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Motorwitch Custom Road King Special | Harley-Davidson

Danny Wilson with Motorwitch originally built this custom Road King Special for the Born Free Motorcycle Show. What’s your favorite feature?

Hey my name is danny wilson aka motor witch we’re here at my shop the collective in downtown phoenix arizona i started working on bikes when i was pretty young as a kid my my grandfather rode my dad rode my mom rode as well so it’s just always been harley for me i’ve really not done anything with any other brands i decided that i wanted to be supremely good at

One thing not okay in a bunch so i’ve invested all of my time and talent into harley-davidson specifically this bike’s a 2019 road king special to be honest the roadking was just the path of least resistance i didn’t have to pull off a fairing it didn’t have a stereo so starting out with a stock touring platform obviously they’re heavy and wide they ride really

Really well but i wanted to shave weight and narrow the bike in the rear of it deleting the stock saddle bags and all of the covers and all of the things that attach to the rear frame section have been removed so that we’re able to mount directly to the frame itself i ended up cutting the tail section off right behind the strut making another piece so behind

The saddle bags on this bike is just the tail section of the frame wanted a smooth fuel tank so i ended up getting a fuel tank off of a 2009 road king and cutting the top of it out where the fuel pump would go and then cutting the bottom of it out and welding in a sportster fuel pump mount after that the tank got narrowed two inches in the front an inch and

Three quarter in the back to maintain shape but just be more narrow so now the top is smooth like an original fxlr would have been with a single side fill there’s no fuel gauge in the tank the front end on this is kind of strange it’s a the triple trees are prototype and it’s got a racetec g6 inverted front fork in wanting to keep it clean i didn’t want to

Put a fairing or anything like that on it we ended up just making like a half piece nacelle that lays down over the top the headlights are baja designs lp6 headlights so they run those in like trophy trucks and off-road applications and then fabricated out of aluminum a little pope hat looking thing that we painted gloss black so it looks like a windshield and

Then behind that we’ve maintained the speedometer and all of the indicator lights so from the rider’s position you can still see the speedo clearly i’m using a harley-davidson pna speedo with the tack in it the motor is a 129 cubic inches it’s a leading edge kit i designed all that leading edge stuff so it’s my cylinders and pistons set up we’re running an sns

550 gear drive cam in it with an sns pump and plate and it’s a four and a half inch stroke sns flywheel and the balancing system has been deleted so by deleting the balancing system your throttle response gets a lot more snappy because you don’t have that balancer to spool up it’s also got an hpi 62 millimeter throttle body hpi fuel injectors it’s got a fab 28

Two into one pipe so it runs real good it’s quick it’s very responsive throttle response is good for a clutch we’re running a recluse torque drive and i put a recluse slave cylinder on it so it reduces the clutch effort quite a bit we did use the newest screaming eagle heads with the oversized valves those heads work amazingly well i saw a lot of those heads to

Customers they work really really well the hand position is good for me anyway there are 16 inch fxr division split angle t-bars in the riding position on it’s super comfortable and your your body is automatically in a position to maneuver foot positions stay the same so all of the foot controls are in the stock location and i’m running harley-davidson in-game

Footboards brake pedal shift lever so all the foot controls are harley dna the brake pedal is right where you need it shift or set up right where you need it with this bike i wanted to keep it to where i could actually get on it and ride it a couple thousand miles and not have to worry the whole time about you know is that going to break is that going to break is

That going to fall off and this bike was really meant to be ridden it’s not an easter egg you

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