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Maximum Comfort! Installing Highway Pegs on a 2021 Harley Davidson Road Glide Special Touring Model

Hey Guys! Welcome back to the channel. In today’s video we go over and install high-way pegs on my 2021 Harley Road Glide. This is an easy install that will add comfort and options to a long highway ride. Below I have links to the setup that I am currently running, However there are plenty of options through Harley or an aftermarket company for highway pegs!

What’s up guys welcome back to the channel it’s kyle today we’re going to be installing highway pegs on my 2021 harley-davidson road glide all right guys so i already went ahead and assembled the foot pegs onto the mounting hardware for the crash bar i went with the harley-davidson adjustable highway peg mounting kit the short angled works for two and a half

Inches forward or back whether you’re tall medium or short rider and the foot pegs i went with are the kahuna collection from harley-davidson so looking at the road glide on the lift here um you see i got the chopped engine guard which comes with the new 2021 models so with that being said i already have a pretty good idea of where i want to mount these since

I’m pretty limited here anyway i’m just going to go in the middle and split the difference that just pretty much comes with the experience with highway pegs and just kind of knowing where you want them anyway but uh this is definitely easier to do with a two-person method if you have a standard crash bar you might want to take if you’re working by yourself you

Might want to take a tape measure and measure the distance where you put your clamp and your foot peg so that way when you come to this side they’re level not that one’s higher or lower than the other but like i said this is pretty simple i don’t have much room to work with here so i’m just gonna go pretty much right in the dead center and uh another thing to

Note is this is gloss black if you just mount the clamp straight onto here it’s gonna scratch up and break up this finish so something i’m gonna do to hope hopefully prevent that is once i right before i put the clamp on i’m just going to wrap this once or twice with the electrical tape just because obviously it’s black you won’t see it and that will add for

Some protection if in the future i ever need to readjust them or take them off so we’ll get right to installing the highway pegs alrighty guys so i’m on the bike on the lift i have my dad here helping me because it’s a lot easier when you’re trying to place exactly where to put your foot in reference so my dad here is going to take the electrical tape and start

Wrapping the crash bar for protection from the clamp it’s also easier to work on get one side done first where you kind of want it and then worse comes to worst you could always measure where this one is and then you kind of know where to put it on the other one or the other side you’re just going to go ahead there and loosen up that clamp and at this point

We’re just gonna get it started so we have a foot peg on now we’re just gonna go ahead and tighten it up we have it pretty close to where i want it yes and now we are just going to play around with the foot peg here and get the foot peg angled to how i want it and then we can insert the bolt there and play in the foot peg all right guys so now with this

Tight um that was a 5 16 hex and now he’s gonna go with a six millimeter hex and insert that bolt into the footbed i got the foot peg pretty much angled to how i want it he’s just going to go ahead and snug that up a little bit and that will conclude this side just make sure when you fold your foot peg up and stuff that it doesn’t interfere with your shifter

As you see that works for me and now we can measure this side and go ahead and start on the other side thirteen and three quarters so now we have a starting point for the other side went ahead and loosened up the clamp using his 5 16th hex to get the clamp started all right so he’s once he gets that started he’s just going to make his measurements and make

Adjustments as accordingly all right so we went ahead got this side on tightened up the clamp 5 16 hex and inserted the bolt into the foot peg on with the six millimeter hex and now you’re just going to go ahead and snug that up and test this out and good to go so we got that side on and that side on that’s how you install highway pegs all right so i’ll

Show you guys just a front view of the highway pegs it’s not too bad it’s definitely a lot easier to install with uh two people it’s a little hard to kind of get them angled just how you want and uh you know set the height when you’re working by yourself i mean it’s doable but definitely makes it for a lot quicker job if you have somebody else helping you

Alrighty guys as always make sure to smash that like button comment subscribe and i’ll catch you guys on the next one peace you

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Maximum Comfort! Installing Highway Pegs on a 2021 Harley Davidson Road Glide Special Touring Model By Moto Head Kyle