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AGV K5 Helmet Review at

AGV K5 Helmet Review

Hey this is anthony i’ll team you watch decide and ride welcome to our detailed breakdown of the new ag vk5 helmet available at it’s a hawksbill it’s aggressive this is the new ag vk5 now if we look at it like damn that’s a sexy helmet i’ve seen that before you absolutely have this shell shape the configuration this is a k3 sv done with a carbon fiber

Composite shell that’s what you’re investing in so for less than $100 over top of the cost of a k3 sv you’re getting all the same features and functionality but you’re shaving nearly six to seven ounces off of it so you go from around that four pound mark down to around three pounds nine ounces just over that three and a half pound mark so in my opinion depending

On how often you ride the configuration you ride it how important weight is to you it’s very important to me because again those extra ounces fatigue you for longer rides making investment of less than a hundred dollars on the solids to go up will give you premium features and functionalities to drop down some advisors which you’re going to see right here and really

Give you sport and sport touring but at a lighter weight this is again a helmet that’s going to come in to that three to four hundred dollar range and the next step up is really gt veloce which is a track ready helmet that’s derived from the pista which is coming in north of the $500 mark now if we look at it solids graphics this is obviously a solid and if you

See i drop down that sun visor and the nice part about it is that is baked in it’s a nice mechanism it’s going to be an anti scratch tinted visor that’s going to allow you to not have to buy a smoke shield or have to worry about transitioning or having to swap that out but again that’s going to be all baked into that three pound nine ounce mark you’re looking ece

D-o-t rated and you’re getting that weight savings as you draw it together i will say this if i had a gripe with this helmet i want this sun visor to come down a hair further i want an extra couple millimeters out of it even in that three quarter to tuck position want a little bit of extra coverage that’s the other thing i’m going to call out here in the tuck in

The three-quarter and that’s progressive sport touring position you’re going to be rock solid you have five intakes to exhaust from your venting scheme if you’re really upright like think of a ducati multistrada this vent configurations going to work but it’s not as well optimized as if you’re in that 3/4 again this whole configuration of a helmet is really built

To be more aggressive 3/4 or tucked position keep that in mind now quick note on sizing before we dive into all the other nuance the k5 helmet is going to follow the same scheme that we’ve seen from all the newer agv helmets aka they fit better it’s going to be intermediate oval in its head shape a little bit longer front to back i’m going to intermediate oval you

Can see i’m not overly round i’m also a lot not overly narrow again for the american market this is what i would consider right down the middle of the fairway no surprises and for those of you that are really round or really narrow you’re going to know who you are because typically have a harder time finding a lid keep that in mind remember we use this size chart

Will ship for free over 39 bucks and as always i’d love it if you click our logo subscribe to us at revzilla tv on our youtube channel leave me your comments or questions your feedback on the new k5 from agv now let’s dive into the nuance here we talked about the exterior that’s what you’re investing in here so versus a polycarb shell you’re now getting carbon

Fiber tri composites you’re really stepping up your game keeping that strength but reducing materials reducing weight that’s what you’re investing in and again same hawksbill aerodynamic profile which looks super badass but also has a create cutaway to protect your collarbone you can see that here across the bottom we look at our outer shell i’m going to turn it

In this away get a shot front on you’re going to see a few things going on here five vents in total you have two chin vents down here that are going to vent to the face vent to the shield now they’re operated from inside the helmet you can see my finger kind of working on the backside here so the eliminated an actuator which actually in my opinion makes it look

Much cooler you’re just making a cleaner and notice you have those hexagonal or pentagonal vent or honeycomb vents behind there they just finish it off you do have a city position right there you can see how that works it’s not a locking medic mechanism that gives you that crack at the bottom and as you work your way up the same as a k3 here’s my gripe with this

Helmet if i had one real gripe these are sexy they’re super slick they’re to position vents open and closed they’re going to vent to the brow but they’re hard to use the gloves hand and i’m going to call that out they look great design italian sexy we didn’t miss but from a functional standpoint you’re going to be with a gloved hand unless you have really tacky

