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Pre-Owned 2003 Harley-Davidson Screamin Eagle Softail Deuce

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Hey you know i’m just kidding how are the other guys status test with the used bike spotlight rolling you out of 2003 screaming engel softail deus whenever i say screaming eagle what else really needs to be said you got the best of the best of everything that hardly has to offer cool thing about the screaming eagles usually the price that you pay for it doesn’t differ

That much for whatever your if you eventually decide to get rid of it screaming eagles hold their vow the only thing it takes down the value of the scrutiny of a motorcycle is one of our harley puts out another model screamin eagle that out dates the previous year now what we have here is a 2003 scrimmaging of softail dukes the deuce in itself was a dramatically

Popular bike this one you’ve got the 103 cubic inch motor we’ve got custom paint laid down on it chrome – console you got the chrome full front fork package custom wheels yet again you’re gonna see a lot of nice streamlining up here gold leaf inlay in the graphics this bikes really just laid down a lot of good pieces only you got the scoop underneath of it yet

Again that is from the factory that’s how this bike came there’s very little on this bike that actually isn’t from the factory that way one thing that is an add-on the exhaust system good rumble to it they let you know that you’re really on a harley that you’re rolling down the road you got the custom seat set up here you gotta get back to the factory customization

Options the luggage rack system this is something that was added yes you found something that didn’t come on the bike classic style tail design that is only on the deuce one of the things is easy to recognize these bikes is from that tail section from the thinner gas tank on it now like i said 103 cubic inch motor you’ve got a five-speed transmission on this bike

Then while you’re talking 12,000 183 miles twelve thousand two hundred eighty three miles on a three screaming eagle what more could you really want well you probably wanted for a damn good price well let’s see how about thirteen 4.95 how’s that sound thirteen 495 okay for you i like it okay so voted the thirteen 4.95 guys i’m working my butt off here trying to

Get you good bikes have ridiculous deals as you can tell we’re really rolling them out really working our butt off to get your business and get you in here now screaming eagle 2003 seventeen thousand miles for thirteen 4.95 plain and simple one of the better deals going on now if you excuse me i’m gonna take this thing out i ain’t gonna let the weather stop me

Don’t let it stop you you got your tack you got your speedo you got your gas gauge i mean really it’s got everything oh extended forward controls tz for me to notice those things as well i’m short my legs barely go all the way to the ground now guys come on in jump on the deuce screaming eagle deuce no less we’ll send you home with her put it under the christmas

Tree silver and gold hey what works better dentist attends motorcycle worldcom if you want to hit me up via email give me a call here at the shop six one eight four sixteen thirty thirty or come on out we’ll let you take her for a spin and then let you take your own home put it in your garage and look much better there

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Pre-Owned 2003 Harley-Davidson Screamin' Eagle Softail Deuce By Ted’s Motorcycle World Inc