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We are World Famous at our Harley Davidson dealerships in FL!

We always answer the phone with, “Thank you for choosing the World Famous Brandon Harley Davidson, how may I direct your call?”

Thank you for calling the world-famous brandon harley-davidson this is patti how can i help you sammy are you on your way of course we can get you in yeah come on bye will we be here soon okay we’ll see you then hahahaha no see how are you to know you’re changing for me please sure let’s go let’s go hey guys kaddi here from the world famous brandon

Harley-davidson with your weekly dose of caddies tips recently i took a phone call from a guest and i answered the phone stating that we were the world famous brand in harley davidson and the guests asked what makes you so world famous well today i’m going to explain a little bit about that to you guys today we have someone very special that we want to introduce

You to we have a world-famous guest coming here all the way from australia i want to introduce you guys to a very very dear friend of mine this is sami harley coming all the way like i said from australia he is one of our world-famous guests and we are so happy to have him here we’ve made him an honorary team member see he’s got a special shirt on and he is a true

Harley enthusiast will you tell us a little bit about your motorcycle and your journey over here and i’m the person only 2014 there’s a fair wage tp police motorcycle and i recently pick up a rental bike from los angeles and past the nashville and memphis and torture authorities i see all my praying for rita and great war famous friend in high def ascent sammy i’ve

Got kind of an important question for you what is it about brandon harley-davidson that would make you travel all the way from australia to come visit us the way i think in the brendan holidays and is very good it’s the same as the morgan walker australia they brendan holidays and it’s always free customer like a very own family member and every time in a great lane

Name and every time i enter the shop let’s make me a coffee and offer me a cookie and also brendan holly has a great collection of a t-shirt and helmet one of the cool things about sammy is that he’s pretty much instagram famous and what has made him such a famous social media figure because he travels to so many different dealerships and trades t-shirts with the

Employees i think i have like five from morgan and wacker over in australia you brought me one from cool springs in nashville i think that you even got me one from vegas so sammy has definitely helped with my t-shirt collection and then he comes and we let him pick out t-shirts from our vast t-shirt wall the really cool part about it is that when he’s on social

Media he posts pictures every day with all of these t-shirts how many t-shirts do you think you have probably 120 okay so that means that he’s either traveled to 120 dealerships in the us or i know that a lot of people because they see you on social media they just send you t-shirts because they want him to post pictures with their t-shirts on his instagram page

So if you want to follow him and see all of his adventures you can follow him at sammy harley on instagram and he’s always posting pictures of fight of his travels it’s very interesting you you won’t regret it so i just want to say on behalf of brandon harley-davidson and the tampa group that we’re really thankful for your friendship or thankful for your support

And we’re thankful that you came and got your bike serviced with us thank you so always we will cut the meat so walker brenda holiday business offers you a lot and i hope see you soon again yeah

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We are World Famous at our Harley Davidson dealerships in FL! By H-D FLORIDA BIKES