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Top Ten Vintage Harley Davidson T-shirts On Ebay


Welcome people of planet earth and all planets beyond thank you guys so much for watching my name is josh and today we’re going to take a look at the top 10 vintage harley-davidson t-shirts on ebay for sale right now so let’s get into the list so before we begin let me remind you that all the links to the t-shirts and the listings that we are going to see in a

Minute are in the description below if you want to take a closer look maybe you’re interested in buying one of them or you’re just a fan they want to check out more details this list is completely not objective this is my subjective opinion about these teas i’ve spent hours going through hundreds if not thousands of listings to discover the coolest ones that i

Thought i found so appreciate it for what it is and let me know in the comments below which of these 10 is your favorite and some of these are super ridiculously priced let me know if you would pay that price i don’t think i would but you’ll see so first off at number 10 we have this collab between looney tunes and harley davidson with the tasmanian devil me like

Harley i think this t-shirt is super super dope this is the type of t-shirt you want if you’re like not necessarily into riding harley’s but you love the aesthetic this is a great combination it hits all the pop cultural references the graphic is huge that’s one of the things i love about is a huge graphic tasmanian devil looks super dope looks super ba so this

Is definitely a lock at number 10 maybe you should have been higher i think maybe it should have been but it’s super dope so the next up is a quintessential harley banger it’s this engine with the lightning like this is like quintessential harley-davidson t-shirts there’s a lot of t-shirts that sort of draw from this design there’s a lot of t-shirts that are not

Harley that draw from this design and this this aesthetic so super influential t definitely one of the best harley t’s out there it’s actually not my favorite uh harley tease but i do appreciate it huge graphics you get the all-over print i mean you almost can’t go wrong with that the smoke down there underneath the engine super dope t definitely something that

Would be super fun to find in the thrift speaking of all over prince check this guy out right here not maybe not technically an all-over print but all over the front print we got the eagle which is another one of the sort of like quintessential almost generic uh harley-davidson icons but this thing looks beastly all over this t-shirt this is a grail of grails uh

When it comes to harley man it would be i actually would wear the heck out of this t-shirt so hopefully i’ll find one soon so at number seven here we go with the hogs a hog is obviously the another name for your motorcycle but they also use it a lot in the designs of some of these t-shirts here is a daytona beach from actually from this year that this t-shirt was

Manufactured and made for uh is the hog wild t-shirt i love all the print all over it and the hogs sort of clearly like intoxicated all over each other super dope tea uh definitely i’ve never been to the daytona beach around the time of bike week but my wife has and says that’s fairly accurate at number six we have this one i just thought is it’s great because i

Love when these harley t’s sort of do other cross references of other popular culture icons and wendy’s had the where’s the beef catch phrase in the 70s and 80s and here we found where the beef is it’s in that harley engine i think this is a super dope piece definitely one on the funnier side but also fairly rare side of the harley t-shirt spectrum so definitely

Probably worth the money you pay for this piece all right at number five we’re back again with the looney tunes harley collabs do you see a pattern here i think those t-shirts are super dope um they just look cool i love the looney tunes they’re good in almost every collab they do across the spectrum there’s a lot of different ones they do over the years but this

One is particularly great i think it’s exceptional it’s actually this listing is actually a really good price i think 89 dollars for this t-shirt so definitely a t-shirt that may not be there when you go to try to buy because i may have already bought it so uh we’ll see we’ll we’ll find out in a couple of weeks whether or not i actually did buy it but super

Cool tea nonetheless now at number four remember i mentioned in the last video that uh harley t-shirts from exotic places are super cool at least i think so and tend to sell pretty well well this one is super cool and from an exotic area and that is from queensland australia i love this super dope biker koala can you argue with this t-shirt i don’t think you can

This is so dope such a cool connection to us from you know with australia and harley i love when they combine this stuff put it together it makes great t-shirts all right at number three we have a 3d emblem this guy is super dope it’s a bison on a motorcycle wow how american can you possibly get it would only be more american if there was an eagle you know and the

Little the cart next to him you know the whatever the thing is you know the i know the little little things that go on the side whatever if you had an eagle there a bison there on a harley pure america this t-shirt is super dope a bit uh expensive but you know what it’s rare it’s hard to find so maybe you won’t find this stuff very often harley t’s have been puppies

For a long time they retain their value so maybe this is a good investment all right now harley is not necessarily known for their all-over prints per se but this one is exceptional dare i say the dopest of all of the harley-davidson all-over prince that are there this is the king of them i love this t-shirt i love the colors i love the size i love everything about

This t-shirt it’s fantastic it’s expensive i won’t be able to afford it but if i could ever find this in the thrift store you would make me a happy camper what a dope t-shirt all over print with that eagle so good so good now right now before we get to number one if you would be so kind as to like this video comment your favorite out of these 10 and subscribe for

More videos like this all right now at number one this is my all-time favorite harley vintage harley t hands down it’s this guy right here it’s the harley davidson wizard the last man on earth will be riding a harley wizards are cool especially wizards from the 80s and the 90s like they’re just good they’re just great they’re super dope all the early 90s tees

With wizards look super cool including this one you combine wizards and motorcycles and what you get you get the number one spot on this list that’s what you get because this t-shirt is fantastic man it’s so good this is one of the most iconic vintage harley tees in my opinion um it’s it’s just sort of like it’s sort of a holy grail within the whole spectrum of

Harley tees because they were not made forever 3d emblem i think made this particular one and so there’s not a ton of them out there and especially not a ton in good condition because you know bikers wore their stuff out and so super dope t here clearly deserves the number one anyways guys thank you guys so much for watching please remember to anyways thank you so

Much for watching please remember that anyways guys thank you so much for watching remember that the links to all of these listings are in the description below so check them out if you want otherwise like comment and subscribe and we’ll see you guys on the next one peace

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