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Saddlemen Step Up Installation and First Thoughts – Harley Iron 883 Sportster

It’s new seat day! I’m focused on a long distance trip I’m headed on this June and I need a new seat. I also wanted a great seat for two-up. the Saddlemen Step-up is perfect for both. In this video, I talk about why I chose the Saddlemen step-up, installing it, and then go for a ride to give my first thoughts.

Some other settlement seats that i was looking at they were just like yeah this is a weird motion hey what’s going on motorcycling friends so me and the lapera aviator we had a really good run we spent about the last seven months together it’s treated me well sometimes you just gotta move on it’s new seat day it’s time for the saddle men step up i’ve done a review

Of the aviator already to my channel i’ll link it below in that video i talk about what i like about it and what i don’t like about it it’s usefulness and some things that are not so usable so go check out that video too interested at all in the area so why am i going with a settlement step over a lot of different reasons one of the main reasons is i put passenger

Pegs in this bike when i replace the exhaust here with the vans and hinds big radius last september so that’s six months of having passenger pegs on here without actually being able to have a passenger on here so one thing i didn’t like about the aviator is this baby’s got back but just not enough to be able to carry another passenger step-up is perfect it’s got

This nice long tail here in which i can have a passenger on there another reason like the aviator the step-up even more pronounced has this very high back here so when i pull on that throttle and get pushed back into the saddle it’s gonna keep me in place now i know this seto is used by a lot of riders who are doing tricks and wheelies and such i’m not that type

Of rider i never will be but it will definitely keep me in place when i pull on the throttle so i’m gonna talk more about it but before i yammer on too much let’s get this thing installed so i know i said i’d stop yammering on and get this thing on the bike but i just wanted to say a few things before i got it on the bike i want to talk about the underside it’s

Fully carpeted here so it’s it’s going to protect your fender but honestly i already have damage on my fender from my previous seats i’m not too concerned about that and underneath this carpeting it’s solid fiberglass i’ve had two other seats one was a stock seat plastic you can bend that damn thing cool and the aviator is made of steel pretty hard stuff so this

Fiberglass pan it’s very very stiff and very very hard now might seem counterintuitive that a hard base would be comfortable but it truthfully is and i thought from the cycling world my bicycle is if i have a soft seat i learned rather quickly that that won’t be comfortable on longer ride the same thing is true for your motorcycle seats harder baseplate will be

Much more comfortable especially on those really long rides it has a few other things on the bottom here like most really good seats it’s got rubber bumpers here a to protect the paint but more importantly it’s rubber it’s gonna dampen those vibrations coming from our harley’s let’s get this on there now stop yammering something that looks pretty good a couple

Other reasons why i got the settlement step up i have the burly bar on the back here i wanted a one-piece seat width rider and passenger that fit with the burly bar some other settlement seats that i was looking at they were just like yeah this is a weird motion there are other settlement seats but they’re just too wide here to fit between the burly bar this fits

Perfect the other seats that would fit in here it was a very minimalist passenger seat and it just didn’t look comfortable at all the reviews that i’ve read for some of these other seats it really wasn’t comfortable especially for longer rides so comfort for the passenger was important inside of the seat it’s not just foam padding inside the settlement step-up

Has their gel core technology so there’s gel inside the sucker from what i understand they combined that gel core technology inside the saddle design to create a v so elastic polymer i’m just rattling off words right now i have no idea what i just said but what that supposed to do is create their saddle gel technology for a really comfortable ride that’s what i’m

Going for talked about this in some other videos and a lot of subscribers to my channel know that i’m gonna be taking a trip from madison wisconsin where i live right now all the way to san diego this june yes i’m gonna be doing it on a sporty and i’m making some changes to the bikes be able to do that and the saddleman step-up is part of that what i read about

The saddle men and i did not think at all with any of my other seats is it’s going to be hard as hell at first and that was the case for my aviator after a few hundred miles maybe 500 miles it really softened up and it was a really comfortable ride same thing with this it’s gonna be pretty stiff to the first couple hundred miles and then i’ll soften up and up and

Get pretty comfortable but what saddleman says is it will lower about a half and i didn’t think about that at all with any other seat until i read that but now that i’ve read that and think more deeply about it the exact same thing happened with my aviator i felt lower in the seat didn’t really think about it until i processes my mind after reading that about the

