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Used 2001 Harley-Davidson Screamin Eagle Road Glide Motorcycle For Sale

Used 2001 Harley-Davidson Screamin’ Eagle Road Glide Motorcycle For Sale.

Hello folks gino here with american motorcycle trading company in arlington texas today i want to show you this 2001 harley-davidson screaming eagle road glide road glides got the fixed fairing on it dual headlights up front it’s got the chrome front in the nice spoke rims aluminum magnums you got all the screaming eagle stuff on the floorboard just got these

Nice highway pegs on it lower leg fairings the screamin eagle in 2001 came with a 95 inch motor it’s got the got a five-speed that’s battery tender here got a good strong motor in it the paint on it still looks really good it’s got a few places in it that just from from age and mileage it’s been upgraded with some vance and hines slip-on mufflers i think the bike

Has had a different camden different cams in and i’m not real sure about that but it it kind of has that little lope to it i’ll fire it off for you in just a minute i’ve got the adjustable driver’s backrest here if it’s down in here that would be in the tour pack it’s got a chrome inter primary cover there pretty cool old bike he’s got the chrome switch housings

And levers screaming eagle type mirrors on it and a one that came with a cassette player so you could upgrade that to a cd player if you wanted to i want to show you some of the places that signs of rare on this bike some fading here on the fairing it’s actually the bike has seventy eight thousand eight hundred and twenty three miles on it so most of those miles

Were probably in the sun so that’s a little bit sun faded there there’s some other little places i’m going to show you looks like this front fender got a little wrinkle in it and then over here on the front fender there’s a little wrinkle right down there at the bottom you can see rock pecks and stuff just normal stuff whenever you ride one but all in all it’s

In good shape motor runs real strong good shifts out real good it’s a great opportunity to own a screaming eagle for a for a great price here at american motorcycle and they fired off and let you give it a listen this fuel-injected bike if you’d like to know more about this screaming eagle give our sales team a call toll-free at 888 411 51 our goal line and say

Our complete inventory at clean hartley’s comm the spikes been through our shop and checked out it’s ready for a lot more miles a lot of life left in this one and get an extended warranty on this bike may be able to give even get you some financing on it it isn’t oh one we take almost anything with wheels on it in on trade and we sell and ship bikes all over the

World so it’ll be easy to get this screaming eagle to you give us a call toll-free at 888 411 51 this is jino thanks for looking

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Used 2001 Harley-Davidson Screamin' Eagle Road Glide Motorcycle For Sale By americanmotorcycle