Silicon fingers on your glove depending on what you’re wearing you’re going to have a harder time actuated knees bad butt up here on top for your chimney vent all the way at the top on the mohawk there you can see how that works that’s got a foil backing there that works great that’s easy to find with a gloved hand so from a usability standpoint i would improve

That now when we look at the shield mechanism basic you do have a few detents along the way or you do have a seal that runs around with this gasket to solve it or to seal it from mother nature it doesn’t have the mechanism again we’re not three to four hundred dollar mark there are some other manufacturers out there that have the mechanism that really gives you that

Tight seal so if you’re in the pacific northwest if you’re riding getting rained on a lot if you can’t stand it with at rain at a length of time that happens to you very often it’s giving you rain inside the shield there are some other helmets out there that are going to suck this back and do a little bit of better job there again i’d love to see they’ll upgrade

This mechanism on the next iteration of the helmet in this three to four hundred dollar range very very competitive price point in the helmet market take and get a lot of bang for the buck this summit does a lot of things great but there are a few things that it could improve now as you work our way around to the back you’re going to see the aerodynamic profile

Here nice and sweeping you do have an open and closed actuation on your venturi vents here in the back so again spherical fast-moving air creating a vacuum behind the helmet and you’re going to get warm moist air sucked in through the front of the helmet vents pulled out through the back for what i would call these extractor vents and you can always close it if

You want to shut down either the wind noise or you could shut down the ventilation if you’re riding in a cooler environment but all in you can see very aggressive in its sweep very aerodynamic this is a shape that you’re seeing a gbb one of the first to bring the market now if i reach over here and grab my doughnut let’s pull out all the guts now i talked to you

About the actuation for this front vent on the front you see how i’m working there very very simple i like that it’s in the way i did pull the chin curtain it comes with a chin curtain stock i removed it and again the chin curtain is designed so there’s a little slit in it so you can easily get your finger up in it if you want to open or close that vent on the fly

Now this helmet actually is pre integrated for the dianna’s a om uhn occation device which is going to be potentially available in the us market in 2016 or beyond stay on the lookout for it but what you’re going to see is a cheek pad system and neck oral system that are integrated together i like the fact that they gave you little bit of extra material towards the

Bottom here that are going to create a good seal minimize wind noise it is pre fit with this area of different density here up along the cheek pad so you can wear sunglasses or eyeglasses with this helmet that’s going to come in handy and remember antimicrobial wicking very very soft it’s an extremely soft microfiber you can see how it all ties together one piece

They did a great job on these newer school newer school comfort liners now as i work my way out here it’s a few snaps and a mixture of velcro to snaps along the brow line i like it when they do the plastic integration they’ve chosen to go with two snaps here again ventilation throughout you’re going to see big cutaways that are backed with mesh panels here big

Cutaways and holes across the top and again two snaps along the backside we below the occipital ridge along your head you’ll never feel these in the inside of this liner though notice that it’s 3d welded and you’re going to have that 3d design again eliminating pressure points and being one singular unit when we open it up i like the size of the speaker cutaways

Remember it’s pre integrated and the dianese ar not die in is a but the agv again one company italian legendary protection that system is going to integrate up here along the front where the controls as well as the battery pack are going to go they’re going to move towards the front of the helmet but if we look at the interior guts here big cutaways big ventilation

Ten millimeter vent holes coupled with larger vent holes that are going to circulate a lot of fresh air through this helmet and allow it to exit out through the extractors so all in in short remember same configuration of a k3 sv which is that drop down the sv for sun visor but here in the k5 you’re shaving nearly half a pound off of it that’s what you’re investing

In for less than a hundred dollars more i think it’s a nice upgrade there are a few places they could improve this helmet but who can’t improve their product at this point that’s why we’re doing this try to help you understand what’s meaningful to you and where you should invest versus where you should not invest your dollar depending on the right configuration

For what you’re trying to accomplish remember graphic solid brand-new going into 2016 is we’re seeing the first time release of the k5 helmet the next step in your journey is to click the info button on your desktop or your screen on your mobile device it’ll take you to the product detail page at read other rider reviews you shouldn’t just take my

Word for it use my information as a great starting point as you research your quest for your next helmet as always we’re going to ship for free over 39 bucks if you want to talk to a gear geek see us at or you

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