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ARAIKOREA_ARAI STORY 2016 #Arai Korea#Helmet#motorcycle

This is the awry story three generations in pursuit of the perfect handcrafted helmet saitama japan a bustling industrial suburb just north of tokyo is home to the arai helmet company a family-owned business that has been manufacturing motorsports helmets for more than 60 years founded by hirotaki arai a motorcycle enthusiast today the company is run by his

Son michio arai along with his grandson aki they take pride in running a three-generation family business that is still independent and privately owned with no shareholders or board of directors to answer to ari remains solely focused on one thing the pursuit of crafting the best possible product for their customers my father for me looks different the rice

Motorcycle different and my son probably different but there’s one thing in common loves to make good thing so long as the one my father will carry on this basic nature basic thing not the big deal make what only what you feel will do good for protection or make the rider happier and that’s it i look in a helmet or in a rye helmet today and i think it’s the

Best it could ever be how could they make it better every time they come out with something new it’s better it’s amazing the things they can squeak out of an already great product the importance of the outer shell cannot be overstated which is one of the reasons why arai goes to such great lengths in order to ensure its integrity every arai helmet expert is

Responsible for each helmet in the same way that the ary brand as a whole is accountable to their customers the trust of the marketplace in their engineering and craftsmanship has been built over decades and that is something that orion does not take lightly once the shells reach official quality control inspection each shell not just random samples is inspected

And once passed the certified shell expert signs their name into each shell stating it has passed their examination arrive believes all their customers deserve the best possible protection which is why they sell the same helmets to consumers that are worn by their professional racers at the top levels of motorcycle and car racing world-renowned athletes like

Nikki hayden danny pedrosa and formula one’s sebastian vettel choose awry helmets to give them comfort and peace of mind while competing at the highest levels and top speeds and one of the things awry values most about their relationships with top racers is the feedback and lessons they can learn from having their product tested at the very highest speeds and

In the most demanding conditions as the camera pounds around you will see that the accident is always starting to happen and then you see them lose it when it goes down that’s right know where he can go go straight over his head so astonishing really now you will see that josh wainwright looks like he’s knocked out the ride on the green kawasaki who’s crashing

There just under the bridge bridge but we’re told he remained fully conscious as he was spun around horrific looking scenes um my another perspective on what makes a rye different it’s not only a family business in terms of its leadership it’s an extremely tight-knit group of craftsmen all focused on a single goal many of whom who have worked closely

Together for decades and they’re not just making helmets for an unseen consumer base most are riders themselves and they’re trying to make the best helmets for themselves and their friends and family to utilize today my a focus not on sales numbers or shareholder interests but on protection a strategic blend of engineering tech and human craftsmanship

Not just a family business but a legacy this is the awry story

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ARAIKOREA_ARAI STORY 2016 #Arai Korea#Helmet#motorcycle By 아라이코리아