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Should You Take Your MSF Course At A Harley-Davidson Dealership?

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So what’s going on today i want to talk to y’all about some reasons you might want to take your msf course at a harley-davidson dealership let me have fun with this curve real quick oh here we go here we go all right so i know y’all probably thought my next video was gonna have something to do with my new bike if you didn’t see the previous video i picked

Up a new ducati monster and i know some people want to see more content because it was like a little teaser video there’s gonna be a lot i mean a lot of videos coming on that bike guaranteeing it to you promising it to you you ain’t even got to worry about it but if you didn’t see that teaser video go check it out it’s the last video i posted but today i

Wanted to do a video i’ve been meaning to do for a little while here where i wanted to talk to you all about the benefits or why some reasons you should actually take your msf course at a harley-davidson dealership via the writing academy versus taking it at the colleges and i plan to do a video down the line on some reasons why you should just go ahead and

Take um take your your class at the college one reason you may want to look at taking your msf course let me have fun with this curve real quick oh here we go here we go here we go there you go baby yes all right so one of the reasons you may want to take um it at harley is if you’re looking for your first motorcycle or even if it isn’t your first time riding

But your first time taking a class but if you’re thinking about a harley davidson as your motorcycle once you complete the class and the reason for that is because you’re at a dealership where there’s a ton of harleys now just so you know up front i am not a dedicated harley individual i just love motorcycles in general that’s why i own different brands and

Different types of bikes yes i have two harleys but i also have a kawasaki i’ve had multiple yamahas and i also have a ducati now so i just like motorcycles in general there’s not like um my soul is sold to harley davidson but if you’re considering getting a harley davidson then there’s benefits to taking your msf course through the riding academy at a harley

Dealership and those benefits are you get to interact with all the different types of bikes now during the class you’re going to be on the street 500 which some people like that bike some people can’t stand that bike some people won’t hey bikers what’s up y’all some people won’t get on that bike no matter what so you know but you get to be at a dealership come

On man i’m trying to go it’s hot out here i’m taking that you get to be at a dealership where you’re surrounded by the type of bike you’re planning on getting so you can ask as many questions as you want you can learn more about those different type of machines i’ve even seen it at least at the dealership i was at after the class when you’re done if they feel

Like you rolled good enough in the class they’ll let you test right one out on the range now are you supposed to be doing that i have no clue but some of them will because you know they they want you to get on a harley it is what it is now going through a riding academy class is supposed to be a premium experience this is very important this is where y’all really

Need to tune in open up your ears and listen to what i’m saying so you don’t end up getting screwed over now going to a riding academy is supposed to be a more premium experience than going to the college you know you’re supposed to get some extra perks with that typical extra hundred dollars that it costs to go through the riding academy you should get things

Like a graduation ceremony maybe a gift at the end of your course lunch used to be provided and still should be provided but they may have some restrictions due to covet and things like that but when you’re signing up for your your class don’t just go on the website and find a harley dealership and sign up for it call in talk to the riding academy manager see

How engaging he is with you try to pick up on if he’s more passionate about getting you to love riding motorcycles and getting through the course and answering all your questions about the course in riding or is he just trying to sell you a bike immediately that’s going to determine if you’re going through a good riding academy or not now don’t get me wrong

The program was developed to help get newer riders onto harley-davidsons but the program is designed to get new riders through the course comfortably and to fall in love with motorcycling and hopefully falling in love with motorcycling will make you fall in love with the harley davidson because you’re taking it at a harley dealership point of harley davidson

Does that make any sense so if you get on the phone and you’re asking about riding academy and they’re trying to sell you a bike before they even answer any of your questions about the academy or they’re not even providing any extra amenities that justifies you paying that extra hundred dollars then think about it why are you paying extra money to go here

Doesn’t make sense because some some msf courses actually have the street 500s there and you can ride it there plus you have a bunch of other motorcycles you can ride as well but if you are die-hard if you are a die-hard harley-davidson person you know you’re buying a harley davidson you want to take your class at a harley dealership there’s definitely benefits

