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Two Brothers Racing Exhaust Install on M8 Harley Low Rider Build Series ep 6 WITH SOUND COMPARISON

TBR Comp-S install on my Harley Davidson 2020 Low Rider S (FXLRS) Sound comparison at the end of the video too! Let me know what you guys think of this exhaust. What exhaust do you have or want? What do you ride? Converse with me in the comments!

What’s up everybody chris here with the right and dad channel thank you for clicking on the video today we’re gonna install a two brothers two and one exhaust on my 2020 soft tail lowrider s was a couple things gonna need besides kind of typical tools to install this exhaust the first being a set of exhaust gaskets the second being a fuel tuner and the third being

The exhaust alright so right after this intro let’s tackle this exhaust install all righty so there’s a couple different two brothers exhausts and i want to start out by saying that two brothers exhausts are very hard to come by at the time of making this video mine was backordered twice from the dealership i wanted cancelling that because revzilla has mine in

Stock however they had a bunch of other options out of stock and get lowered was out of stock of pretty much everything jfe cycles was out of stuff just every set that i can think of dennis kirk without all that stuff for some reason to brothers exhausts are actually catching on a popularity with the harley community and i think that’s because of two reasons one

When the sport bike community i think you either love two brothers or you hate two brothers i personally love two brothers exhaust and dual slip-on two brothers on my hayabusa when i rode and i think they sounded awesome they had a very low very subtle kind of low rumble to them but they also got fairly loud weeding out up in the higher rpm range i understand

Part of that as a bike but i think there’s a sound quality was very good of of the exhaust and they’re not incredibly expensive for what they are so that’s one i think they get a lot of negative from some people in the sport bike community they’re kind of thought is like just kind of too common i guess at this point now and then harley community a lot of people

That ride harley’s don’t know anything about sport bikes because they don’t have any involvement at all so for them to hear two brothers are like you know what are they don’t hardly um so i think that’s part of why it took a while for them to catch on and now people are starting to kind of see their value for what they are they have they’re very well known for

Food and finish their a american-made product that matters to you as well so uh i picked the comp s exhaust i was actually fortunate i went to my local harley and i heard three of the ones i was i was choosing between i knew i wanted to brothers because there was a couple other reasons i didn’t want any other ones but i was between the megaphone megaphone gen2

And i’ll put a picture over here in stainless and then i was between the comp s in stainless or black this what i got in black and then they’re newer edition as of this video was the turnout the tv returned up two into one in black so i heard all of them on an mhm soft hill which is what i have all on one for teens and the compas had more of the sound that i was

Going for and it had a it wasn’t aggressively loud at idle but it had that low tone that i actually i liked the exhaust oh get it for a few versions one i need new exhaust to put the saddlebags i want on it to for performance and then three four four looks obviously a lot of people do and this one although it’s not my favorite look out of all of them i don’t think

It produced for my taste the by far the best sound quality so let’s unbox it yeah the bag and i did open it just to make sure i had the right stuff oh my god so in the bag of parts some instructions and then the actual exhaust so let me take this out of the box i’ll put on the table all talking about alright so in that bag you have your clamps for a heat shield a

Little tool for the spring spring won’t get all that you know into all that for the actually install i think you have the actual bracket to hold on so but the main part of the pipes are the actual muffler which this look i love the way that all black looks in the compass much better in person a dozen photos you have the front header the rear header and then you

Have the heat shields the headers have the ports for the o2 sensors and i don’t remember the size right now but it does have the adapters to use the stock sensors but these are cut out for the wideband o2 sensors so if that’s important to you then you got this built in for this exhaust and i will admit that a bit come with some pretty cool stickers i am a child

When it comes to stickers and i like collecting stickers for you know brands that actually like an eye supporting stuff and i have old i have them all collected and put them on stuff so i don’t just like have a stack of stickers in a book but yeah these are nice little touch you know and actually feeding stickers uh the next video that you’ll see after this one i

Got a ton of stickers from that company and it makes me really happy so alright let’s move this table out of the way let’s bring you guys closer to the bike and let’s start taking off the stock exhaust because that’s step one

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Two Brothers Racing Exhaust Install on M8 Harley (Low Rider Build Series ep 6) WITH SOUND COMPARISON By Ridin Dad