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The BIGGEST Harley Davidson Dealership in Hawaii

Hello folks, welcome to a small tour at Cycle City Honolulu, Hawaii. The biggest Harley Davidson dealership in all the islands. They also sell all brands of bikes except Suzuki and Indian.

Foreign foreign hey foreign all right folks welcome to my youtube channel we are now in cycle city hawaii in the island of oahu that’s me pardon me for blocking the view all right welcome to cycle city so this is where i got my 2021 fat boy and apparently we’re going to be moving to las vegas pretty soon so this is the sportster s as you can see

My wife’s the one who’s taking the video so this is the lowrider has the street light i think i’m pointing at something there i think i’m pointing at the breakout so there’s the breakout it’s a 107. i believe this is a 2018 model beside it is a road glide not sure which year apparently this is selling for 22 thousand dollars all right moving along software slim

These are some used bikes selection that is the street light special if i’m not mistaken not the blacktop this is the road glide special i’m pretty sure because it’s blacked out yeah bro street light special because of the extended bags so i’m pointing at the road king standard because right at this time i asked my wife if we could go to psychosis because i want

To look at the road glide it’s one of my dream bikes before so i’m still kind of contemplating if i did the right choice getting the fat boy which i love the fat boy for a fact but i don’t mind being on a touring because i’m pretty sure these things are more capable when it comes to long rides comfortable rides and stuff so this is the road roadking standard

Two-toned this this thing really looks good in person and then this is a matte black beside it next to it is the sport glide i think uh this is a used bike so they have plenty of selections feel free to come down if you visit hawaii you can come down to their shop i think they i think you can you can rent bikes from here and all right moving on so they’re

Not only selling harley davidsons they’re also selling all types of brands but no suzukis and no indians maybe they get indians from time to time used but they’re not suzuki and indian dealership and husqvarna that if you want those bikes you gotta go to montgomery power sports so there are only two dealership in the island of oahu right now this is one the

Biggest one is the cycle city so this is the road glide specials and then the second dealership is montgomery power sports all right moving on so i’m just looking around thinking which bike i like you know i love my fat boy but we hardly people we you know i mean not just hardly people but we we guys who love motorcycles we like to look at these things you

Know it’s like this the land for us i don’t know about you but me i love going to dealerships just looking at different bikes not just harleys so this is an aprilia so wanting to mention had harleys in the past until i got this fat boy my first brand new bike parted me for black in the view again there and then when i was about to get the fat boy i was

Thinking about getting the triumph rocket 3 the newest one that thing is massive but you know but i’m still biased when it comes to harley’s if i can own both i’d own both so yeah that’s why i took the harley fat boy all right so going back to this road roadking standard because i really like this one honestly i like the chromed out look the classic look i

Like the paint scheme and then i was telling my wife here if i’m gonna trade in my bike and she said nope because you know dealerships yeah you buy your bike for for so much and then they’re only gonna take it for so long so might as well if you’re changing your bike the best bet sell your bike and then just add money to whatever you make by selling your bike

So this is me pardon me uh just trying it out i was telling my wife this is very comfortable i can i can sit here all day she’s saying that i don’t look good at it but anyway yep we’re just talking here so another point another thing to mention there used to be honda and other brand of motorcycle dealership i think it’s by nimitz i forgot the name that’s

Where my brother got his old bike anyway so that uh dealership that i was talking about they actually merged to cycle city so cycle city used to be just kawasaki and harley davidson now they have every brand again but not suzuki and indian all right moving on yep sorry um i’m just new to vlogging i guess so maybe next time i’m gonna try to make it shorter

I apologize i apologize for the boring video anyway so back there i was pointing at a rogue glide special which right now that’s the one that i want the blacked out road

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The BIGGEST Harley Davidson Dealership in Hawaii By Twincam 808