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Road King Chopper Build Pt10 #motovlog #Harley-Davidson

Road King Chopper Build Part10

How y’all doing around for your raffle customs and we’re back on the road king but we’re fucking about doing bits and bobs this that and the other so it’s going to be more of a v-log than um a specified thing that i’ve done just watch it so we got the oaks in and we’ve just made a steering stop off camera a little curved a bit long nice quarter plate that’ll

All get welded top and bottom and put it buttress against this fitted stops that the oakman’s kindly provided for us uh next on the agenda we’re over to the milling machine to do these holes because they don’t fit the risers no big checks no big shakes that’s what we’re on my neck right onto the yoke so we’ve got a 12 mil drill bit uh sorry 12 million in the drill

Shot yeah all right chewbacca calm down queen mary’s in um and we’ve used that to line up we visually got it where we need it and then we’ve run it as you saw then just to make sure that it’s not touching anywhere so we know now this is bang on center on that hole um what i need to do is open it out because it’s too small and i need to fucking move it in a quarter

Of an inch yeah so we’re gonna check this out swap it out to a half inch which is what the bolts are we can see that there you go two and a half inch bolt size um i might actually go a bit bigger i think she’s gonna do it so half inch check them out 12 inch move along quarter same with that one so we’ve found the centro we’ve locked off this way the y we’re

Going to go across six millimeters or 6.6 millimeters don’t really matter um he’s got a one-piece riser on it and fuck off chunky bolts makes absolutely no difference at all so let’s get that tool swapped out and get out machined out so i’ve got the tool in what i’m going to do i’m going to move it the six millimeters that i need to and then i’m going to plunge

It i think that’ll do it let’s have a look about two minutes right to me five and one is six that’s where that needs to be so let’s see how that goes if needs be we’ll back it off a little but i think it should be pizza there have it so nothing wrong with that we’ll go through nice and steady oh hello see the shake on there maybe not then maybe we

Need to go halfway and plunge oh yeah and then back a bit and plunge one way there you go we’ll do exactly the same on the other end and we can get the yolk back on and the risers on the back all right next up we need to make some spacers these bolts are too long for that yoke and they’re not the ones that doesn’t want to be using they want to get some

Nice stainless ones in there which i don’t supply so what we’re going to do is get a bit of this tubing and then we’re going to chuck a 13 mil drill off it and part two bits off about the thickness of that about the length of the the shank on this because it’s only a temporary thing so it can both be a bit anyhow let’s have a look never left myself enough see

How that sits i’ll go warmed up started off in a slow gear because it’s a bit chilly in the workshop for a fucking change that shouldn’t be far off you should only need a quick quick tickle up like if that’s oh come in there as deep as we’re gonna part off you guessed it mate for this one and i’ve got a parting tool then start a diy is see

A bit of shit on the lead screw this crosstalk anyway touch on zero i’m gonna go 30 mil bucket look cut away sorted down let’s call off make another one and there we are fuck you know there’s some fucking bars in hey bless him i’m not sure about harry dobson badge on the front but yeah so bars are on it’s looking fucking badass so the bars are on

The right king steering stops are on the road king you feel the bits and bobs i’m just uh sorting out a brake lines making a shopping list for that so we’re working through that i’m desperate desperate desperate to get back on this i’ll go there’s a video coming out and me mounting all the electrics and it must have took place over what feels to me like fucking

Six months but it’s not been okay so onto the sissy bar tilt now i’m really debating whether to put a little bit of loop in there to hold it all together it’s that fucking sturdy made out of that 16 millimeter 5 8 like round um what i’ve done off camera is i’ve used me old record pipe random which i don’t use anymore for pipe for tubing um i use me this one

Having j squared fucking jd squared good bit of kit but i’ve used that because i’ve got a small former and it gives me uh a curve in this solid bar so i bent it cold fucking hard work but i’m going to attempt to make a brace if you like have that so now we’re going to warming it up and bending it back just put a little brace in we’re going to put it off i don’t

