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Motorcycle Goggle Face Mask…. Harley Street bob…By BOMBER #motovlog

Here I display and test for you a #facemask. #streetbob #harleydavidson as a part of my Sydney Motovlog.

Hello youtube your boy bomber here back in my garage you’ve set my fall from previous if you enjoyed that video well welcome back for another one this one’s have got my helmet and some of the changes are making or my riding options so normally on my dinah street bob what i do is i ride around with my bell bullet when i want to record something and i put the gopro on

The front here and there’s a couple of videos on that as well back in the day so have a look these days i’m riding around with the open-faced helmet and what i’ve gone and done is i’ve got one of these goggles and that goes there and i’ll give you a look at that in a sec so basically before we kick off we know we all know we’re all smart enough to understand that

There is zero absolutely zero protection in a crash or an incident of its kind with these things but that’s not what i water for it’s more just for when i want to ride around we’ve got wearing my sunglasses and hopefully like i mean it stops the wind and a bit of the cold or something but yeah with this one what i can do is i have the little gopro clips some of you

Have seen those before the little short clip and i’ve added just a little short piece in there because what happens is the guy brian needs a bit of an angle to to bill it back that slots in there just like that yeah and what a lose lighter on now i’m gonna go for a ride and i’ll show you with the gopro sitting on there what it looks like but i figured that’s kind

Of a good way to to record on it so let’s have a look too bad there’s enough room inside here what i will say is that just along there if it’s not sitting correctly and flushes the helmet it does push down on the nose breathing a little bit difficult walkers have plenty of room in there and for my hand in there yeah not a problem this is pretty good it’s not really

Pushed up against my eyes or anything so something i’m considering doing these maybe peeling that off in there on either side and actually attaching velcro so gluing some velcro to the inside by attaching the velcro to the inside then what i can do is cut the straps off and then glue velcro from there and what will louise it’ll put might permanently sit but a little

Seat attached to the front of the mar to the front of the helmet but you know what i mean and then i can easily just use it that way i mean the benefit of having this thing is muscle i do have my sunglasses on what i can do is it will fit in there as well so i’ve already tried it i can tuck it away inside that pouch or a little carry bag uh and that’s that works

So anyway we’re going to go for a ride and see what it’s like and we’ll report back yeah here we go first bicha quality is not as good handle awesome makeup sort of levels relation to the facemask yeah no good feels good positions good but still ice-cold day yeah enjoy this one well though that look at making anyway thanks for watching hope you enjoy this –

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Motorcycle Goggle Face Mask…. Harley Street bob…By BOMBER #motovlog By BOMBER