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Trask Performance Turbo Assault Glide #5 Custom Harley-Davidson Road Glide

Quick walk around Trask Performance Turbo Assault Glide #5 with a rundown of all the components we used to build what we consider the ultimate performance bagger. This bike is essentially a street legal version of the bike that we built, raced and finished 4th on at the King of the Baggers! We start with a stock Harley-Davidson Road Glide then strip it to the frame, build a Turbo 128 putting out about 200hp, upgrade the suspension, put it on a diet full of our billet aluminum parts and carbon fiber(shaving off 150lbs!) and end up with this awesome motorcycle!

Hi guys nick trusk here from trash performance here in phoenix arizona uh this is uh number five of our assault glide series and uh it’s complete it’s ready to go to the customer the truck’s gonna show up later today pick the bike up and take it to a customer bin up in colorado all right guys i want to give you a rundown of the parts and we use on all the assault

Glides we use nothing but the best quality parts from the best vendors in the industry uh we use old and swollen suspension krause trees uh this is a carbon fender from hoffman i’ll use our brake kit we use our risers with our billet uh seven inch risers on this bike with the carbon inserts so you can hide the wiring it’s got a crate cross gauge cluster v-line

Bars uh lms grips flow mo flow hand levers with the trask the salt series pegs and controls our pegs are all splined so you can adjust the adjust the angle you’ve got a 128 fully built m8 motor in it uh so she’s a runner on pump gas it’s got our billet towel section with our with our number plate on it logo plate the towel section the billet towel section

Carbon side covers okay the bags are hoffman on this bike it’s got a guide timing seat jesse legendary piggyback shocks on the back you see it’s got one of our billet license plate frames it’s a really good option for the guys that have carbon type of uh body parts and you know to kind of kind of mount in it for you guys do 12 o’clock wheelies it’s probably not a

Good idea you’ll rip it off but uh we put the little billet lights in there nice and strong little turn signals okay come around the bike put our bullet basket in the bike your chain drive kit trash chain drive conversion assault armor on the front this is a good touch toughens up the front of the bike on this bike here we’re using a clock clockworks windshield

Bike works really well the handle’s nice she’s ready to go car for canyons so for you guys that want the ultimate uh performance bagger give us a shout all right guys i’ve showed you what’s uh what’s involved in trust drastic salt blade so uh thanks for checking it out and uh you can see any of our parts the a lot of our parts are distributed

Through drag specialties uh genuine dealers so uh you can see you can see our parts on there where you can see us in daytona when we are daytona doing installs uh brett rosmeis harley we did free turbo installs out there so i come by we’ll have a couple of the assault guides on on display for you to check out as long as a bunch of our other parts and get your

Turbo installed see you guys have a great day you

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Trask Performance Turbo Assault Glide #5 Custom Harley-Davidson Road Glide By Trask Performance