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Arai Regent-X Helmet Review | Sportbike Track Gear

Am rhein van and today we’re a breakdown the all-new arai reagent-x full face helmet arrived region x retails from 494 for a solid up to 620 for a graphic helmet please understand that we don’t update these videos if pricing changes only if the helmet itself has been completely redesigned meriting a brand new video this is the new entry-level

Arrive full face helmet and 494 is a very attractive price for an arai we’re going to break this helmet down in this video and give you some baseline comparisons with this and the other models in their range before we dive into the details what i want to say is what they were really aiming for here is extreme comfort or easy on/off effort and just a tremendous

Feeling of comfort when you have the helmet on and i got to tell you they hit that nail right on the head with the region x this may be for me their best fitting most comfortable helmet in the entire range who is the arrived reagent-x for this is designed for any rider looking for a full face helmet right that wants high levels of protection it’s an arrive for

God’s sake that wants a good comfortable fit that can be worn for hours you can do that on the street you can be a street rider looking to do some track days as well this helmets gonna be at home there too if you want to just do track days and this is in your price point the corsair x isn’t and you want an arai feel free to buy this helmet i think you’re going to

Be happy with it this is snell 2020 certified the latest certified it weighs three point four five pounds in a size medium on our digital shipping scale let’s dive right into sizing before you buy helmet make sure you take a good measure we have a whole video showing you how to do that on the website and in this listing as well i measure 58 centimeters on them

With an intermediate oval head shape the arrive region x was built to the intermediate oval head form which is the most common here in north america their size chart puts me in a medium this is a medium i’ve worn at my desk for over an hour and it fits and feels amazing that is the strength of this helmet its on/off effort is very gentle and its fit is absolutely

Amazing i love what they did with that if you happen to wear glasses say you don’t want to tinted screen you want to wear sunglasses or your prescription glasses user as we’re showing you right now it is easy on easy off they had another homerun with the glasses compatibility let’s break down some features and benefits we’re going to start with ventilation that’s

Probably the most important for most any rider out there intake vents are found up here on the top of the helmet they are one step on or off the action feels smooth and quality as you’d expect from a right the famous arrived brow vents are built into the shield there’s ductwork in there that channels us back we’re going to show you that very effective ventilation

Right there intake vent here in the chin area this is a d mr. right flows air up in this area it also flows air into the mouth area exhaust vents are found back here venturi style molded into the shell there’s corresponding holes in the eps for all these vents and then we have exhaust vent that is full on at all times right here underneath this diffuser there is

Also stitched into the neck row you see this rubber piece here this is a venturi style exhaust vent that’s put there just to help move some heat and moisture away that gets trapped in this pocket right here between the top of the neckroll and the bottom of the headliner itself number of shells this helmet uses five different shell sizes extra small gets its own

Small has its own medium and large will share shell extra-large and 2x each have their own shell as i said previously the weight of this helmet is very reasonable for a snell helmet it is three point four or five pounds in size medium as with all the arise the shell is handmade in japan and as you can clearly see this is an older corsair helmet shell that was built

And never built into a full helmet look at all the different materials that are used in this what they’re doing is they’re strategically placing different materials in different spots to help tune the protection of this helmet one of the key formulas or one of the keys to their formula for protection is the round exterior shape and you can see that here with the

Region clearly that is extremely round the thoughts there are number one round is very strong okay so this is built for the the big impact and i’m going to show you in a second how they tune it for the medium and the light impacts as well so this is built for them and i mean i’m really getting after that right now okay and i cannot hardly compress that you don’t

Hear any cracking or snapping and let me tell you some other helmets should do that and i can pretty much collapse the thing i can stand on it like this i can stand on it like that hand-built by craftsman of japan you’re getting that same shell technology and quality here in the region so very strong round if you’re say have a crash and you’re sliding across a

Pavement there’s an imperfection in it right a round object is more likely to just skip right over it if you have a big ridge or something on the back of it could catch in it kink your neck you know caused an injury or start a tumble right that is the philosophy behind the round shape and that’s why after all these years they’ve never ever changed it now but how

Do they tune it for the medium or the the smaller hits look at all the different colors that are used in this variable density eps by doing so using different materials strategically in different places these compress at different rates right that in conjunction with what you see there in the shell is where the magic of the arrival texture comes from aerodynamic

Performance i have not personally written in this helmet a good friend of mine the editor of road racing world magazine so in japan right and he had nothing but good things to say about this helmet i’ll try this myself once we get to riding season here in michigan but i will absolutely take john at his word he loved his experience they did a ride in japan like a

