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The All New Harley Davidson AMS Quick Disconnect Sound System Installation Kit

Custom sound system on Harley Davidson Electra Street Glide. Using the all new audio motor sports Harley installation kit, that is designed for quick disconnect for the bags. Shock and weather proof, 6×9 molds to fit 6×9 speakers in the bags, drilling pattern for the 6×9 speakers, and much much more. For any questions 22025 Avalon, Carson, Ca, 90745

To show the word why they should buy audio motorsports installation kit for harley’s so this is what can hart is this this is the electric live electric drive yes this is this damn thing on there with the quick disconnects you guys can see right there these are the pdr and parens so it has a quick disconnect em goes mounted and then you just unplug it to remove

The bags whenever you want i mean the our series of chords you unplug them and now this is a 5 wire you get some fire fire wire a lot of our kit yeah what is this over here there’s a power and ground disconnect power ground disconnect and then this is the speaker disconnect in the rca disconnected so when you wonder how about next on the yeah mmmm from the pdx

Maybe we don’t have to disconnect those the these no you don’t because that’s the split okay fair enough yeah what is these like black stuff this is the loom that we put on there so you move it yeah lou meeting you he trinket you loomis and you trinket that all part of the installation kit yes so now let’s talk about the six pains well the six – is a mounting

Process the mounting process yes so you got to like really get the pattern of it when you do it so we do the pattern and then install here except with the washers i see they’re all cut up yeah well they’re cut up so you won’t stick your hand in there and get click nice so what about the hot wire we’re using the hot wire like that hot wires coming right here this

Is a fuse holder some mini fuse holder something audition you’re running one kind of gauge wire that’s a gauge engage high and wiring yes what about these are ces there are the others in our series as well all these are three oxygen yeah i must be on this side just be right here nice we get to the – so we flush them out some theaters instead on in – yeah that’s

Very nice these beauties cannot really flush yes and it’s a hard process where we’re going to do it good luck and we got the blue cheese mike yeah nice so let’s do on the back of this thing and see what we have the rca is put some heat-shrink with the vibration of the bikes of the one gate loose okay then mount everything here’s a crossovers leonard’s crossover

Mounted mount it and everything sit tight on there come on it the kid with a hard garrison everything mounted with the factory school i see the factory screws yeah really neat speaker wires thank you so much for that video good luck

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The All New Harley Davidson AMS Quick Disconnect Sound System Installation Kit By Audio Motorsports