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George Bryce of Star Racing Power is a Motorcycle drag racing legend. In this video the six-time NHRA Pro Stock Bike champion explains why is passion is now building the world’s quickest and fastest Harley Bagger drag bikes.

Here with the sixth time nhra champ 82 wally’s in this man’s collection yes you have rightfully earned the name legend mr. george brice great to be here i’m what i’m excited to talk to you about is you’ve really come full circle you’ve opened up a new chapter in your race program you’re out in the nhra for all these years and now it is all about fast baggers back

To basics smaller trailer simplified life bring me up to speed on what’s going on well the cool thing is first time i’ve come by myself i got a bike got a jockeys coming tomorrow be fun we got a match race tomorrow with a guy from chicago we’re going the best two out of three with the with the harley baggers and you’re right this is good full circle for us one

Thing that’s really neat is i love to share this as the 82 wins we’re done with different drivers maybe 11 different drivers we had a lot of chances work with some great people so i can’t take myself as being the six-time champion but i understand what you mean by tuned we want a lot of championships with a lot of people late great john meyers which we all love

Won friendships with the new big champ for the harley team on gel race with us for eight years and won three championships with us and a lot of that stuff gets kind of left off in history and not by you you do great bringing of history but a lot of people forget the history but we all know where we came from and i’m very thankful to be able to be here at the 43rd

Man cup finals this year it’s not amazing 43 years it’s amazing and how fulfilling is it to see a motorcycle drag race this packed telling everybody this the sport is still alive and well very much so and of course on top of your valuing or how can we incorporate this kind of you this is this you know my new this this is like one year old and okay i got this really

Crazy idea i saw a couple of guys have some fast bagger sounds like and that is so us hold guys i mean maybe we need to get some of these but both it’s hard to get you know millennials and the new kids and stuff involved in harley davidsons a harley davidson mr. factory is struggling with that they want new people involved and younger folks involved but this is what

The old folks do we race on nitro harley or we don’t know so this is the version of the nitro harley now and fast line and you can absolutely fire it up drive around and you can ride anywhere it’s just fast what i love about this and i do think that bagger racing is about to explode i think you’re at the forefront i did an interview with brett kapner and he talked

About no matter how drag racing evolved it always comes back to its core which is to stock appearing vehicles lining up and to see which one is faster and i think that’s what’s going on here and you got a lot of speed shops and a lot of guys they’re really smart like yourself giving it everything they got and i think it’s going to be a real competitive entertaining

Atmosphere he put on a harley davidson drag race ed like just we had i don’t know we had two or three hundred fast harley show up and a big crowd at shady side and hit that just sparked him to try and put on three or four more races so we went to silver dollar raceway in october and we had a good and he’s racing there october so what’s cool about cotton allows

It it’s kind of a little bit cooperates with the man cup and joe has interesting good maybe four or any of these in a year from now to come and race it but we’ve had no main crop races so this bud hey do a little quick tour to look at the bike tell me tell me why so 2013 brook king and we took bit the engine and we placed the cases s&s and we the thing looks

Like a stalker has got a stock primary in stock six-speed and it’s still got a haircut this is a really cool air shifter that moves the lever you know when you push the button i push the turn signal button here to make a shifter work there’s that’s awesome and then of course i named it back zilla which is a transformer it’s just got bags on about that i can put my

Jacket all of gear still still streetable oh yeah so you can take this to your local bike night no problem that’s that’s cool it’s fun for that i bet for sure do you find that a lot of your pro stock knowledge carries over to this form wow that’s a good question i’m gonna say yeah because once you figure out how to make a lot of horsepower per cubic inch that’s

The hard part once you got that handle i’m in this month i mean 300 horsepower for north bar and somebody says well i want to run 91 octane and i want to drive it on the street wow all you got to do is dial back everything you learned and you have such a leg up on the competition because you’ve already set the bar on the horsepower per cubic inch and all we have

To do is turn down the cam title turn down a compression ratio and just big air flow makes big power and this is pro stock airflow it’s a gorgeous motorcycle so here’s a question for you i’m sure there are some things you miss about the nhra tour we all love it it’s addicting but i talked to paul gast paul tells me he’s having more fun because he says he’s not

Interested in dynoing for three weeks to find a quarter horsepower anymore do you having more fun with this going back to basics yes fun for sure becuase i have no stress this weekend i don’t care if somebody beats me yeah i want to win always that’s built into me you know actually i’m hardwired from the factory but the prima donnas did you had to deal with an nhra