To doing so just make sure you’re signed up for a class that is following the program the way it’s supposed to be now i’ve seen i’m just from talking and looking online on youtube i’ve seen programs that were run tremendously well the way they’re supposed to but i’ve also witnessed programs that were not run right that so so you got to make sure you’re getting

In the right program or you’re just paying an extra hundred dollars to be sold to and there’s no point in that now there are occasions where you may make the mistake and you end up in the class and you’re like dang i got screwed all they’re caring about is just selling me a bike they’re not giving me any extra benefits this is not a premium experience in that

Instance i would not give them another dime of my money why would you they’re taking advantage of you at that point you go you find a dealership that genuinely wants to get you on the type of bike you want and you buy it from there because they’re gonna they’re gonna support you a lot more sometimes you take your class at one dealership but you gotta go make

Your purchase at another it is what it is i mean i’m just saying i’ve seen multiple people do it there’s a lot of excellent dealerships out there that you can purchase your motorcycle from you know you don’t have to buy it from where you take your course it’s more convenient to buy it from where you take your course because sometimes they’ll give you some

Perks or some extra benefits because you went through the class there but how do you feel about that dealership that’s the thing so if you’re really really into harley-davidson’s i strongly suggest looking into the riding academies in your area and there’s usually more than one so you may have to call a couple dealerships go visit the dealership get a feel for

How the class goes ask can you sit and watch a portion of the class ask them what’s included with the class do you get a graduation do you get a writing bill at the end of the class do you get any type of gift like are they taking photos to capture your moment so that way you have a memory like what are they doing extra for you or do you just get the class and

A dedicated salesman that’s going to push you hard to buy whatever harley-davidson makes them the most money that’s what you got to think about or are you going to get a class with all of the extra perks and the benefits as well as a dedicated salesman or mentor that wants to get you on the right bike that’s right for you because if you get on the right bike

That’s right for you that’s a benefit to the dealership as well as you because if you get on the wrong bike you may stray away from harley davidson at that point because you’re like this sucks i don’t like this bike if you get on the right bike you’re going to graduate and keep growing with the brand and you’re going to end up falling in love with an american

Classic just like i have and if y’all have any questions whatsoever about the riding academy and what you should be looking for when you sign up for a class or like um what questions you should ask hit me up on instagram at the infinite rider i’ll be glad to answer any of your questions feel free to message me you know i’ll respond i respond fairly quickly i’m

On there all the time but don’t just take a class at a harley dealership just because it’s a harley dealership if you’re not into harley’s none whatsoever and you don’t care about the premium experience of having a lunch having a gift having a graduation having those extra things where you get to learn more about the harley davidson brand and things like that

Then why pay the extra money it ain’t worth it but if you are looking for a premium experience you do love harley davidson even if you didn’t plan on getting one you want to learn a little bit more about harley then yes it’s definitely worth taking the ride in academy class at a quality dealership that provides a quality riding academy experience okay listen

To everything i’m saying in this video don’t get don’t get screwed because you don’t want to pay a hundred dollars extra and get the same experience that your buddy paid for at the college you want to get a premium experience that’s worth it you know like i’m about to enjoy the rest of this ride and get a premium experience on harley oh he slowed down too much

Messing up my corner player messing up my corner but if y’all have any questions hit me up if you have not hit the subscribe button by now i don’t know why go watch another video until you find something that makes you want to hit the subscribe button like and again comment let me know about your experiences if you went through a riding academy have you got

No was your experience premium was it what it’s supposed to be and if it wasn’t why wasn’t it you know tell us about your experience help others you know we all are here to share and grow together and the more you comment and the more you talk about your experiences it’s going to help someone else who’s thinking about going through that experience as well but

As i said in the beginning of the video i got a bunch of new content coming out a lot of stuff that you ain’t going to want to miss so subscribe bell notification all that good stuff follow me on ig i put stuff up on there way before it hits youtube but it’s your boy infinite rider signing out make sure you stay safe and be blessed and get out there on two wheels

People and ask questions before you sign up for your class ask questions deuces layout

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Should You Take Your MSF Course At A Harley-Davidson Dealership? By The Infinit Ryda