery would be the same one you would use on your agm batteries now let’s move

On to lithium and talk about the benefits and the ones we have offered now all of these batteries are on it’s very simple to get to them you just go to our motorcycle category and then select batteries and you’ll see all the available options also all of these are direct replacement they drop in right where the factory battery went i will point

Out that the stinger access terminals on the side so when you drop it in they’re a little bit more difficult to get your battery cables on this battery where the excess power on the cheaper agm version is going to have just like the factory terminals and all of our lithium versions actually have four terminals so you have the ones to hook the factory cables to and

Additional connections for all those accessories you may be adding so let’s move on to our lithium batteries this is the xv30q it is super light we’re talking about a battery that weighs under five pounds uh this battery is a factory replacement battery though this is not for that big upgraded audio system it’s about 500 cranking amps which matches the other two

But it’s only got about 10 amp hours versus 32 amp hours on an agm so this really isn’t your system long-term listening battery this is just a lightweight good battery as a replacement if you don’t have a large or upgraded audio system now let’s move into probably my favorite battery i really like the lips x30q it’s a 900 amp battery so it’s over twice or it’s

Right at twice the cranking amp of the agm but the real benefit is with any of the lithiums are they charge extremely fast they’re going to charge about five times faster than an agm battery so when you do start the bike and they’re going to start it much better because they also sit at higher voltage it’s going to recover from that much quicker that’s going to

Allow our voltage regulator to cut off the charging from the stator and you’re going to have more power and get better economy they’re also going to last somewhere between three to five times longer now you’re not going to find any of the lithium battery companies giving you this super long warranty all of these are only one year but they’re only one year because

We know what you’re going to do with them you’re probably buying lithium because you’ve put a huge audio system in it you’re pulling tons of power and you’re going to want to show off over and over killing these batteries but if you use them in normal use you’re still going to get three to five times longer life than the agm or the factory battery so even though

You’re paying more to buy a lithium normally it’s going to work out cheaper per year than buying the agm battery so the psx30q is 900 amps it’s also 39 amp hours but not 39 is much longer than what we’re getting out of our agms but even when you pull it down you’re going to very quickly charge it right back up so this is really for i think any of our upgraded

Systems up to three or four of our amplifiers they actually say that up to 3000 watts of power our normal amp is 600 watts now we do have the big bad boy here the lis 30q 1800 amps it weighs a little bit more but it’s still very manageable at probably seven or eight pounds instead of the 25 pounds of the agm we’re talking over three times the cranking amps and

Over double the amp hours at 78 amp hours 6 000 watts total now at volunteer audio we don’t build competition bikes we build rider bikes so we’re not going to ever put you in a position where we think you need this battery if you want a lot of long long play time this is your battery i mean you’re going to get hours of play time without having to start the bike

Up now we’ll go over some of the downsides to lithium if you live in extremely cold climates under 32 degrees these batteries almost don’t work so when you go out to start your bike you’re going to realize there is no power and normally what you would do is you would turn on your headlight you’d wait a few seconds and that voltage draw will actually warm up this

Battery to the point that it will start your bike but if you ride or store your bike below freezing i would not recommend a lithium battery to you i don’t think it’s a good idea and you’re going to end up probably aggravated at me for selling you one if you’re above freezing there’s really no downside to one of these batteries the two upper end batteries the lips

X30 and the lis 30q they’re going to sit about 13 and a half volts without your bike running that’s going to give you a lot more power into your amplifier and it’s also going to stay very steady at that voltage all the way down to its discharge now one thing to keep in mind is lithium batteries do not give you warning when they die they’re going to go from playing

Your system at great volume to not able to start your bike with no warning so definitely don’t don’t play it way longer than you should and then try to start the bike so like i say you’ll get two hours out of this don’t go three hours and expect it to start it’s not gonna happen uh you also need to change out your charger so we’re gonna need a lithium charger we do

Offer that on our website at also and we have some packages built where we discount the charger when you buy the battery from us so with all that being said i have another solution so we just talked about you listen to it too long and your bike won’t start i really really like this setup it’s called a power bank it’s also in our battery category

It’s from excess power but what i like about it is on a harley if you have a jump box to try to jump off your harley you have to take your seat off and try to get to those connections normally under a whole bunch of other wiring to jump off your bike yeah i know you could go to the starter and try to get a clamp on it but with a jump with one of these jump starters

You normally have one or two tries max and if you don’t get a good connection you’re going to run that charger down with or that booster down without actually starting the bike so this is the solution bolt this to your battery pull this out underneath the side panel we normally do it on the right side right where the abs module is or the abs unit and we’ll put it

Behind that cover so if your battery ever goes dead instead of removing your seat you simply slide that cover out enough to access this plug plug in your jump starter you have a great connection and you’re going to be able to start your bike up without any problems but again let’s re let’s go over this again lithium batteries are going to last you three to five

Times longer and they’re going to charge five times faster they’re also much much lighter than the factory agm battery is we’re also going to give you a much better warranty when you buy from volunteer audio then going back to the dealer and if you compare prices you’ll find out we’re always substantially less than going back to your harley dealer to buy battery

As well if you have questions please comment below send us some messages you can go to sales you can also find all these batteries at and you can call me at one eight four four thirty audio so thank you for watching please subscribe to our channel share this video with your friends and like say if something i didn’t cover and you’ve

Got a question about it throw it in the comments below later we’re gonna have sean from excesspower come back we’re gonna do a follow-up video and we’re gonna go over all your questions so thank you for watching and god bless you

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Lithium or AGM? What's the best Harley Davidson replacement battery? When and why should you upgrade By Volunteer Audio