Long street ride that included a monsoon he said on the way back he got caught into a literal monsoon he said on the dry portion of the ride it was very hot there in japan the ventilation was quite effective not as effective as the top level helmet right because it simply has less vents but he said nonetheless it definitely kept him cool and collected one of the

Things that he really liked with it was during the monsoon he’s and he wears glasses underneath the helmet he said his face did not get wet there was no water intrusion in the helmet during a monsoon and he said that might have been his absolute favorite feature about the helmet because when you’re wearing glasses that you need to see and you’re riding in the rain

It’s important you don’t have a lot of water intrusion into the helmet the shield that they’re using on this is the same shield you’ll find on the corsair x the signet x the quantum x and the defiant x it has a lock down here at the bottom release it like so push down it’s locked release to remove the shield there is a trigger right here by the side pod there’s

An arrow to indicate to pull back pull back you’ll kind of feel it stick into position do that here on the other side and then from here grab your shield by the edges just rotate it forward and off it comes literally that easy okay this is a pin lock ready shield this helmet does not shift with the pin lock insert that is sold separate to reinstall simply slide

It over like that and rotate it until that jumps into the channel grab your side pod here there’s a hook here corresponds with that cavity there from top to bottom push it in clip i’ll show you a little closer here on the other side grab your shield by the edges rotate it around until this slides over the hinge like so you’re going to see this brass pot drop

Into that little pocket there it’s red behind it now i want you to lift up on the shield you’ll see and hear that jump into that channel once it’s done that grab this get the hook into the cavity push down before you take the helmet off for a ride i want you to go ahead and cycle it once or twice to make sure that we’re all good in the hood right and you’ve got

Everything it properly installed like so and we are good to go face shields let’s say you want to get a tenant seal the riot offers a number of tennis shields we have some mirrored shields we have some dark smoke we have some light smoke pin lock compatible if you purchased the answer to want the fog free performance that is one option let’s say you want one of

Those drop-down inner screens a ride does not offer a drop-down inner shield that lives inside the helmet they believe that compromises the overall safety of the helmet for that reason they simply will not do it in order to put a drop down screen inside of a helmet you have to do a couple of things one is you have to have enough room in there so maybe you could

Channel out let’s say i don’t know a quarter inch or more of your eps right in between the eps and the shell itself have that pocket for that to live in there oftentimes what you have to do when you’re putting a drop down enter in because you have to make the shell a little bit bigger so you’re not really taking too much of the eps away because you don’t want to

Over compromise your impact protection at the end of the day when you have that pocket and the bottom line is it is going to have some type of influence on overall impact performance protection that just is what it is for that reason arrive will not do it so what they did is they came up with an external drop down shield system they referred to as the pro shade

System we’re showing you this here now on an older model the gist of it is the same now this is just a different generation shield the exterior shield lives on a brand new purpose-built clear face shield it is hinged on both sides right it locks at the top it does not touch the outer of the face shields there’s no scratching or anything going on and you’re able

To move this thing up and down when it’s in the upward most position see that it’s locked it’s going nowhere to release it you put some downward pressure and then pull down like so available in dark smoke light smoke and there are some mirrored options as well that is the arize solution my friend john who rode in the region x during the press release in japan his

Helmet was outfitted with that and he said that that he thought that was absolutely brilliant he enjoyed the experience i’ve written in this helmet here with that drop down exterior screen and i would concur it does a great job the only thing that i would say is when it’s in the upward most position this isn’t a bad thing just you know it’s not even a criticism

Just is it does produce just a little bit of noise that sounds a little bit different i’m not talking jet airplane or anything i’m talking you kind of sort of notice it but you have all that convenience at the end of the day without sacrificing any protection and i think it’s pretty cool that i went through the paces to develop that without just compromising their

Principles liner or this helmet it is semi removable it is all washable you’re able to replace pieces of it to tune the fit and i’m going to be able to show you a lot more what that looks like in the second portion this video when i take it apart okay now let’s take a close look from the inside out of the all-new region x let’s get our shield in the upward most

Position i’ve already shown you how to do this go ahead and release that let’s rotate that forward let’s pull this off this helmet includes a chin curtain that is not removable that bad boy that is just fixed in there okay we’re not going to take that out the neck roll this helmet also appears to me to be fixed in position and glued so we will not be removing that

We cantle move the cheek pads as well as the top hat these can be replaced with optional sized cheek pads and/or top had to help tune the fit if you’d find that you need to do that to remove the cheek pads what i want you to do is i want you to get your fingers in here and i want you to get them in between the shell of the helmet and the back eps of this cheek pad