Know half inch being a bit skinnier than the uh come on than the uh original i think it looks nicer now and now we’re just doing the same treatment for the side stand because obviously the bike sits quite a bit longer than standard now so it’s a little bending i’m gonna bend the foot here and see how that gets see how that gets it sorry so we’ll get that

Nice and warm and then we’ll just use the weight of the bike to bend it over we’ll pull the bike over onto it yeah the other bend there normally i don’t want to bend it up too much because it won’t sit properly when it snunks up against the primaries when it’s folded up so have a look set fire to the fucking floor look there we go bendy bend it i’m just going to

Put you down a second there we go still a bit of an afternoon going on like we’ve done it in a couple of places to get it sitting where we want it and now we’ve got a lovely angle of the dangle we scream if you want to go faster fucking there you go happy day right we have an exhaust stud issue really really really fucking common and trying to get the standard

Exhaust off and one shears off really happens all the fucking time that’s why i blew down air it’s getting a liberal dosing every morning before i attempt and uh i’ll get in with the disclaimer before i attempt as well they’re all right look this one’s not so what i’m going to do is i’m going to weld a knot on that’s my first port of call because there’s a little

Bit sticking out but not enough to get an extractor on so i’m going to use the old fucking megatronic on my finger and mind your eyes let me just readjust so yeah here we go remind you guys i’m going to build that up a little bit like this i’m going to put an oversized knot on so keep building it up building it up just like that yeah i’m gonna let that heat

Soak in at the same time it’s not just giving us a better platform for our oversized knot air that’s going on there now i’m going to be welding it on if that’s sticking out enough yes so i’ll do that off camera because i need two hands i’m going to weld that on there and let it soak let the eat soak in might even get the old fucking hot spanner on it and then

We’re going to try and ease it out failing now we’ll have to drill and tap it um which you’ll have to be the engine out job fortunately on this job the engine’s got to come out anyway so that’ll just be we’ll do that further down the line okay that’s welded on and while it’s soaking we’ll get the old air chisel with a brass dripping on it and it’s going to be

Really hard to do one-handed but give it a few love taps yeah i need to hold it with two hands but work around it carefully um and then attempt to free it off right so we’ve got a little bit of movement we don’t go steaming in and try and screw it out we actually start off by tightening it up a little bit and then spray some oil on it now we’re going to work

It and work it and work it let’s get that gonna work it and it’s not tough bollocks okay try again okay so now we’re warming it up in there just getting it nice and warm around there we can give it plenty of eat down down the exhaust port because when the bike’s running it’s and all we’re doing is getting it nice and toasty and we’re going to leave it to do its

Magic once we’ve got her well that’s a fucking night both cases we’ve failed so that’s a fucking machine it down and drilling tap it back out to 5 16 to you and see us in here put new stuff in so that’ll be done post strip down um i think and i’m hoping that i’ve got enough now that i can mount you know use the one stud that’s remaining to mount this exhaust

System so that’s what we’ve got to work with that’s what we’ve got to work with all right excuse the reshuffle this is today’s jolly this next day now whenever done we’ve got the exhaust on but that stuff’s not fixed you know and and uh mounting the exhaust and they do just hang off each other so the force does hold them on and then they hold on to each other

There’s no um facility at all for mounting them on the motor but the fucking once the bolted up and then we solid his foot that one’s bolted up solid his foot stand on it so happy days so that sounds piercing bob’s fucking done that wraps it up you know there’s a few other bits and bobs to do um still waiting on the electrics to see about mountain nose still

Waiting on the headlight seeing about speedo a few of the bits and bobs all the um components for the brakes the lines and fittings uh are on the way so you can watch me make those up and uh we’re just about done with this so i’m struggling to frame it because it’s popped up where it is it just leaves me to thank you for watching please give me a thumbs up give

Me a sub leave a comment check out my friends in the description below have a great one lots of love everyone you

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Road King Chopper Build Pt10 #motovlog #Harley-Davidson By Ralfy Customs