Settlement the other thing that i wanted with the settlement that i could have had with the av and i talked about it in my review of the evader i’m gonna put a nice big kuryakin bag on the back of my bike here above the fender with the aviator that was impossible because the aviator came out too but right here there’s this nice big gap where that bag would sit

In rock so i wasn’t able to attach it all that great with this i’ll be able to set that kuryakin bag i’m back here strap it to the bar and i’m good to go that’s a nice big bag i’ll be able to take that on that long trip and any other trip that i’d want to take so if i were to go just in the way the saddle man step up books on the bike compared to the aviator i’m

Sold but that is just on aesthetics alone i mean that looks nice and clean on the bike yeah i really like the way that looks quite honestly i mean obviously i haven’t ridden yet but it looks a lot more secure on the bike than the aviator did so i’m gonna get on and ride now but keep in mind this is not a review of step up this is just my first thoughts and say hey

I’m switching from the aviator to the saddle man step up and here’s why i’ll probably do a review of it after a couple thousand miles maybe but we’ll see what’s right it’s hard it really is and i’m trying to keep that in mind with this first ride because i remember when i first got the aviator it was pretty hard as well and any time you get a new seat it’s a new

Riding position whether it moves you forward or backwards or you’re sitting higher or lower it’s gonna be a different experience for sure it already feels a little higher but like i said earlier in this video it’s probably gonna squish down a half inch we sense what settlement says and i experienced that with the a v8 or two so definitely don’t doubt that i’m

Definitely sitting higher i’m getting a lot more wind above the windshield so i’m actually looking forward to its sagging that half inch and i really wish like a pull on the throttle but it’s cold out today 25 degrees today is not that day it’s funny like when i got the aviator i felt like i was riding a different bike when i went from the stock to the aviator i’m

Experiencing the same thing now with the saddle man step up our riding position just feels so much different but what it’s supposed to do is lock you in time you see a lot of the guys doing tricks choose the settlement because it locks you in and i can see me do any sick wheelies anytime soon and if you unsubscribe because of that as ovn i doubt that’s the case

Though another thing i like about italy is it locks me in but the saddle is a lot thinner than the aviator it’s more svelte and i think that’s gonna add a lot of comfort coming from the cycling world your brain thinks that a wider saddle a wider chris your saddle is more comfortable that’s why you see it like target walmart all these bikes have these really wide

Cushy saddles the reality is those suckers they’re called comfort saddles are comfy saddles those things are ridiculously comfortable because they cause friction and friction my friends is not your friend it’s kind of the same thing with these motorcycle saddles especially if you move around a lot on the bikes and i tend to do that it feels grippy but i feel like

I can pick my body up and move it around because of how thin the saddle is and i really dig the diamond stitching on it too when i bought the aviator i really wanted to see what diamond stitching just goes just because i like that style more and i figure if i’m spending four hundred and sixty dollars on a motorcycle seat i’m gonna get the style that i want man

I feel a lot closer to the handlebars too but as you’ll see in a future video these handlebars it’s not something i’m keeping so that would change as well so you have initial thoughts i love how the settlement step-up looks on the bike i love how it how it installs in the bike it’s not a whole lot different than other seats but it just connects to my bike a lot

Differently than the aviator did i like how felt it is i feel like i can move my legs around more easily than with the aviator or with the stock saddle and i like how it holds me in but gives me a little bit of room to move around because of how spelt it is and like any seat it’s hard at first so i’m looking forward to breaking it in after two or three hundred

Miles see these are my initial thoughts on the site oh man i’ll do a full review in a couple thousand miles but hey before i go i just want to talk to you about another video creator out there who’s also riding a harley iron 883 that was just kind of cruising youtube i don’t know about a week ago or so and i came across d cycles youtube page he’s just getting

Started probably got three or four videos out there now one of his first videos that i watched was an fp3 video that he was doing and this channel is really headed in the right direction i encourage everybody watching this video to head on over to d cyclists channel check it out go ahead and subscribe to his channel if you like what he’s doing i’m looking forward

To seeing what he’s gonna what he’s gonna do next so i got a card at the top of the screen and i also got a link down below in the description so thanks for watching this one everybody you like what you saw here or if you learned something going click on that like button if you’re doing here or if you haven’t subscribed yet go and click on that subscribe button

Right now down on the lower left hand part of your screen so always guys stay safe riding out there even amongst heavy traffic like this keep your wheels roll in the right direction see you later

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Saddlemen Step Up Installation and First Thoughts – Harley Iron 883 Sportster By Great Egret