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Alabama Crimson Tide / Georgia Bulldogs Helmet.

What’s up everybody welcome back to the channel it’s your boy kangaroo black coming back once again this time is for the helmet giveaway this is the video uh you enter on to win either a georgia helmet or alabama helmet i made one georgia helmet for georgia fans and one alabama heaven for alabama fans and and the reason i’m doing this is to show my gratitude to

All my subs uh to all the subscribers that uh tune in watch my videos tune in to my lives and interact with me and uh you know just just want to thank y’all for being a part of my uh my channel but um you know uh the way you enter is uh under this video just put just put enter in alabama or enter and uh or in georgia that’s all you got to do for the george fans

And for the alabama fans uh reason why i’m doing it for georgia fans because i i know i got a whole lot of georgia fans so show them some love too um also uh these uh also uh please don’t enter but one time give everybody a fair chance to win but uh if you if you’re in them more than one time i’ma just take you out off the ballot totally so that that’s just so

Everybody can have a have an even chance so uh these are the helmets i already showed the georgia helmet um so it’s it’s basically got everything i got the pad now these are used helmets that i get in paint so it like this one got some couple of scars on it you can see it but other than that they’re pretty good i scratched it trying to put this down face mask on

You probably could see a little bit right here by the uh right here but other than that it’s it’s perfect so like i said it’s got a pan and uh this is the alabama helmet so everything is good with this one too got all the stickers or whatever so oh you might ask why i put 13 on it i don’t even know so but anyway but also um i got the i got the face shield coming

From for the both helmets tinted face shields they were supposed to be here today but they didn’t come in i’m sure they’ll be here by friday uh or by the end of the week so before i send them off i’ll put the face shield on and probably take a picture or whatever but if you win the helmet just probably put your email in the comment section and i’ll email you and um

You know to get your address so i can send it off to you if you win it it’ll i’ll send it off probably monday now uh this only subscribers can enter this because this video will be uh it’s only four subscribers so i’ll fix it that way when i monetize it or whatever you call it but uh i’ll make sure it’s only only the subscribers can uh watch this video and enter

Also uh also what else is it’s something else um oh i will announce the winner well you gotten from today until thursday at five o’clock to enter uh for the for the one of these helmets from today to five o’clock thursday friday i will announce the one on the live so the way you know i’m gonna write down all the names and i’m gonna cut them up and fold them up

Have a alabama box and a georgia box and we’ll pick a name out the box and uh whoever it is you win and it’ll be live when when i do it so so i have somebody else to take the name out the box or whatever so it’ll it’ll be live but um what else um if you win oh i think i told you if you win i send the helmet off on monday of next week yeah like i say i gotta get

These face shields first to put on but uh i’ll send them off monday and they will be sent by fedex or ups one of those two uh um i did a helmet for somebody else and sent it off and they never got it so and it never came back to me so i mean this is crazy but that’s why i’m sending it fedex or ups because i sent the regular uh regular postal service the other

Helmet but anyway um y’all enter the win and uh good luck to everybody who want to want to win the helmet and uh it is what it is man so uh i’ll go ahead and post this video and y’all can start entering to uh win these damn helmets roll damn tight

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Alabama Crimson Tide / Georgia Bulldogs Helmet. By Kangaroo Black