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personalized novelty Harley Davidson Gifts

Two wild & crazy guys talking about personalized novelty gifts. They are especially good for Harley Davidson Gifts. These are the motorcycle novelty item you need.

Hello this is steve scott business coach and welcome to another episode of who’s my client or what in the hell is my client doing or do you think you could control yourself no you see in once again all of us can ask useless questions and i will tell you my client here and i’ll let him introduce himself but that was a useless question but anyway if you go ahead maybe

You can stop itching and scratching and just introduce yourself would you get it my name is a fuzz ball that’s fuzz bball and for those of you who don’t know me out there that is mr. balls sir and today i’m here to talk about time rider products stuff for bikers that is for bikers by bikers and with bikers to bikers how bikers a bikers bikers well let’s clear it up

For our audience i mean are we talking about bicyclists motorcycle bikers or really it’s probably all bikers but this is is it primarily if you just stop that edge is it punk is it primarily for motorcycle bikers it is for motorcycle biker look at biker biker look at the but who lactic that’ll hook bikers put a handle off you go that’s a baby you know what what’s

Your problem today you got a burr up your ass or what i mean what’s the deal i’m gonna be at me i’ve gotta be me oh i gotta be me then let me now look at this product here okay this is an amazing crap this is a pure ala based product and the reason i’m taking over this right now is you won’t ever understand what the benefits are but what this does if you have a

Rash and itch bug bites and these things happen when you’re out there on the road okay so you’re on that one two three day trip and maybe it doesn’t happen on the bike but it happens afterwards then this is something you can really say why did i do that because you’re a freaking idiot that’s why you didn’t do it all right you know what there’s a lot of truth in

That thank you this is one of the first times we’ve agreed and one of the things about coaching is you need to have direct communication in other words if you’re just going to sugarcoat it it really really doesn’t work yeah i should just prayed that a long time ago that was does it near the scratching those in myself that’s right and i’ll tell you what look you

See how calm and relaxed he is now at least he’s not itching but anyway what makes these products unique is we could talk about design and we could say hey this is a shameless promotion and in a way it is but the truth is these are pure aloe based products and let me tell you why that’s important to you say well what’s the benefit steve and the benefit is this

When you’re dealing with pure aloe then you really get all the soothing and healing properties and moisturizing properties that you’re supposed to ninety-eight percent of all a love from what we understand is not pure so it’s bringing things in from the environment it could be bringing in pollutants it could be bringing in poisons and guess what you don’t get the

Relief the immediate relief that you can very well get when you use this product so anyway this is freaking amazing crack as because it’s freaking amazing i think everybody understands that and good for asus you know especially diaper rashes diaper rash yeah you know when you get older you use a debate thing anyway i think we have gotten the point across i don’t

Think we need anything else from you at the moment am i gonna have to spray you again it’s not going to make me go away so it’s not going to work i think you have a rash on your tongue and as a result you have to talk all the time do you think you could just stuff it for a moment oh we don’t have a private cop stuff it no we will well i think you’re probably stick

It stick it yes okay this is steve scott and once again check out our website below and go see our whole line of find products for bikers as i say their sleep it’s the bakery sounds like a little numb mine okay i could say they’re just absolutely horrible products are looking great what you think that good stuff man you gotta buy it because it’s awesome stuff sit

Here just bouncy wells you around the brother just dance around it just keep going through like that say this and i gotta say that you still die you’ve hurt my feelings damn sure i’m really hurt good jim be one of the things in coaching is you learn how to overcome this okay you have to be an overcomer so men are not hurt by their by the things that happen to him

They’re hurt by their opinion of what happened some and you know what when it comes from him i’m not really hurt so anyway if you need some coaching check out the website listed below but better yet if you need some great products or want to really get involved with a great product line go look at some freakin amazing crap and you’d be freakin amazed at how great

It is this is steve and thanks for being with us on who’s my client or what in the hell is my client doing or can i even take any more of this look at some freakin amazing crap you

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personalized novelty Harley Davidson Gifts By thetimerider