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5 Helmet Friendly Hairstyles For Cyclists – Womens Mountain Biking

In this video, I’ve teamed up with to bring you 5 hairstyles that won’t compromise the comfort, fit or protection of your bike helmet. Use code DUSTYBETTY15 to get 15% off your first order (exclusions apply.)

In today’s video i’m going to be sharing with you five helmet-friendly hairstyles for cyclists it might sound a little funny but this has actually been a highly requested video and so i’m excited to finally bring it to the channel i’m going to share with you five helmet friendly hairstyles for medium to long hair a helmet friendly hairstyle to me is a style

Where the bulk of your hair is secured below the contact points for your helmet so that you don’t have a big bun or ponytail that’s interfering with the fit comfort or safety of your helmet let’s do it before we get into the hair styling i thought this would be a perfect time to talk about making sure that your helmet is fitting properly because if you’re wearing

A helmet but you’re not wearing it right it’s not going to provide you the safety that it was intended to i’m sponsored by laser and this is the laser jackal now most modern bike helmets will have something at the back usually either a little clicky wheel or maybe tabs that you squeeze together and this is going to help take up the slack when you put your helmet

On your head so that’s something that you’ll tighten and loosen every time you put your helmet on or take it off so i’ve got this on my head another mistake i see people make quite often when they’re new to riding is they wear their helmet way too far back on their head and you want your helmet to be protecting your forehead so you want to wear it down so it’s

Sitting just a little bit above your brow line now i’m going to go ahead and tighten my little wheel um i don’t want it so tight that it’s going to be uncomfortable but it should be snug enough that even without the buckle done i can shake my head around and my helmet is still staying staying in place so now helmets they’ll have these little things that secure

The two straps into a v and so you just want to make sure those are slid up so that they rest right below your ear and then you can go ahead and do the buckle this laser jackal helmet has a magnetic buckle so it’s still held in place mechanically but the magnet just helps the buckle slide into place a little more easily without fussing around with it too much

And now you want your chin strap to be tight enough that you can fit no more than three fingers in there and that’s going to help hold your helmet in place but it’s not going to be so snug that you feel like you’re choking when you’re trying to talk or move your head around so there you go proper helmet fit now let’s style some hair this video is meant to give

You some ideas and inspiration rather than being a comprehensive tutorial so i’m going to assume that you already know some basic things like how to french brayden if you don’t there’s already plenty of videos out there that will teach you how to do that i’m going to do my favorite hairstyle first this is the double dutch pony and i’m going to start by dividing

My hair in two you can be super meticulous about this or you can just kind of go with whatever is good enough which is usually how i roll when i’m doing my hair because if it’s too hard i’m not going to do it in reality all right so i’m just going to clip that out of the way or you can grab a loose ponytail holder and do it so a dutch braid is just an inside out

French braid so as you bring your sections to the center instead of bringing them over the top you’re going to bring them underneath so i’m going to go down about two inches below the nape and then i will secure that with an elastic i like to take kind of smaller sections i just feel like doing it a little bit smaller sections and tighter makes it look a little bit

Sportier if you wanted to do bigger sections and a little bit looser it’d be a little more boho okay so this is how i’m gonna start i bet a lot of you guys don’t know that i am a hair stylist i’m not working right now but i did work behind the salon chair for 12 years but when i do my own hair it’s kind of got to be easy otherwise i won’t do it you don’t become

A hair stylist because you like doing your own hair it’s because you do other people’s hair just way easier because you can get a 360 degree angle and access to the head it’s not how it is when you do your own hair so it’s got to be easy so i grab my pieces to the middle and underneath even though my hairstyles i’ve never done hair tutorials so this is my first

One go easy on me i’m not doing super tiny sections i guess i could do them a little smaller but this will be good enough i know some people will use like a comb and get like perfect sections every time they pick up and that’s totally cool that’s just not how i roll too complicated all right go about two or three inches past the nape and then i’ll secure that

With a hair elastic boom okay now i’m gonna do the other side all right so now that i have my two dutch braids i am going to combine these into one ponytail if your hair is longer or it tangles easily you may want to go ahead and braid that end and then put one more ponytail holder at the bottom but that’s usually good for me um i really like this one because

