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Would you trade in your Harley-Davidson for an ADV bike?

What’s up everybody back on the dirt been a while few months let’s see trying to fix my goggles here yeah i’m in a while hopefully the angles good on the camera yeah i’m out here with my friend daniel he’s on a an adventure bike ktm he used to he used to actually write a hey dyna and he traded it for an atm i guess he was over like the whole like a dynasty nor

Whatever yeah he’s actually one of the like the people that influenced me to get a bike just from his his instagram posts and stuff i’m so rusty on the bike so today we’re actually on a different different paths that i’m used to this is more like just abnormal like truck trail because he’s on the big ass 1000 so it’s not it’s not too convenient to go into like

The more technical single track so since i’m on a dirt bike let’s top dirt bikes thinking of a downgrade and when i say downgrade but i think it’s more of an upgrade one of those 302 stroke and neuro bikes i’m thinking of getting one of those instead of this big-ass 400 that that’s pretty cool old abandoned shack yeah as opposed to writing this 400 that i never

Unleash because i just i’m not there yet it’s way too much power so yeah and i sold 300 it would be a little a little bit lighter or poor cure for doing the like the nice nice uh singletrack and climbing some of that more difficult stuff instead of lugging this around that’s a thought but i’m not sure i’ve looked into it i want to get for sure fuel-injected

You know fuel-injected electric sorry because i would be just so wonderful it’s kind of like a princess biking away but whatever you know little recluse clutch on it man he be sitting pretty but yeah i haven’t looked into it yet so i don’t know exactly how the the years that i can get all the electric and fuel-injected because i know the newer newer models run

And like the 12 grand 13 grand area and that’s expensive i don’t want to get myself into that anymore so if that would be the case and i’d have to wait a few years before i can actually make that purchase this bike i’m guessing i can get maybe three grand so i wouldn’t be a trade and would get me nowhere really if i get one of the newer bikes i’m thinking of

Buying if they can get around the five grand area that would be more ideal fit i try to avoid the breads and i hit it anyways adventure bikes are pretty impressive i mean he’s got the back the box is on there the he’s got a six gallon tank like it’s got a lot weight on it and it handles pretty amazingly through that’s kind of stuff that’s definitely

A bike that i would like to have but i wouldn’t trade my harley for you know that’s only like if i can have both and yeah because you know it’s just the ability to ha hit the highway and then hit some trails like this throw mice that’s a hell of a cliff hell of a clip i’m so psyched that suburban delinquent got myself a dirt bike it’d be pretty cool if

You do some sort of syrup meet up you know like go like do some trail riding or maybe meet up at a track or something yeah be pretty cool i have yet to hit a track up and it’s mostly because i’m scared of other writers you know just getting in the way or whatever getting hit or causing somebody to crash or whatever i feel like i’d be something i do out there

So that’s the main reason that why i’ve been staying away from the track that’s pretty good yeah man this this hole was pretty challenging if i buy you can do it man it’s crazy well we had to turn around we kidding let’s get going all the way the up there and then not being able to come back down ah come on i went right for the crack i’m impressed with

That bike daniel used to write dirt bikes a lot when he was younger so when it comes to like the off-roading show you see he’s really good at it family that endure oh are that enduro that adventure bike hold man that is a hell of a motorcycle everybody throw that bike handles good some pretty good he’ll cave is i’m nice rock your little obsidian there’s

Some it’ll make some arrows bro what the hello anybody in there hello nice just empty campfire yeah it’s pretty cool i’m sure they drop in through there it’s probably an entrance on the top all right guys yeah so if you are if you’re new to this channel and you enjoy watching amateurs take on a not so difficult pills it’s just like watching dirt bike videos

Or harley ridiculousness the back came up so much yeah then be sure to subscribe i’ll see you guys on the next one

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Would you trade in your Harley-Davidson for an ADV bike? By GiraffeInvasion