Where everybody was so important you know you know instead of being a great technician you end up being a little bit of a bucket or everybody you know oh my gosh everybody’s important we all want to be important but that’s um it’s a different clientele though the guys that i helped him first time for all the years it’s hard to get back to being friends when you go

In that war and now my clients or friends and we go to dinner and we have fun and we have we’re using disposable income rather than it just being a wipers wiper her stock seemed like if we didn’t win we were gonna die it was ridiculous then a lot of pressure out there it is and i feel i would never tell somebody don’t do it because i’m guilty of it and spent my

Whole life on it but i wouldn’t know what i know and i wouldn’t be who i am and i wouldn’t have everything i’ve had about how to work that hard on it so i’m thankful for the opportunity to be able to go it and compete at that level and and see the top and then now it’s just it’s just so much easier i’ve been smiling all day i gotta say congrats because you had a

Heck of an accomplishment recently you took down a sim who’s been undefeated for three four or five years i mean he has been the top dog and bagger racing gms and those guys they’re so tough you figured out a way to beat them how fulfilling was that i was neat you know he’s um he’s a great promoter his bike is really fast greg dahl does a great job at those guys

And they they put the effort into it like we did pro stock and i’ve seen spent money on it like we did pro stock and he deserved and win all those races but i don’t know it was i went and random the first time in shadyside back in the spring and he outran me outperformed me and i wasn’t really prepared for that competition to be that good he was better than i

Thought and his bike was better than i thought so i went home it my guys work hard we mount thousand power i went to practice practice practice sort of perfected the craft a little bit then we went went back around again and now we’re even one in one so i guess we’ll have a rematch i love it the last thing i have for you here is i know that you were an instructor

At the george brice frank holley drag racing school for many years i had the opportunity to sit in it was magical it was so insightful but we know that this beast is probably like nothing you have ever ridden before tell me about what the process has been like trying to learn how to ride one of these things okay great question again the pro stocker deal you know

You florek pop the clutch and you have to set the clock up you know before the run and they’re in this this bike we adjust the clutch while we’re on it and also it wants to turn over backwards and you have to shift the own time and the guys with the bro straight backs we’re very similar to that but they’re so fast and listening waste so much it has so much brute

Torque that it’s it’s just it really does a good job of them we’re making big adrenaline for me it gives my blood pressure up and good lord gave us some great drugs adrenaline and endorphins and this machine i hear produces tons adrenaline and tons of endorphin and it just pumps me up i can’t wait to ride it again i love it alright so i got a big favor to ask at

Your school you talked about the mental routine and going over and over can i see your routine one time on the bike can i see how you practice because i’m very curious on what it’s like to get one of these down the racetrack cleanly and i get ready to go roll in and turn the top light on and then i’ll get the throttle where i want it this is like pro stock 1979

Okay this is exactly how we did it osaka i-70 there put the throttle up a little bit i’ll let clutch out just enough to our feel it pulling my feet and then i hold everything right there all right turn the stage i own and now i’m staring down the flow under the top of the three to come off and when the light flashes then when you got me flying you roll up front

Powerful slide forward start pumping the brakes i’m 65 years old in there for us that’s a church right there that’s a clinic i love it absolutely wonderful and i heard you say something – we’re getting a little insight into people that have never been to school i was gonna ask you do you still look for a target absolutely in any form of drag racing you have to used

To find a target at the end of the track run over it and you have to find another one you run over and you find another when you run over and if you’re not perfectly lined up you end up going like this all the way down to try finding a target if you have none then you use your peripheral in walls in one and the center lines with other you driving we see people that

Race now that drive like that and if the bike is fast enough you’re going to hit something before you correct are you gonna go in the other lane before you correct so the target at the end is probably one of the best things that’s ever been discussed on make a nice laps what’s your all-time best dts b again i think seven is fourteen or something on a pro stock bike

Maybe how about on this machine oh 935 at 880 pounds with me on it it feels like i’m going into sixes it really does it is fun later rush huh it’s a rush awesome well i’m glad you’re having fun we’ll encourage everybody to check out star power it now it was a blast question is is it still a hybrid of star racing star power or we just strictly star power i call you

Star power but i see everywhere i go you got the star power so on i still see a lot of star racing every way it is and what it is what i call it now is start racing power i like it all the history and the new stuff so it really is store racing no very cool well good luck in your match race will be there to check it out thank you george i appreciate it man always

A pleasure always great talking you you

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