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9 Icon Alliance Dark Helmet Review After 10 Years of Use

Bought this thing for $99 10 years ago. How did it do?

So for today’s feature of all the year we’re featuring this week let’s start with the helmets a couple of icon alliance dark helmets now these two helmets are discontinued but i do need to do a review on them because they’re getting a thumbs up icon when it first came out i’ve said my other videos i was not a fan of them because of their marketing and their

Advertising how they went about it so i stayed away from them and then one day i was working at a motorcycle shop i was at the polaris dealer here in town who did polaris kawasaki suzuki and they had these in stock for 99 bucks each and i was ready to grab a couple of cheap helmets for my wife and i so that was the price range i was shopping for that week and

I thought well let’s chime on and i was surprised they fit really nicely the padding in them is extremely comfortable the matte black was concerning to me because i did not know what type of damage would they absorb from all the bugs hitting them all the time now these helmets have been sitting indoors in bags for years but i wasn’t sure how the bug damage

Was going to be and it’s actually phenomenal i know that this helmet has seen over 300 kilometers an hour this one has seen 274 kilometers now so i wrote a zx12 my wife rode a gsxr 600 the one thing i do notice is the inside of the helmets is a very light gray material so if you are a type of person who wears makeup you are going to have your makeup just rub

Off inside of your helmet so don’t wear your makeup in your helmet is the solution to that they have the spaces for your earphones and they’re very large earphones and they actually did not disturb me while riding so that is one of the big things when i’m looking for a helmet is to make sure that i can have an actual communication system in there comfortably

Yeah i believe there’s a microphone down in front here somewhere but they fit those really well when it came to sweating in your helmet they have whatever their hydra dry system is it actually works really well for a 99 helmet they were spectacular unfortunately they have discontinued but it still makes me an icon fan after all the years of usage the visors have

Not worn out they’re still really firm and stiff and click really nicely what else we got i actually never use the little vent systems that they offer on all the helmets they don’t mean anything to me i don’t use them the wind noise was really good on here like like very low and the reason i know that is because this particular communication system i used to

Use chatter boxes made by hjc and hated them so i finally upgraded switched to a new system and up to i’m going to say about 110 kilometers an hour so a little bit over 60 miles an hour my wife and i could still communicate with our communication system which tells me that the wind noise levels in these helmets is really low and like i said for 99 bucks that’s

Awesome that was mainly what i was wanting i wanted a comfortable helmet that didn’t have a lot of wind noise because i was using a kbc helmet and it was horrible so that is basically all i got to say about these two helmets big fan would definitely buy them again and let’s move on you

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