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No More Harley Davidson 10,000 Miles Service | Crazy H D Dealership Prices

No More Harley Davidson 10,000 Miles Service | Crazy H-D Dealership Prices – Here I discuss my decision to take my bike back to the dealership for the last time to have some service work done and why I shall not be going back in a hurry.

400 pounds for a service are you mad the harley davidson softail sport glide ten thousand miles done four hundred pounds they wanna charge what a little get well well well yeah the heroically is looking a bit worse for where is there well there we go uh time i got this into the shop into the dealership for a 10 000 mile service and i gotta say i’m doing it

Through gritted teeth let me uh let me explain possibly the worst place to make a video but there we go i’ve been riding around wondering whether i’ve made the right decision or not to take this bike back to the dealership to have its 10 000 mile service i’m not sure i’ve made the right decision see here’s the thing i have to take the bike back in for some

Warranty work my instrument module was actually showing some condensation in it i had to haggle with them to make sure that it came under warranty they eventually succumbed they ordered it now it’s just arrived that kind of coincides with my 10 000 mile service due date as it were and i thought well as it’s going in there i might as well just have the service

Done with them as well the problem is i look at these service items and they’re very simple service items it’s a standard service you just got to add the spark plugs you’ve got to drain the brake fluid and flush it out and check the steering head bearings overall it’s not that much of an issue so why do i think i’ve voluntarily pulled my own pants down bent

Over so they can whack me up the ass with a cricket bat they want to charge 400 pounds with the service voucher i got from harley when i uh first bought the bike that’s 50 pounds off so 350 phoned around and there’s lots of other dealerships doing the 380 390 mark independent server center around here they’re charging 300 and i think well it’s right on my

Doorstep 350 pounds they can go over the whole bike they can also do the warranty work at the same time do you know what this could be the very last time i send it to the dealership and it still knocks me that i have to pay that much but i did a cost analysis of whether to send it elsewhere or to do the work myself it’s all the materials all the oils all the

Fluid air filter if i want to change that as well stock air filter this is i’m talking about it’s going to cost in the region about 100 pounds so the extra 250 pounds whatever it is whilst it is steep and extortionate uh you know that’s all going on labour costs so i can kind of see where that’s at doesn’t mean that i want to pay it and it doesn’t mean i’m

Happy to pay it so why am i sending my bike in for a 10 000 mile service well i could easily do this at home and pretty much in future 10 000 i will definitely be doing this at home i think purely and simply it’s for the warranty work that’s it and also to maintain the warranty on the bike just in case there’s some kind of comeback from them i noticed when i

Went in for the instrument module uh claim they were i’m in a gnaring over that a couple of other issues that i’ve had recently there you know the thing from harley-davidson dealerships and also the company hasn’t really been the most helpful i would say now this isn’t supposed to be a dealership bashing video or a highly corporate bashing video i understand

Where the pricing comes from and i understand why they’re charging that money doesn’t mean i need to like it but i understand it because there’s been a couple of issues with the bike recently that instrument module which is a minor thing and they are replacing it this last week my abs light has suddenly just started to uh come on whilst i’m riding and then it

Goes off again uh so i’m getting that checked out i thought you know what i’m gonna send it in for its uh 10 000 mile service not because i necessarily want to give them the money but i want to protect my warranty which runs out in june or july next year i want to make sure that if there is any little issues between now and next year that they can’t hold me

Not doing a 10 000 mile service with them against me and i’ve got a feeling that they would use anything possible right now in the current climate to get out of it possibly that’s my own paranoia but that’s what i feel but 400 pounds for a service i mean crikey that is a lot of money when you could do this for less than 100 pounds quite easily would i take my

Bike in for future services i would say that’s a resounded no any sort of interim service winter service or 5000 mile service i’ll just do it myself changing spark plugs and uh flushing the brake fluid do that myself the only thing i possibly couldn’t do right now uh is to uh change the steering head bearings but all i need to do is get a better motorcycle

Lift uh for that or uh or a hoist off of my workshop roof and i’ll be able to do it so actually isn’t much of a drama the only thing i can see in the future being an issue is if there’s anything electrical uh wrong with it that they have to hook up to the digital technician two to see if they have to reprogram the bcm or the ecm or something like that that’s

The only time i think i’m gonna have to take it to a dealership or find some other way of doing it myself in the future i mean who knows what’s gonna what we’re going to be able to do on these bikes or any bike for that matter any modern bike but you know time will tell but 350 pounds or 400 pounds if i didn’t have a voucher that’s a liberty anyway uh i’ll

Let you know how it goes uh with that 10 000 mile service because i’ve got all the uh service items uh listed and when i get the bike back i want to make sure that they’ve actually done it because i’m not 100 sure whether they always change the brake fluid and whether they always check and uh replenish the steering head bearings with grease as well because

A couple of times when i mentioned it they’re like oh yeah oh yeah we would do that we’d do that really so uh let’s just see so i’ll come back to you on that one but anyway i’m going to do a bit more riding on this uh this bike i’m going to hit the roads i’ve got a few miles to put on it before that 10 000 miles is up and uh well hopefully the weather hold out

For another couple of days here but catch you on the next one whenever that is you know the score subscribe website all that ta-da revelator f

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No More Harley Davidson 10,000 Miles Service | Crazy H D Dealership Prices By RevelatorAlf