Right here like so i rotate that so you can see it put press you’re in work want my fingers back behind it and then i’m going to once i have it released here in the back on a pole rearward from here you want to slide the chinstrap out there is a tab up here in the front that goes behind the eye chin chin bar portion here internally i’ll show you that a second locks

In place and then from there the actual eps portion this cheek pad dips into the eps that is then glued inside the helmet and it’s wedged in place and held very tightly so that’s a little bit different than we see with some of the other awry models the define axe is similar to this remove that the top hat is really where this separates from the rest of the models

It is only a semi removable top hat the first thing you have to do is get your thumb behind this fabric here on the edge of the eps and kind of rotate it out there’s a little tab that slid in between the eps and the shell of the helmet you need to pull that out do that on both sides here at the very back you’re going to have a piece of velcro on the dead center in

The front you’re gonna have two pieces here is the top pad the portion that is in fact removable the other portion is literally glued right into the helmet itself okay and that is not removable you could get in there and wash this right that would be hand wash of course very mild detergent you’ll want to throw the thing on to submerge it right but if it felt like

You really needed to clean this top pad you’re able to do that in all honesty the parts of the liner that are going to get funky and going to get dirty it happens here because there’s a lot of friction on and off on the face right the cheek pads will get a little nasty as well as you know the brow of this as well so at the end of the day you’re still able to get

It clean when i look at this you know i don’t want to i don’t want to beat a rye up i don’t i’m sure they had their reasons for this it’s a different design something that i’m really not used to looking at at the end of the day i don’t know if this is a pro or a con i really don’t think it’s anything i think it’s just different sometimes people different they’re

Like oh i don’t know if i like that but i would say that’s just a it’s a non-issue the vents here the ductwork this is just kind of cool at the ductwork exits right there okay so it’s going to blow that kind of right up here in your temple area it’s a great way to introduce now into the helmet and keep the rider cool you can see in the eps see if i can rotate this

Enough you can see some corresponding holes with the vents like right there can you see that gala you’re gonna find two up here in the front you’re gonna find three here in the back and the crown area and there’s two here that line up with these corresponding venturi vents in the back how a venturi works is when the air moves over that it creates a low-pressure and

A suction it just literally pulls the heat and moisture that’s trapped inside the helmet just pulls it right on out of there so some of this looks a little bit different right at the end of the day the strength of the helmet is going to be the way it fits the comfort it provides us awesome give you a look at these cheek pads you can install a communicator system

In here if you want to it’s designed to accept the speakers you can see how it’s hollowed out right here different densities of foam are used in this cheek pad so you’re still getting their their high-end you know cheek pad facial contour system right see there’s a plastic piece that has kind of a spring effect to it this is the front of the cheek pad it’s right

There and that’s why it’s so easy to get on and get off because this is just moving like so but when the helmets on and it’s done on your crown they just spring into place and really kind of hold you nicely in that area and seal up really well a lot of engineering goes into this cheek pad you know it looks a little different than the higher-end models do but still

It’s more than just a simple hunk of foam the quality of the fabric they use to this stuff really slides and glides on your face nicely taking this thing on and off even for somebody doesn’t have any hair on their head is super comfortable closing thoughts right i like the helmet i’m a bigger eye helmet fan i love their philosophy i love the family owned an operated

Thing and how they stick to the round shell and just the quality and all the engineering that goes into this is something that i can really appreciate what i would say for our stg customers here is if you’re shopping in this price point you know let’s take a hard look at what you’re getting at this price point and then let’s look at the other helmets in the araya

Range – if that’s where you’re shopping and it’s really up to you to determine you know is the savings you’re getting on this enough to choose this over a corsair x or a defiant x right or a signet x or a quantum x defending depending on your helmet head shape you are getting a little more features and benefits with the other models i mentioned like they do ship

With a pin lock insert which has some value attached to it the other ones do all have the tunable fit we were able to pull layers that are glued to you know the temples and into the cheek pads to tune your fit so you are picking up a couple little things but then the part that where i’m a little bit torn with this one is the fit of this and a comfort level is just

Stupid good the other ones are good this one is just amazing that on-off effort you know they change the shell a little bit it like it’s kind of flared out like five millimeters which seems very little but when you pull it over your head you don’t feel anything but smoothness and it just collides and it feels great so if you’re riding and taking this thing on and

Off all the time it just feels awesome when you have it on crazy comfortable you need to decide if it’s right for you’re not any questions just leave those in the comments section of this video i answer all that stuff myself and i’m here to make sure you get the most for your money at sport buy tracker

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