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The BEST Harley-Davidson bike?! Low Rider S

The BEST Harley-Davidson GIRL’S bike?! The reason I label this as a “Girls” bike is because I feel like for many women, this is the next best upgrade for more power, on a chassis low enough and similar to the entry level models. As I mention in this vide, this motorcycle just feels like HOME. The ergonomics fit me like a glove. There is more than enough power for any kind of rider level, with tons of torque, yet smooth and steady at lower speeds. Capable of being a stripped down cruiser, or a long distance mile crusher, This 2021 Softtail Low Rider S is everything you could want in a motorcycle!

Hello guys and welcome back to another demo ride day today we are riding the 2021 harley-davidson lowrider s if you guys are familiar with my channel you’ll know that i’ve ridden uh blockhead’s lowrider s a couple of times but this is probably going to be the more enjoyable video i wish i would have waited man i wish i would have waited for this motorcycle there is

A reason they have sold countless amounts of this bike i love it it fits me so well it is so powerful so sexy looking in just everything you could ever want a motorcycle seriously i’m in love all right yeah baby this feels like home oh there went a live wire did you hear it no you didn’t man this light cluster feels a lot tinier than i’m used to for some reason

And we’re off i think this other guy’s about to go too holy hell these pegs are up here my knees are sky high all right thank you guys for clicking on this video as always if you’re new to my channel hello my name is jess and i do all things motorcycle related over here on my her2 wheels channel mainly motovlogs travel vlogs moto camping and test rides keyword

Test rides you will not catch me doing motorcycle reviews reviews are very valuable but very opinionated i always encourage you guys to go test ride as many motorcycles as you can to truly find the one that works best for you and i just don’t know how else to explain this bike other than this feels like home this feels like home i am so comfortable on this bike i

Love the little mini risers here and you got like the slight tracker bars and the power it is powerful oh i am so thrilled that harley came out with this color i honestly don’t even know the color of this bike i’ll pop it up on the screen here right now but damn this is sexy i loved the black lowrider s when that came out last year i wasn’t a fan of the silver

I was like dude i wish they had some other color options but when they came out with this red hot girl it’s insane how well like how good the bike sounds stock too okay let’s focus on some things here about this motorcycle that i love i love the ergonomics of this bike i’m a five foot seven female i’m a lady i mean i’m a girl i’m not a lady but um i’m five foot

Seven i can flat foot this bike incredibly well and these pegs they’re like mids but just slightly in front of you so my knees have a very comfortable 90 degree bend in them this is the stuff where you just i mean like you’ve been riding forever obviously if it were me i would put some highway pegs on here and just i would go get gone the thing i dislike about

This bike like this right here that is ugly what on earth there is so much space i don’t even know like i feel like i could put a whole room glide fairing up here and it would be way more beneficial but that is not aesthetically pleasing and if you know me you know i like things to look pretty i will say the gauge the speedo is a little lower than i’m used to if

You guys saw this video when i test rode the road king special that was a great just that whole bike setup i don’t know how to explain it but everything was just right exactly where it needed to be this i feel like the gauges are a little small and they’re a little low especially your attack your attack is way down here you got to completely take your eyes off

The road to look at your tachometer but of course um you just kind of get used to these things if it’s your motorcycle you just get used to it the shifting feels good that is a solid sexy we are in gear you know it and you feel that 114. you feel that power instantly that felt good and like i said this is a very very similar setup to my current dinah i ride a

2009 harley-davidson dyna that’s my daily and this setup is very similar i honestly think the tank feels a little whiter which feels nice i can grip it with my knees easily anything that helps you feel more confident in your riding is going to make you a more confident rider always sit on the motorcycles test ride them if you can stand them up feel the weight

Feel how they shift because every single bike is different i don’t care if it’s the same manufacturer every single bike feels different and it’s important to know which one fits your body the best this bike fits me like a glove oh i love it love it not a huge fan of the exposed intakes because if you guys know me uh i always ride in the rain faces and it sucks

And it’s not just like a little rain here and there it’s like torrential downpours so that exposed intake is a little concerning i know they sell socks that can go over them but who wants to do that i like a good closed intake oh yeah now as i mentioned in the beginning of this video you will know that i rode blackhead moto’s 131 goldzilla 2020 softtail lowrider

S that machine was a monster i mean there is just nothing there’s no other way to explain it it was a monster this feels like a little monster it’s like a little scary but just it’s like you know a sour patch kid it’s like sour and then sweet you get on it and it’s kind of scary and then you slow down and everything smooths out all the ergonomics are right she’s

Like i’m just playing baby like we’re not going that fast i love this bike oh my god i love this bike like i said there’s a reason they sold so many of these motorcycles hot damn this is a nice bike i do i love these little risers i kind of want that little that little clamp is that a clamp for my bike that looks good indicators are really small i put my turn

Signal on and it’s like right there a little tiny indicator even the stock seat feels great i’d never say that about stock seats aggressive you’re aggressive little girl love it well i hope you guys enjoyed this beautiful test ride video uh that was that was uh confident i don’t know if this was beautiful it was for me the sun’s coming out it’s a beautiful day

I’m on a beautiful motorcycle and i’m a happy girl happy happy happy obviously if you have any questions about this motorcycle specifically that i might be able to answer leave a comment down in the comment section i’ll do my best to answer any questions you may have obviously if you’re interested in statistics google it that’s what i do okay google it i’m here

To tell you how the bike feels and this feels great as always thank you guys so much for watching my videos it truly means the world to me and until my next one you be good and i’ll see you later

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The BEST Harley-Davidson bike?! Low Rider S By Her Two Wheels