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What Sold on Ebay Midweek Sales Report Skylanders Harley Davidson Pinapple Stamp Swedish Ship

This is what has sold so far this week in my eBay Store!!

You guys coming at you with a midweek sales video on ebay i just got a screen capture software so i’m using it to record this and i’m gonna be doing these videos weekly i just want to do a midweek one just to test out the program and throw out a video since i haven’t put out a youtube video in a while alright so i have four items here that i’d like to show you

And you can keep an eye out for these things at thrift stores one thing i got off amazon but the other three i got from thrift stores and they’re really unique so here we go the first one is this antique primitive wood butter mold stamp so basically it’s a pineapple stab right there and what a wood butter churning stamp is which i had no idea what it was looks

Like this has a little handle that you would push down and the stamp comes out and a pineapple would appear i thought it was pretty neat it was a dollar i ended up selling it for i took a best offer of eighteen dollars i had it listed at 22 which was great it sold within two days it actually just sold today and i’m shipping it out later today so that was an awesome

Sell the next one i have is this vintage gustav berg glass it’s either a tea cup or a tea light tea candle light holder i’m not a hundred percent sure i listed at $40 because i had no clue what it was worth there was not another one that’s sold like this on ebay or that was completed or listed nothing like that i had no idea how to list this so i put it up for 40

Bucks because i figured that seems like a lot of money if somebody buys that that’s awesome and within the day it ended up selling i took the best offer of 34 they offered me 28 and i countered at 34 and they accepted so this was pretty unique never seen anything like it i guess the gustav berg was a ship in sweden and there are obviously collectors out there for

This piece maybe i priced it too low maybe it’s worth a lot more i picked it up for two dollars so yeah i’m pretty good flip right there this is the item i got off amazon it was a skylanders trap team chaos or cows not a hundred percent sure to pronounce i think it’s chaos trap and i got a tip from this tip about this off of the internet somebody said buy these

When they’re in stock on amazon and resell them so i bought it forever six something and it sold for thirty dollars within maybe four hours of listing it so if you ever see these at stores which is very hard to find they’re sold out almost everywhere pick it up throw it on ebay for 30 bucks auction they sell between 27 and 35 i felt like just throwing it right in

The middle at $29.99 and sure enough someone bought it free shipping on all my items so yeah there we go and the last thing i picked up a church thrift store was these pair of harley davidson gore-tex waterproof men’s boots i picked these up for four dollars and they were in great condition they were missing a little bit of the tag there i was peeling the size tag

And the underside of the boot was a little dirty nothing too bad i made sure to show it in the pictures and everything else on the boot was pretty clean it was nice the shoe laces were a little frayed but you can see that from the images i listed at $58 i think i got an offer of 44 and i ended up counting countering at 50 and they bought it at $50 free shipping

So i made some pretty decent money on that so that is my mid week sales report i’m gonna start doing these videos weekly i’ll probably do one at the end of this week also just get some more videos on my youtube channel i’m gonna try and get a webcam set up i have a webcam on my laptop i’m not sure how to get set up maybe down here in the corner maybe on this whole

Half of the screen probably not for this video but for the upcoming ones let me see what i can do well hope you guys enjoyed the video if you did comment like subscribe do whatever you want i’m gonna be posting more of these yeah if you have any cool stories of interesting things that you’ve picked up like this would butter pineapple turner um yeah comment in the

Comment section below i’ll be great alright guys see ya

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What Sold on Ebay (Midweek Sales Report) Skylanders Harley Davidson Pinapple Stamp Swedish Ship By ThriftSchool