Even though you can’t see the nice pretty braid work the way i do it when my helmet is on when i take my helmet off even if i’ve been all sweaty and gross it still just looks really nice yep this one is my fave so this next one is a side twist and i usually start this one from a side part and i do have a few layers so we could just pull this over the shoulder

And just do the twist but i’m going to kind of do a little bit of a twist on this side just to help hold those layers in so i’m going to divide my hair pretty much in half hold the two sections in each hand make sure they feel about the same until i’ve divided it evenly so first i’m going to take this one and i’m going to twist it toward the back of my head

So that it’s twisting it upward hopefully you can see that twisting twisting twisting so that just helps get some of those longer layers secured that is being twisted back from here but on this side it’s being twisted toward this side so now i need to grab this section and i need to twist that in the same direction which is going to be forward now this is

How you do a rope twist if you’ve never done it before so twist both pieces in the same direction whichever direction that happens to be for you now that i have these twisted forward i’m going to twist them together in the opposite direction twisting them back back and then you get a nice little rope secure that tuck that layer behind my ear and boom there

You go that’s my signature side twist all right my next one is going to be a side french braid with a braided pony so to do that i kind of let my part still be there and then i just kind of swoop this stuff around you could do a french braid or a dutch braid but i’m gonna do my dutch braid so the trickiest part with this one is just that i want to make sure that

When i’m pulling from the back side that i’m kind of pulling from down and not from all the way back here so that this stuff doesn’t go like straight back i want this to be able to kind of drain down and around my head so i’m just kind of making sure i’m grabbing here that’s being able to fall like that so when i’m finished doing this part of the braid you can see

There’s still some hair from this side of my nape that’s not in the braid yet and that doesn’t really matter yet but what i’m going to do at this point is i’ve braided this down a little bit just to give me a little room to work so i’m just going to smooth this all into a ponytail if you’re worried that you’re going to drop this braid you could put a hair elastic

On that and then work on securing it all together but i’m pretty handy so i’m just going to smooth this all into a pony so here’s what my side braid looks like and remember you are riding your bike so you want your hair nicely secured but it’s okay if it’s not all perfectly perfect you know we’re doing sporty things here okay so now i’m just going to divide this

Into three sections and do a little braid and put an elastic at the end there we go there’s my side braid i want to take a quick moment to let you guys know that today’s video is sponsored by competitive cyclists is an online retailer and they carry everything from bikes to components other gear training tools even helmets so make sure you

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Emails so make sure you head over to check out some of my favorite products which i’ve linked for you and find some of your own favorites all right let’s get back to the hair this one is great if you have layers that you’d like to secure back in something like a french braid but you struggle to french braid your own hair this will be a good

Option for you i don’t know what you would call it but it reminds me of what we used to do in the 90s a lot where you just have like secured um elastics all the way down your head so whatever you want to call that i am going to start with a small section at the front and do a little pony in that now if i was doing this for casual use i might like kind of loosen

Some of these pieces as they go but they kind of get stuck in your helmet if you loosen them so i’m going to keep them pretty snug now i’m just gonna secure a few more down the ponytail right there’s that one so this one’s a really great way to secure a lot of layers in the hair easily for this last one i’m going to work from the side part again but follow

Your heart i am going to smooth my hair into a low ponytail and as i do that i’m just going to point it slightly to the side because i want this to come over my shoulder you can do it however you like you can just do it straight down your back if you like but i just kind of slightly aim it that way now i’m going to grab another elastic and i’m going to secure

That maybe an inch and a half or two below the last one all right now i’m gonna do a topsy braid which means i’m gonna divide the hair that’s in between these two elastics into two make a little hole in the middle and then i am going to poke this through the hole topsy braid now i can tighten that a little and i’m gonna do another i’m gonna do one more and

That’s my topsy braid boom and that’s it i want to hear from you in the comments below if you have a go-to helmet-friendly hairstyle don’t forget to go to and use that code thanks so much for watching get dusty you

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5 Helmet Friendly Hairstyles For Cyclists – Women's Mountain Biking By Dusty Betty