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Vaquero at Harley bike night| Crazy crotch rocket.

My bro and I went to Harley bike night! I love the Harley culture and merch. I wish @Kawasaki Motors had more merch! However, I love my 2011 Kawasaki Vaquero! I especially love my mini apes! Thanks for watching. Please comment subscribe after watching and subscribing. Thanks. Legendary Slim out, until next time!

What up it’s your boy legendary slim look we about to uh about to meet my homie and we’re gonna ride out to the harley bike night i got my new jsr mini apes installed looking good you gotta tighten those wires up but oh man it look like a whole new bike i love it i love it i love it so about to take big booty judy out and uh check out harley bike night stay

Tuned in what up you ready to ride i’ll follow you ugh so so wood um he killed making a bunch of unnecessary noise yeah like he didn’t know what he was doing dr wreck it looked like he couldn’t find his right gear or nothing hey i would have had it on camera for my youtube yeah he drive crazy huh man i love this field man and i feel better yeah

Versus you watch the bike huh you washed the bike i wiped mine down because it was dirty she good i hoping the weather stay just like this that’s clean right there boy we’ll see if it’s gonna be packed how much so yeah here’s i had to uh throw on some tunes because you know i want to pull up listening to a little something something so uh yeah here we go it

Was a good ride besides that crotch rocket acting all crazy and all of that good stuff but we pulling up uh we came out here one time before but we didn’t have our bikes we just wanted to come and check it out but now that we have our bikes we wanted to come pull up pull up on it so that’s what we’re doing uh it’s not bad not bad at all one thing i like about

Uh harley is like their culture like the t-shirts the brandon i just love all of that about the harley i don’t wanna harley but i do wish uh kawasaki had more of a culture where you know buy t-shirts wearing the t-shirts just hanging out uh i do i really i really love that about harley but here we go uh harley of greenville south carolina we pulling up as you

See the cars and it was it wasn’t even that pack i’ve seen it um with a whole lot more people um showing up but hey here we go pulling up and uh yeah just like i said you see the people nice bites nice bites people put a lot of money in these bikes it’ll have you looking at your butt like man but hey you know can’t do it all overnight so yep so here we go

We’re pulling up and enjoy what’s up good people look we have the harley davidson of greenville south carolina is there a bike night uh so we just decided to ride out got the cigar so we just out here checking it out and uh yeah they got that people selling knife i love this paint job i love that that’s different that looks like that looks like

Big world war ii yeah yes sir with eisenhower not sure but my father was there okay yeah we got the canteen yeah 45 canteens guys in the boats wow wow hey thanks for watching uh please if you’re watching subscribe and comment below that you subscribe legendary slim out

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Vaquero at Harley bike night| Crazy crotch rocket. By Legendary Slim on 2s