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Adventure Helmets – Whats The Difference?

Hopefully this video will help you decide which type of adventure helmet that will suit you and your riding style the most. Even though I personally use the Bell mx9 ADV and the Scorpion adx-1 (at950), doesn’t mean that you have to get those particular models, but I suggest you look for helmets with similar features.

Good day everyone and welcome to my channel in front of me there are three different kinds of helmets that i personally all think are usable as adventure helmets but there are pros and cons to each of them and i’ll cover them as i go and hopefully in this video i will help you decide which helmet uh is the helmet that will suit your uh writing style the most when

I’m talking about style not talking about style in a fashion sense that personally i don’t really really care but i talk about writing style what kind of writing do you do what kind of writing do you anticipate to do from my left it’s a hjc street helmet it’s my wife’s in the middle bell mx9 adventure pretty much a dirt helmet with a face shield and lastly it’s

The scorpion exo at950 i think which is kind of a hybrid between these two alright type of writing style if you consider yourself as an adventure rider but you don’t really like to ride the trails or gravel you find gravel kind of scary you’re basically a tourer with an adventure motorcycle the only time you hit gravel is is when you have to let’s say it’s road

Maintenance then i would suggest a street helmet this will easily be the most quiet out of the three and also the most aerodynamic there are some cons to this helmet when it comes to off-road riding but since you don’t really hit the trails you shouldn’t care too much about that and go for the street helmet if you are an adventure rider who pretty much live for

The trails like i think that i am i only ride ride tarmac when i have to to and from the trails this is a very good option this style of helmet so why would this suit an offroad oriented adventure rider more than the street helmet let’s see the mouth the mouth portion right here uh is on uh this helmet is further from your mouth so as you are riding the trails

And you’re huffing and puffing and working out a sweat uh that this the further the distance to the mouth guard will will let foggy air evaporate more easily and not deflect the the hot breath on on your face or your eyewear but again talk about cons the further the distance the more air will will come from the outside into your helmet and cause vibrations and

Noise and uh yeah less suited for street riding um moving on the peak some call this the sun visor i believe this pretty much originated from the the dirt helmets as you’re riding with bodies other riders when they are spinning they’re real in front of you a lot of dirt will be kicked up and you can just you can just tilt your head down and this will shield your

Face from from the the dirt personally i really like having a peak it is not good when we’re talking about aerodynamics when you’re riding highway speeds because it will catch wind and it will be straightforward on your neck but it’s very useful when you’re riding home from the trails you are tired your eyes are tired your body is tired and the low sun is hitting

You in the face you can just tilt slightly tilt your head and and get a shield from the from the sun um let’s see let’s see let’s see the most important difference between this helmet and this helmet is the size of the opening the sides of the opening means that it is compatible with with goggles and as an adventure rider who primarily along for the trails you

Really want to ride with goggles goggles will protect your eyes from from debris kind of let’s say you are riding on your own and not with bodies even though no one’s there to kick a roost in your face there will still be dust that accumulates from from passing vehicles and as you can see there’s foam around the goggles and they will hinder the debris to get

Into your to your eyes and everyone who has ridden trails without goggles know that debris in your eyes means you have to stop get some water get it out it’s painful not a good time and the cool part about the cool part about the mx9 is that you can close the face shield and there’s a gap between the face shield and the helmet so you can wear these these goggles

While you are using the face shield and you might ask why do i need a fair shield on a dirt helmet and that’s a good question um as i mentioned you have to ride to the trails at highway speeds having this open and letting all the air get into your helmet and kind of move around and cause a lot of noise for your ears the face shield is super useful uh also if

You are riding the trails and it suddenly starts to rain everyone knows that each raindrop will feel like a beast in you in your face uh if you don’t have a shield so the shield is super super practical and useful this helmet is based on the bell mx-9 divert helmet and you might ask why should i just go for the dirt helmet it’s probably cheaper and lighter and

As an adventure rider you you kind of are dual sport rider you you you hit the tarmac and then you go on the trails and then then you’re back on the tarmac and there’s just uh the practicality of having a shield like that makes it worth it if i were to ride with a dirt helmet only you will have a very bad time on the highways so yeah that was the uh the bellamix

Kind of adventure forgot something i i i see um also another very cool thing about this helmet this peak as i said earlier will catch wind and will be super non uh aerodynamic but this this peak can be removed in a second you have three screws that can use your your fingers and remove and then you can just put this uh this peak visor in your backpack and

Ride home from the trails with basically a a street helmet uh and just the the noise will be so much lower and so much the helmet in general will be so much more aerodynamic so yeah very very satisfied with this helmet and lastly the scorpion helmets why do i have this helmet i kind of have two riding outfits i have a dirt oriented outfit as an adventure

Rider and i also have a street oriented outfit so if i am planning a trip and i can tell that there will be will be very much tarmac pretty much all the way and i will use this helmet this is the helmet that i use with the intercom so i can listen to music and talk to people this is also this also comes with the the sun visor no sun advisory it’s a drop drop

Down sun visor again and as you can see this also has the peak uh i could have just gone with a street helmet for my street oriented riding but i i personally find it so useful uh to have this peak to just tilt your head and get a shield for from the sun so i i use it and i when i’m riding tarmac my bike is all set up for the the off-road so i pretty much

Have to ride the the speed limit and uh this peak doesn’t catch that much wind and definitely less wind or air than this one and that’s why this is basically a street helmet made ready for for some zone trails um the main reason why i chose this helmet is because of the flip up chin bar this is a modular helmet and while this looks super goofy uh personally

I think so it is very useful uh when i’m touring basically with this helmet i i stop for gas and instead of having to take off first your goggles and then your helmets it’s very easy to to just flip up the modular part and get a sip of water some food fill up a gas and then and then pop it down and ride continue the ride um as you can see this oh this eye

Opening is slightly smaller than this one these goggles do not fit with this helmet nor do i intend to bring goggles on a trip like that i think this integrated sun visor is more than enough for this uh for this kind of riding that i do and um yeah and this this helmet is also a lot more aerodynamic than the bell uh and it’s also a lot more quiet than the bell

But still less aerodynamic than the street and more noisy than street helmets so this is kind of the compromise touring helmet that i have i briefly talked about the the kind of two system the two outfit system that i use on my motorcycle i probably will make a separate video talk about that but my outfit when i’m riding for the street my touring kit is still

Very off-road capable because i i like the trail so much so if i let’s say i have a long distance to cover on the highway i go for this this outfit with this helmet but i come across some crazy trails this will still do for the trails it will be less kind of less practical to use than the dirt outfit but still would be way more comfortable and breathable and

Durable than a street only outfit and therefore helmet i think that was pretty much it uh this one does not have sealed um airports so if it’s rain if it rains you will get wet in your your hair and head while this one and this one has closable vents street helmet dirt oriented adventure helmet hybrid this is kind of like a off-road oriented street helmet or

A street oriented adventure helmet so it sits should actually be like this i think that was it if you have any questions regarding any of these helmets or anything else that i can possibly be to help for the comment section is below and as always ride safe take care and enjoy

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Adventure Helmets – Whats The Difference? By Johannes Motorcycle Adventures